What Does Bird Hitting Window Mean?

What Does Bird Hitting Window Mean?
What Does Bird Hitting Window Mean?

Did you see a bird hit a window recently? Surely, it must have left you wondering what does bird hitting window mean?

This article will reveal the mystery behind the omen of a bird hitting window.

A bird hitting a window is a powerful omen that must not be overlooked. Birds from ancient times have been delivering important messages to communicate from one place to another.

Birds are thought to be the message-carrier from the spiritual realms. They symbolize peace, transformation, freedom, and power.

It is believed that angels often appear to you in form of birds.

Birds can either come as good news or a forewarning related to changes going to take place in your life.

It is also believed that the bird hitting a window forewarns someone’s death in the near future or the end of a phase in your life.

In some folklore books, a bird hitting the window can mean that your angel is trying to communicate that they are around helping you, and watching over you.

Do write down the exact time and date about the appearance of the bird in front of your window, try to analyze your current affairs, and take action accordingly.

Let us look at some interpretations of different birds hitting your window

The Type Of Bird Hitting Window And Its Meaning

A Common Bird

When an unidentified bird hits your window it can indicate your manifestation and talkativeness.

A Sparrow

When a sparrow hits your window it represents emotions, socializing, generosity, romance, and the power of the spirit.

The Bluebird Species

It represents transformation and at the same time, is a sign of happiness, and being modest.

The Blue Jay Species

These birds are a sign of your confidence, communication, and strength.

The Canary Species

Canary species birds denote talkative energy and chattering.

The Condor Species

It denotes mysteries, death, life, and visiting spirits. So if any of them hit your window you know the spiritual message.

The Cockatoo Species

If these species of birds are spotted hitting your window though it is very rare, it represents success, freedom, change, awakening, and celebration.


As a spirit animal, the doves represent love, peace, maternity, femininity, and softness. It also conveys visionary power, perspective, spirituality, and focus.


If they hit your window then it implies freedom, enlightenment, the hope of God, and healing.


This bird indicates prosperity, abundance, and love. A brown bird represents attaining wisdom, authority, balance, assertiveness, and patience.


If a Magpie (black and white in color) is seen at your window in any form, it is a sign of loyalty, intelligence, and friendship.


An owl that flies into your window is a symbol of night-time activities, wisdom, change, secrecy, and discernment.


A starling is an indicator of exclusivity and pride.


A raven or an is a symbol of transformation, natural magic, and your deepest thoughts.


A Robin is a sign of new beginnings.


A crow hitting a window can signify that some end is going to occur in your life or someone’s death is near.


A vulture as a spirit bird is an indicator of how we approach life and death, resourcefulness, patience, and purification.


A Seagull flying into your window is believed to bring a communal message.


A Finch is a message of peace. Now let us look at some of the spiritual meanings in general behind a bird hitting your window.

Someone From Heaven Is Trying To Contact You

As you know that birds are thought to be the divine messengers of God so it is believed that whenever you spot a bird hitting your window, it is a hidden message from someone in heaven.

It may be a message from your loved ones who passed out recently.

Birds might deliver messages on birthdays of the deceased, on the day they died, or on other significant holidays.

Do jot details regarding the date and time on a page so that you can relate to the significance of that date or time in your life.

Try to interpret the meaning behind it and analyze your relationship with your late loved ones.

You will surely draw a preconception regarding it.

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You Are Financially Unstable

Have you lately been worrying about money loses and gains? Are you running out of supplies?

When a bird hits your window, it probably signifies that you are bothered about paying your dues and bills, you are not able to cope up with the everyday expenditure, and are deeply concerned regarding managing all expenses.

The bird here coveys an important message from God. They have come to convey that you no longer need to worry about your financial problems anymore.

You just need to focus on working hard with sincerity. God will provide you the needful, maybe in the form of a lucky draw contest or competitions, be on the lookout for such events.

God sent the bird to let you know that He and the Ascended Masters are conspiring to fulfill your needs. He is with you throughout. Just hold on and have patience.

A Change Is Soon Going To Take Place

When a bird hits your window, it means that you are soon going to witness a transitional state in your life, changes are on their way.

It can be associated with good news or a bad one. The bird can also come as a forewarning to you.

It can be related to anything ranging from a bad breakup to a new person entering your life.

The bird may be trying to catch your attention and make you become aware of something which could be potentially harmful. Y

ou must be grateful when the bird appears, instead of getting scared and shooing it away.

You must not be taken aback or feel sad. Always remember that a closed-door opens a new one.

Try to look for the bigger picture behind the happenings of the event.

God and the universe are trying to suggest you to be open to changes that are coming into your life.

However, Genesis 8:8-9 tells the story of ‘when the great flood ended and Noah was able to return to land. Noah sent a dove to see if the floodwaters had subsided, but the dove immediately returned because there was no place for her to land. Later, Noah sent the dove again and when she did not return, he knew the flood was ending.’ This relates to the forthcoming positive change in your life.

In case you see a flock of birds, it symbolizes a great new start.

It can be a powerful sight, whether at your workplace or in your garden at home or you just dream about it constantly, spiritually that is a very powerful sign.

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How To Safeguard The Birds From Getting Injured Due To Hitting The Window?

The figures reported for bird strikes against windows are astonishing.

It is often said that between 100 million and a billion birds die in the United States each year after striking windows research shows that 54-76 percent of bird-window collisions are fatal.

Imagine the count worldwide!

Sadly, the bird upon hitting the window often dies, even when it is only temporarily stunned and manages to fly away and you most definitely do not want that to happen to the messenger of God!

  • Netting and screens can be used to break up window reflections and serve as a physical barrier, preventing birds from physically hitting windows. Cover windows with thin netting, or other bird-safe products. Use roll-down screens to reduce reflection as birds sometimes are driven by their own reflection.
  • You can also put decals and stickers on the window. These are only effective when spaced very closely. The hawk silhouettes do little to deter birds. Put up a film of vegetable oil or hang up any metallic thing that reflects the light.
  • Use one way- transparent film. Products such as Collidescape permit people on the inside to see out but make the window appear opaque on the outside thus preventing the birds to see their reflection. They can reduce the amount of light that comes in your window.
  • Bright windows on the opposite wall from your picture window may give the illusion of an open path to the other side. Closing a window shade or a door between rooms can sometimes solve this situation.
  • UV patterned glass to be used. This glazing treatment makes glass visible to birds by adding a UV pattern that they can detect, as they can see in the UV spectrum.
  • Exterior lighting can encourage birds to fly toward homes and can even cause disorientation.
  • Using naturescaping would encourage birds to stay away from windows. Like planting trees or bushes near windows to help break up reflections, moving houseplants away from windows or placing feeders and baths either more than 30 feet from or within three feet of windows.

Innocuous signs like ringing ears, the sighting of a black butterfly, itchy palms are very powerful omens that can reveal a lot about our past, present, and future.

Are you also experiencing any such signs? Do share it with us!

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