What Does It Mean When Your Ears Ring?

Many times people dismiss ear ringing as a normal occurrence. They don’t bother to find what does it mean when your ears ring!

Ear ringing holds a special meaning behind it.

What Does It Mean When Your Ears Ring?

Ears ringing meaning can indicate a positive spiritual development. It represents an awakening call of course for spiritual enlightenment. There can be different variations of the ear ringing that you hear. Ringing in your ears can be of different intensities – subtle to distracting. A lot of times, ringing ears have a spiritual and symbolic meaning.

It can indicate the need for a spiritual awakening or the arrival of positive spiritual development. Whenever you feel that your ear is ringing consider taking some time out to analyze the current scenario of your spiritual journey.  The ringing will suggest that you are under the guidance of your guardian angel and the angel is trying to tell you something.

It could be a sign that you or earth as a communal will be going through an energy shift.

Ringing in the ears raises the vibration and gives you access to have higher energies. This happens so that you can put yourself on the right path.

Let’s have a look at what the ringing in the ears tries to suggest.

What Does It Mean When Your Ears Ring?
What Does It Mean When Your Ears Ring?

1) You Are About To Receive Something Good

If your ears are ringing it can indicate that you will soon be granted a miraculous experience.

It is an optimistic indication that your wounds and scars both will diminish with time. You will be provided the power of healing by your guardian angels that will shower upon you as a spiritual blessing.

It is a message from the ascended masters that your health problem and the other problems that stress you will soon be resolved, just continue to devote yourself to the spiritual deity.

Just keep your faith strong in God and in yourself and you shall see miracles happen.

You can always count upon your guardian angels.

2) Someone Might Be Talking About You

When you figure out that your ear is ringing, it could be a signal that someone is gossiping about you at this very moment – You’re the topic of conversation!

You care about people way too much and want to outshine yourself in front of them. You are amiable and your need for validation sway you to reveal more information than required to people that you cannot trust.

The ringing that you hear in your ears could be a sign from your guardian angels wanting to tell you to stop revealing your secrets to other people. You never know how they interpret it and create havoc for you in the future with the details they possess.

The ringing in the ears could also mean that someone who passed away recently is missing you and is wanting to communicate from heaven as they can’t talk to you directly in person. You must be obliged to your guardian angels for passing on the message. Don’t forget to pray and thank the almighty.

3) You Will Soon Witness Changes Coming Into Your Life

The ear ringing could be a vital sign that some drastic change is soon going to take place in your life so you must be prepared beforehand. It is a message sent by ascended masters who in turn send your guardian angel to guide you. It can also mean that no matter what happens, your guardian angel will be right there by your side to assist you in times of adversity.

The change could either be good or bad, it depends on the current situations you are going through. If you are having a ball, it could mean that you need to get serious now before something drastic happens. If you are working hard but are facing financial problems, it could mean that you will soon be relieved and gain more profit. It all depends on your deeds, and the same goes for relationships.

Look for more signs the guardian angel may be trying to suggest, it could be seeing a repeating sequence of numbers like 1111 or 444, etc, or even some dreams that you see. Pay utmost attention to your surroundings in order to thrive in any situation.

4) You’re meditative and intuitive

Another reason why your ears might be ringing is related to the amount of concentration you put in while meditating as your energies are tuned to your highest essence and inner wisdom.

Meditation is one way to connect to your core essence that rapidly shifts the energy alignments. After an intense meditation such as Kundalini practices, it may be helpful to use tuning forks to bring your energy back into alignment.

It is definitely a good sign, so you shouldn’t bother much lest it occurs continuously for weeks.

5) You Are Going To Hear A Good News

Your guardian angels want to convey something important by ringing your ears that you will soon be happy.  It is associated with confirmation or a good sign. The doors of opportunities will be wide open for you and your hard work will pay off. You will succeed and get your dream job or goal.

So the high pitch ringing in ears is a sign from the spiritual realm that you must look out for.

What Does It Mean When Your Left Ear Rings?

When your left ear rings, it relates to your life on earth. It can range from your personal life to your spiritual life.

However, there are superstitions regarding something evil when your left ear is ringing or gets hot all of a sudden.

It is a forewarning of upcoming danger or the presence of negative spiritual energy.

As the ringing of ears is said to be associated with someone talking about you, the ringing of your left ear could clearly mean that someone you know is talking ill of you at that moment.

What Does It Mean When Your Right Ear Rings?

The ringing of your right ear is considered to be a good omen. It is strongly believed to be related to your spiritual journey and may indicate a need to contact your guardian angels.  It indicates that you are in the possession of your guardian angel and are receiving positivity every now and then so you need not worry about anything.

It can also relate to someone talking in favor of you at present.

What Does Ringing In The Ears Mean Spiritually?

Ringing ears is a common phenomenon. A lot of the time, it has a spiritual meaning. If you notice that your ears ring after having an intuitive thought or a meditation, it is sure to have a spiritual meaning. It is an indication that you are sensitive to the energies around you. The shifts of energy around you have an effect on you. Take a minute to understand what the universe is trying to tell you. Dissect the exchange of energies and the information that is coming your way.

Ensure that you have no discomfort or pain while your ears ring. Go to a doctor and get it checked out if that is the case. If you’re not experiencing any discomfort and your ears ring after meditation or intuitive thought, it is highly likely that it is a spiritual sign.

People that experience this phenomenon are known as Highly Sensitive People (HSP). They are empathetic and are sensitive to the energies of the environment and people around them. Often, HSP discover that they may have psychic abilities and maybe clairaudience, clairsentience, or clairvoyance.

To such sensitive people, the following reasons can be a cause for ringing ears –

  • A change in the vibrational state of the person’s energetic alignment.
  • A form of communication from the other worlds. The message could be from an angel, a loved one who has passed, or a being that is evolved.
  • An indication of the presence of a harmful energy in the form of false belief systems and a disruptive energy.
  • Emerging emotional and energetic attachments to other people and energies.

The main message behind ringing ears is a change in the energies around you. The shift could be positive or negative. You must learn to read the signs and navigate through your energies and emotions.

Spiritual Meaning Of Left Ear Ringing

Your left ear is connected to the energy field of your core essence. Ringing in your left ear could indicate that there is a change in your internal energies. It is most commonly a result of meditation and internal work that you put time into.

Spiritual Meaning Of Right Ear Ringing

It is an indication of the external energies around you. Most commonly, it is a message from your guardian angel, a loved one who has passed away, or a person you have a strong attachment with.

Do Your Ears Ring When Someone Is Thinking About You?

There is an existing superstition that your ears ringing is a sign that people are talking about you. There is a reason that superstition has been around. Others talking about you causes a shift in external energies. It creates an energetic cord between you and them. This can cause your ears to ring.

What Does High Pitched Ringing In Your Right Ear Mean?

A high-pitched ringing in your right ear is related to your crown chakra. It is the spiritual center of your being. The high-pitched ringing in your right ear is a sign of your spiritual being coming into your crown chakra. It is a sign of your connection with higher spiritual energies.

What Does High Pitched Ringing In Your Left Ear Mean?

High pitched ringing in your left ear is a sign that you are growing. You are moving up the energy levels. The ringing is a sign that your body is aligning to the new energies that you are reaching.

What Causes Your Ear To Ring?

It may be of high or low pitch, vary in the type of sound produced and one or both ears may be affected. It can be related to high blood pressure, blockages in the ear, head trauma, or even stress.

It is caused by tinnitus. Tinnitus is the sensation of hearing buzzing, whistling, ringing, or other sounds. It is common in adults especially those who are over the age of 50s.

Although it can be very annoying at times, tinnitus is actually not a disease, and unfortunately, there is no cure for it but you can always consult your doctor for ways to curb it down.

What Causes Ringing of Ears?

The ringing of your ears can be in either ear or any pitch. Physiologically, it can be caused due to high blood pressure, blockages in the ears, trauma to the head, or stress.

Most commonly, it can be caused by tinnitus. It is a sensation of hearing buzzing, whistling, ringing, or other sounds. The problem is more common in adults who are over the age of 50.

There is no cure for tinnitus. However, you can consult your doctor to curb the symptoms.

How To Get Rid Of Ringing Of Ears?

If you’re experiencing persistent ear ringing then these are things you can do it alleviate your problem:

1) You must know that if you experience ear ringing on a regular basis then you should immense conduct your doctor, it could be related to an underlying health problem that can prove to be problem-causing in the later run.

Make an appointment with your doctor if the ringing lasts for more than a week.

2) If you have tinnitus, you may find that the better you hear, the less you notice your tinnitus so you must use hearing aids. A 2017 study in the journal Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience Trusted Source found that masking was most effective when using broadband noise, such as white noise or pink noise.

3) Reduce exposure to loud noises, don’t sit all day with your earphones plugged into your ears with full volume, give some rest to your mind and ears.

4) Reduce the intake of alcohol or caffeine, it may be a cause for your ears ringing as blood to flow into your inner ear and enhance the ringing.

5) Exercise as much as you can. Tinnitus can be caused by depression, anxiety, lack of sleep, and illness. Regular exercise will help you manage stress, sleep better, and stay healthier. It is very essential for the sake of your overall well-being.

6) Opt for behavioral therapy. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a type of talk therapy that helps people with tinnitus learn to live with their condition. It teaches you how to accept it. The prime goal is to improve your quality of life and prevent tinnitus.

It takes place typically once per week, to identify and change the negative thought patterns of the person. Several studies have found that CBT significantly improves irritation and annoyance that often comes with tinnitus

7) Try to distract yourself as much as you can at that point in time with other external sounds that can help divert your mind. Listen to some quiet and soothing music and avoid playing these at maximum volume as it can prove to be damaging to your ears.

8) You should try to meditate and do some yoga to relax your mind. De-stress yourself as much as you can, it will help to curb the problem to a great extent.

How Should You Interpret The Spiritual Message Behind Ringing Of Ears?

You must take a moment, breathe, and tune in. You will feel at serene peace from within. You should not be ignorant of such signs. You must be open to receiving any messages sent by your guardian angels through the ringing of your ears.

You should consider the ringing as an imperative part of your spiritual growth and learn the hidden codes that they carry. You will eventually find yourself being in control of the energies around you and will be able to calm yourself down so as to conquer the odds easily.

So if your hearing those high-frequency sounds, don’t panic, it could be a message from the spirit world. Only you have the power to determine the reason lying behind why your ears are ringing. It is best understood by your intuition.

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