White Feather Meaning: Spiritual & Symbolic

Found a white feather? I am sure you must be wondering if there is a spiritual meaning to the white feather. Cultures and religions all over the world have special meanings and interpretations of the feather.

While some view them as positive and mystical messages from the divine realm, others view them as messages from your deceased loved ones from the afterworld.

Feathers may symbolize different things to different people. As it is commonly believed that birds carry spiritual messages, their feathers too are believed to contain such spiritual meanings.

Usually, feathers are seen as a positive sign. They represent the wind, the creator of worlds, and the love and blessings of guardian angels. They are also believed to signify the strength of one’s connection with the spiritual realm.

White Feather Meaning: Spiritual & Symbolic
White Feather Meaning: Spiritual & Symbolic

Feather Meaning in Different Cultures 

I would like to provide a brief description of feather symbolism in various cultures.

Feathers represent the element of air. They have been extensively used in headdresses (especially by the Native Indians), costumes, and jewelry. They are a symbol of honor and prosperity. There have been many stories revolving around feathers since ancient times.

One of them appearing in Native American mythology is quite fascinating. It was believed that if children washed their eyes with water in which owl feathers were submerged, they would remain awake the entire night. 

Native American Cultures

Since different colors of feathers contain different levels of energy, they were widely used in Native America for purposes like cleansing, healing, blessing, and awakening. Tribes like the Lakota Sioux and Cherokees used the feather as a reward for acts of honor. 

Feathers were considered sacred in Native America and were believed to form a connection between Mother Earth and the spiritual realm.


In Christianity, different feathers have different meanings. In general, they are a symbol of youth, peace, and prosperity.

Celtic culture

In Celtic culture, feathers are associated with fertility, lightness, pride, faith, strength, richness, truth, and blessings from heaven.

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White Feather Meaning

Different colored feathers mean different things as their energy vibrates at different levels. Every feather is unique. If you find a feather in your journey, it is not a coincidence. Look closely, there are hidden messages that the feather is carrying just for you.

Birds are a symbol of liberty, freedom, light, and inspiration. Since they possess the ability to fly, they are connected with the limitless sky. This is most probably why they have been widely associated with Gods, Goddesses, and Angels that reside in heaven.

The feather, likewise, is considered to connect our world with the world of Angels, i.e. heaven. Feathers carry important messages for us from the spiritual realm. 

The white feather is considered a blessing from the guardian angels. It is connected with the energy of the moon and is a symbol of purity, love, affection, protection, and peace. It represents light and develops a sense of hope in our hearts.

If there are a lot of things going on inside our minds right now, the white feather might show up as a sign that we must remain relaxed, calm, and not lose our focus.

A white father is also believed to be a message from our ancestors, implying that they are well and that everything is fine in their world.

It carries a powerful message from the divine that you are being watched over and protected by the Almighty. If you are going through a tough time, the white feather is implying that you need to keep faith in God. It is time for you to maintain your strength and remain optimistic. Your sufferings will soon end and your life will be filled with peace, love, and happiness. 

While finding a white feather, you can feel a strong connection with your spirit, or sense angelic presence around you, especially if the feather is discovered in a place where it has no logical reason to be found. 


You may have often wondered what the story behind the widely accepted association of the white feather with peace, purity, angels, and spirits. While it is true that the meaning of a white feather can differ from individual to individual, there are a lot of things in common.

The symbolism of the white feather with heaven and the afterlife could have emerged due to its depiction in Egypt as a feather of judgment.

The ancient Egyptians believed in a concept known as the “Field of Reeds,” which is analogous to heaven in Christianity. According to their belief, the soul of the deceased was qualified to reach the Field of Reeds only if it passed a test. 

The heart of the deceased was put to test before 42 judges. According to a myth, it was weighed against a white feather on a golden scale. This feather was called the white feather of truth.

If the heart weighed lighter than the feather, the soul was permitted to reach the Field of Reeds. However, if the heart weighed heavier than the feather, it was devoured by a god. The soul was then believed to have ceased to exist.

Although this myth isn’t popular, one can still find a lot of similarities between today’s beliefs about the white feather and this Ancient Egyptian myth. 

Egyptians associated the white feather with traits like purity, kindness, and justice. 

The prominence of Christianity in the western regions also might have influenced the symbolism and meaning associated with the white feather. 

In Christianity, almost every bird has appeared with a unique symbolism. Some of them are associated with light, holiness, God and Angels, divinity, and spirituality, whereas others are seen to carry negative meanings, often being associated with destruction and death. 

Dove is the symbol of the Holy Ghost
Dove is the symbol of the Holy Ghost

Since the white feather is said to be that of the dove, we need to understand the symbolism of this bird in Christianity. 

The dove is the symbol of the Holy Ghost, which represents peace and is considered a symbol of purity. The dove has been frequently used as a positive symbol in churches and traditional artwork.

The white feather from the dove is a blessing from God, signifying that you are protected and being watched over by the angels in heaven. 

The white feather has been carrying positive and strong meanings since ancient times, which explains why it is so widely accepted as a symbol of love and protection, carrying blessings from heaven with it. 

Is it Related to Death?

The white feather does not signify death itself. It is more like a depiction of the afterlife. If you have recently lost someone you loved and are mourning their death, you may find a white feather, or the white feather may find you.

It could appear like a coincidence to you at first. But many people have claimed that they sensed the magical power of the white feather.

It is a symbol from the spirit of the deceased that their soul has finally found peace in the afterlife. The white feather might show up as a sign of hope and comfort as now you are certain that the soul of the person you loved has found its destination. 

Symbolism in War

  • The Order of the White Feather, which was founded by Admiral Charles Fitzgerald in 1914, used the white feather as a way to shame British men who did not join the military during World War I. Women were assigned the task to bestow the white feather to any man who did not enlist themselves in the military. 
  • Peace Pledge Union, a British pacifist organization, used as well as sold the white feather as a badge that symbolized peace. 
  • Sergeant Carlos Hathcock of the US Marine Corps wore the white feather during the Vietnam War when the Vietnamese put a bounty on his head so that a sniper could easily spot him. Thus, this act of the Sergeant turned the white feather into a sign of bravery and courage in America. 

What Does Receiving a White Feather Signify?

The white feather is considered a gift from God. It is a spiritual hug from your guardian angel, encouraging you to keep moving forward despite your hardships.

Good times are near, trust yourself and believe in God.  If you are grieving or mourning someone’s death, receiving a white feather could be a direct message from the soul of the deceased that you loved.

This message becomes clearer when you receive these feathers in unlikely places, such as inside your refrigerator or on the table where your deceased lover once sat. The white feather symbolizes the well-being of their spirit in the afterlife. 

What Should I do After Receiving it?

You can thank your guardian angel for protecting and watching over you, or for giving you hope and signifying that good times will come.

If you think that the feather was sent to you by a loved one who has recently passed away, you can thank their spirit for trying to communicate with you. A few people also initiate an imaginary conversation with the angel or the spirit of the deceased. 

You can try maintaining a journal about all the white feathers you have received throughout your journey. Fill in details like the time of finding it, what situations you were dealing with at that moment, how you felt when you touched the feather, etc.

Keeping a journal will allow you to understand the spiritual meaning behind it on a deeper level. You may be able to locate a pattern of finding these feathers, for example, it could be possible that you have found each feather at the same time, or in the same location. 

While it is completely up to you whether you choose to keep the feathers with yourself or not, for most people who believe in and submit themselves to the spiritual forces, the white feathers feel too special to be thrown away since it is a precious gift. You can try collecting every feather you receive and:

  • Keep them in a special box.
  • Create a collage and place it where your deceased loved spent most of their time.
  • Make a necklace using the feathers.
  • Make a headband from it.
  • Make a scrapbook with the feathers and keep photos of your loved one in it. 

Where are You Likely to Find a White Feather?

It is not strange to find a white feather outside as the presence of birds explains the possibility of coming across it. But what I find strange is, as many people have claimed, white feathers are sometimes found in quite unusual places. Their presence in these places cannot be logically explained. Here are a few places from which people have claimed to obtain a white feather:

  • Inside one’s car
  • Inside one’s purse or wallet
  • Inside one’s coat pocket
  • Inside a drawer
  • On the favorite chair of the deceased

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What are the Various Other Spiritual Meanings? 

The white feather has a special meaning in Shamanism. It is used to cleanse our energy, aura, and chakras. The energy of certain objects too can be cleansed with the help of white feathers. The white feather contains a high frequency of energy vibration. It is therefore used to send negative energy back to the Universal consciousness.  

Since birds are associated with higher spiritual wisdom and knowledge that helps in one’s spiritual growth and guides one in the journey of unraveling the truths of the universe, the feathers of these birds too are believed to carry the same meaning. Finding a white feather may inspire and encourage a person to continue walking on their path.

You may discover a white feather around you in different ways. Here is a brief description of what these discoveries could signify:

If the feather suddenly appears in front of you/ if white feathers are appearing everywhere around you

If a white feather suddenly appears in front of you out of nowhere, it means the Universe is trying to draw your attention toward some hidden mysteries. You need to do some spiritual work. Try to connect with your spirit on a deeper level. It is time you asked yourself questions like what brings you true happiness and satisfaction.

The white feather that has appeared in front of you is implying that you need to come back to the present and not lose your focus. Fill your life with positive energy and people who will encourage and inspire you. 

Frequent sighting and discovery of the white feather around you imply that you need to reconsider the objectives you once set. It is time for you to work on your inner wisdom. Be honest with what you truly desire and try to think whether the path you are walking on will bring you the results you are hoping for. 

If you are relying on someone else for accomplishing your goals, try to think about whether you can work alone and achieve it, and whether you truly require someone else to help you out. Such questions will boost your inner wisdom and allow you to decide what would be best for you right now. 

The best way to find out what you truly desire is to listen to your heart and trust your intuition. It will help you set your goals. If you are facing a tough situation and need to make a difficult choice, follow your heart. You need to have faith in the Universe and trust the fact that everything will turn out well in the end.

If the feather floats and then float away in front of your eyes:

A white feather floating in front of you signifies the importance of identifying your own morals and working on making them stronger. It is important that you learn to be clear with your thoughts which will allow you to stand on your ground instead of getting carried away.

It is an important step towards individualism. If you see a white feather floating near you, it is a sign that you are stepping out of your indecisive nature and working on developing your own values.

The white feather signifies your intuitive ability, insight, and inner wisdom. You only need to hold on to your beliefs and trust yourself; everything else will work out on its own.

If the feather appears inside or around your house

Our house is a place of comfort for us. It protects us from external threats and keeps us safe. Similarly, if a white feather appears inside or around your house, it is symbolizing protection.

If you are worried about the safety of someone, or yourself, especially at the time of illness, or during the need to travel somewhere distant, the white feather might appear as a reassurance that everything is fine. 

If you have asked the angels to guide you, they might send their response in the form of a white feather which signifies that you are being watched over and protected by them.

The white feather is a positive symbol that represents a higher energy vibration within and around you. Its appearance is proof that you have attained spiritual growth and wisdom. The white feather is a powerful symbol that fills our lives with security and serenity.

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Do White Feathers Symbolize Good Luck?

Many people have reported that the white feather has appeared in front of them as a harbinger of good luck. So is it true that white feathers symbolize good luck?

Although associated with good luck and fortune, the white feather is not primarily a symbol of good luck. It is rather associated with the frequency of your energy vibration. You might discover a white feather as soon as you start receiving good luck; hence it might look like the feather has brought this good luck for you. But that is not the case.

It is actually signifying the change in your energy vibration. You have a higher energy vibration within and around yourself which has filled your life with positivity.

The change in the frequency of your energy vibration could be due to spiritual work; you may have progressed with your spiritual growth and attained a higher level of insight and wisdom. You may also have shifted your core morals which, in turn, have resulted in wider perception. 

The Universe rewards you with the white feather when you overcome hardships and challenges with hard work. This automatically breaks any barrier which was previously holding you back. If you focus on your spiritual growth and wisdom right now, it will amplify your abilities further.

The white feather as a symbol of hope develops a sense of peace and calm in our minds and fills our hearts with positive energy and gratitude. If you are beginning a new journey, the white feather implies that you have a bright and promising future ahead.

These implications indirectly point towards good luck. 

If you have received a white feather after a recent positive event, it is implying that now is your time to focus on your personal and spiritual development. You need to strengthen the connection you share with your spirit and subconsciousness.

Since the white feather has already let you know that your life will be filled with positivity and high vibration, you need to prepare yourself to receive these gifts. Focusing on your personal and spiritual development right now will ensure that you do not leave anything behind. 

Impact on Love Life

According to many people, the white feather is a sign of finding love as they found their soul mates soon after receiving a white feather. 

It is more related to the law of attraction.

The law of attraction is a theory which states that the positive thoughts of a person will lead to positive experiences whereas the negative thoughts of a person will lead to negative experiences in their life. 

If you receive a white feather, you will experience positivity which will boost your energy vibration. This will naturally lead to positive outcomes, such as finally finding the soul mate you have long been searching for. 

If you understand the symbolism of the white feather, work on your beliefs, and expand your morals, you are more likely to receive positive results. 

While receiving a white feather may be a message from the Universe that you and your soul mate are nearby and will soon find each other, this may not always be true. 

Association with Your Personality

The white feather has a lot of symbolic meanings. If you receive white feathers, it could probably mean that they are pointing towards your personality.

When it comes to one’s personality, the white feather is associated with kindness, generosity, warmth, and humbleness. Receiving white feathers means that you have a welcoming and compassionate spirit that possesses these qualities.

You have a higher vibration of energy surrounding you, which implies that there is positivity inside you that can be shared with the world. Do not hesitate to share your gifts with the people that need them. Try to help your friends and the world.

Do Different Colored Feathers Convey Different Meanings?

Sometimes you may not find purely white feathers. They could be a mixture of white and some other color, like:

  • Black and white
  • Grey and white
  • Brown and white
  • Blue and white

So, what do these feathers symbolize?

Given below is a brief description of the symbolism of such feathers.

Black and White Feathers

Black and white feathers are associated with one’s intuitive ability and the fact that you need to trust yourself. The world is not black and white. Logical and rational behavior will not always let you address conflicts or overcome difficult challenges. You need to believe in your intuition.

Black and white feathers represent the importance of the spiritual connection one share with the conscience. You need to try to connect with your subconscious mind. Try to listen to your voices and solve all the conflicts that exist within you.

Grey and White Feathers

You can obtain the grey color if you combine the right proportion of black with the right proportion of white. It, therefore, signifies balance. The grey and white feather represent that you have attained a higher level of wisdom which has allowed you to look past the duality that exists in the physical realm and seek the truth.

You should devote some time to your spiritual development right now. Try to meditate for a long time each day so that you can receive the messages that are being conveyed by your inner wisdom.

Brown and White Feathers

The brown color has often been associated with nurture and protection. Likewise, the brown and white feather provides one with these energies. It is a sign of healing that proves reassuring at the time of illness or old age. The message conveyed by this feather is that change is the law of nature. Everything will cease to exist one day so that it can be reborn. 

Blue and White Feathers

Blue and white feathers are associated with divinity. They represent the divine connection you share with your higher self. If you see a blue and white feather, it means that you should trust in your intuition. Look for other synchronicities that may appear around you in the form of numbers, animals, objects, or people.

They might be trying to hint towards the message sent to you by the Universe. You can maintain a journal to record your dreams as they can help you understand your spiritual language.

What Does the White Feather Totem Imply?

Feather totem implies that you have a strong spiritual connection. You need to maintain your trust in your intuition. White feathers are being sent to you as a gift from the Angels.

If you find them in unusual places, it could mean that the spirit of your deceased love is watching and trying to communicate with you. If you see a white feather lying around, keep it with yourself as a sign of protection. 

Feathers are useful for awakening your insight. You can strengthen your intuitive ability further if you take a feather and sit to meditate. 

The feather totem means that you are on the right path in your spiritual journey and that you are doing the right thing. It is a good omen which signifies that good things are on your way. 

What Does a White Feather Tattoo Signify?

A feather tattoo is a symbol of lightness since it is associated with the element of air. It signifies one’s connection with spirituality and divination. 

White feather tattoos are mostly made to signify heaven or in memory of one’s deceased love. The white feather of the heron bird symbolizes a woman who has overcome all obstacles and achieved her goal.

The white feather tattoo is also used to signify the purity of one’s heart and soul. It is therefore a powerful depiction of one’s beliefs and will.

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How Can I interpret the Meaning of the White Feather?

The message conveyed by a white feather is unique to each individual. The Angels blessing and looking over you cannot directly appear in this world and interact with you. They choose certain means to convey deep, spiritual messages to your soul and subconsciousness.

Even if you have the general idea of what a white feather could signify, you can always try to find out the details. You need to keep certain things in mind, like the symbolism of white feather in your culture, what situations you were going through at the time you found the white feather, your physical and psychological state at that time, etc. 

You can try to activate your psychic abilities and rely on your intuition to find out the meaning. Sometimes it is easier to understand the symbolism. Merely touching the feather might send the message to your soul.

However, if you do not get a clear answer and feel the need to attempt further research, you can try asking yourself a few questions. These questions could be:

  • What did I hope for or wish to acquire at the time of finding the feather?
  • Am I struggling or facing difficult challenges in my life right now?
  • How did I feel when I first saw or touched the feather?

Once you find the answer to these questions, it will be easier to understand the meaning behind finding a white feather. But no matter what your interpretation is, do not forget that the white feather is a symbol of light.

If you have found it, that means the Angels are guiding and protecting you. You can overcome any challenge and accomplish all your goals. Trust yourself and keep faith in the divine. 


The white feather represents several things. In general, it carries a positive meaning and can symbolize:

  • Hope
  • Optimism
  • Purity
  • Love 
  • Protection
  • Peace
  • Message from your guardian angel or deceased love

The meaning associated with the white feather has been interpreted by various cultures in various ways. It appears like the meaning held by it today has been greatly influenced by its symbolism in Christianity and ancient Egyptian culture. 

A white feather might carry a special message just for you. While this article can provide you with a general idea, you ultimately need to rely on your intuition to interpret the meaning behind its appearance in your life.

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