Finch Meaning & Symbolism

Finches are often associated with good fortune, happy times, tenacity, and wealth. Before we dive deeper into Finch meaning and spiritual aspects, let’s know a bit about these tiny creatures.

Finches belong to the Fringillidae family and are known for having a cone-shaped beak. Finches are very small birds that range in size from about 4 to 10 inches long. Finches come in various colors like white, yellow, red, grey, blue, black, and brown. These birds can be found easily in South, Central, and North America, along with Asia, Eurasia, and Europe. No species of finches can be found naturally in either Australia or Antarctica.

There are several species of finches and each species eats different things. Finches eat a variety of food which includes grains, seeds, flies, mosquitoes, berries, fruits, grasshoppers, spiders, and caterpillars, amongst other small insects. Many species of finches like the canaries became domesticated by the 17th century.

Finches are very sociable birds that can even develop a special bond with their human caretakers. It is believed that finches can become ill or develop unhealthy habits if they are kept inside cages alone. Finches are considered a good choice by most bird lovers to have as a pet in their apartments because they don’t make a lot of noise and have low voices which don’t travel into other rooms.

In our guide on finches, we will discuss the symbolism of finch in Native American culture, Celtic mythology, and Christianity. We will also look into the different interpretations of finches in dreams along with the meaning of finch tattoos, the meaning of finch as a spirit animal, totem animal, and power animal.

Finch Meaning & Symbolism
Finch Meaning & Symbolism

The Finch meaning in Native American Culture

Several Native American tribes use the feathers of finch because they are symbolic of the power of the sun and also symbolize mental alertness, energy, fertility, and joy. According to Native American folklore, finches represent the oracle of celebration. The finch is also associated with feelings of joy and happiness because of its vibrant plumage, songs, and personality.

Several Native American tribes emulate the finch in their dance because they believe the finch to be the perfect representation of cheerfulness and contentment. Therefore, the finch is seen as an omen of joy in Native American cultures. Finches are also used to represent family bonds with close loved ones and creativity to make life vibrant and vivacious.

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Finch Symbolism in Christianity & Bible

Goldfinch Symbolism in Bible
Goldfinch Symbolism in Bible

In Christianity, the goldfinch’s red spots on their face symbolize their closeness with Christ himself. The Finch symbolizes the process after death where the soul leaves the body of the dead.

Ornithologist Herbert Friedmann upon studying the representation of goldfinches in European art with Christian symbolism exclaimed that the bird has biblical significance.

The Goldfinch symbolized the soul, death, sacrifice, and resurrection. The bird also symbolized recovering from illness and taking care of someone until they recover from their illness and get out of their sickbed.

Researchers have pointed to Biblical art during the renaissance era to have kickstarted the bird’s association with important theological subjects like the Passion of the Christ and the Resurrection.

According to researchers, this association began due to the goldfinch’s habit of consuming thorns and thistles and because of the distinctive markings on their heads. A post-biblical legend has since developed around the goldfinch which suggests that the birds witnessed Jesus’s march to Golgotha.

According to this legend, a goldfinch grew distressed with the crown of thorns worn by Jesus and flew down towards him and started to pick at the thorns. And as the bird picked at the thorns, some of Jesus’s blood fell onto the head of the goldfinch and this is how the Goldfinch got its distinctive red plumage.

Finch Spiritual Meaning in Celtic Culture

In Irish folklore, the finch represents cheeky spirits because of their playful charming, and sometimes mischievous behavior. A popular Irish belief is that finches can be found near the homes of fairies.

The Irish name for the European goldfinch translates to ‘flame of the forest.’ They are also known as the ‘proud tailor’ due to their interesting plumage which has a patchwork appearance.

The Anglo-Saxon name for the goldfinch translates to something along the lines of ‘thistle-tweaker’ which is not only a comment on the bird’s interesting eating habits but also references the long-held Christian belief that the finch’s plumage is because the ancestors of these birds were drenched in the blood of Jesus Christ.

In Celtic culture, the gold on the gold finch’s wing represents prosperity and wealth. A popularly held belief in the culture is that if a young bride dreams of the goldfinch, she is destined to marry someone wealthy. The goldfinch also symbolizes protection against illnesses and overall health. This is because it was also believed that the goldfinch had curative properties.  

Finch symbolism in Greek Mythology

The goldfinch is a bird that belongs to the finch family. In Greek mythology, Athena, the Olympian goddess of war and wisdom, turned Acalante into a goldfinch.

According to another legend from Greek mythology, when Zeus and Apollo’s father’s horses attacked and ate Anthus, the son of Autonous and Hippodamia, Zeus and Apollo, out of pity for the grieving family transformed all of them into birds. Autonous and Hippodamia’s daughter Acanthis was turned into a thistle finch. The finch, therefore, became a symbol of independence and freedom in Ancient Greece.

Finch symbolism in Chinese Folklore

In Chinese culture, the finch symbolizes good luck and fortune. Because finches are such small birds, they can easily find a way to escape from nets and other types of entrapments. Therefore, encounters with the finches in Chinese culture are seen as a sign of good fortune and luck. The finch also symbolizes close familial bonds with your friends and family.

In Egypt, people see the finches as their spiritual guides which help them navigate their lives. Egyptians also see the small bird as a good omen that symbolizes joy and happiness in your life. Like the Chinese, the Egyptians also believe that the bird represents a strong bond with your friends and family.

It is also believed that the finch especially brings joy and happiness when people have an encounter with them at sunrise or during the beginning of some type of life journey.

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Meaning of Finch Dreams

Meaning of a Finch Dream
Meaning of a Finch Dream

Finch is a bright, chatty, and easily flustered bird. Dreams in which you encounter finches are usually trying to tell the dreamer that you are not expressing yourself enough. But on the other hand, it also seeks to ask the dreamer if they think they have overstepped any boundaries by overreacting to something.

Many people believe that seeing a finch in your dreams can mean that you will be busy with a lot of activities and excitement in your life.

While these are some vague generalities regarding the interpretation of a finch appearing in dreams. It is believed that to find the true meaning of a dream, knowing the setting of the dream and what the animal in the dream was doing is as important as knowing what animal appeared in your dreams.

Therefore, dreams in which you get to hear a finch sing indicate that there is a lot of joy and happiness coming your way. It suggests that good times, fortune, and prosperity are on the cards for the dreamer. If in your real life you are meeting a lot of new people and making acquaintances, then an encounter with a finch in a dream where it crosses your path symbolizes that you should take some time off for yourself and not become super busy while keeping up with your new acquaintances.

Dreams in which a goldfinch crosses your path represent the lack of balance between your thoughts and what you communicate with other people around you. This dream suggests that there is a need for you to be more open with your voice and to not be afraid of voicing your opinions or for voicing the opinions on other people’s behalf.

If you encounter a finch’s nest in your dreams then that dream indicates that you must seek a living situation that allows you your independence and lets you feel protected and gives you some sense of security. Such dreams also suggest that you should be looking for a living situation where you can get your peace of mind and a place that gives you the time for reflection and introspection.

Finch Spirit Animal Meaning

Symbolically the finch represents optimism, diversity, appreciation, simplicity, cheerfulness, variety, joy, happiness, healthy habits, and being someone who utilizes the resources made available to them judiciously and efficiently. If your spirit animal is a finch then you have a spirit animal that tries to help your find true happiness even at times of excessive struggles.

In many cultures, the finch is the personification of joy and happiness. Therefore, when your finch spirit animal flies into your life, it tries to guide you out of bad situations and live a life where you leave all of the negativity behind. The finch spirit animal is a great ally that helps you pull yourself out of emotional ruts and mentally draining situations that have left you low on energy and even incapable of completing simple tasks.

The finch spirit animal works as a reminder that even the littlest thing you have achieved is worth celebrating and patting yourself in the back for. This spirit animal also shows itself to those people who wish to have a memorable time in their lives. The finch is also our connection to the other world, therefore, the messages that they bring are meant to have a lot of importance in our lives and are meant to add more color, vibrancy, and joy into our lives.

The finch spirit animal motivates and encourages people to visit new places and meet new people. It shows us the beauty of more diversity and color in our lives. You should call upon the finch spirit animal if you want to bring more happiness and positivity into your lives.

The finch spirit animal can also be called upon when you are head-to-head with adversity and need some energy in your life which will help you look on the brighter side of life.

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Finch Totem Animal Meaning

If you are born with a finch totem animal then an encounter with a finch in your dreams indicates that you are working very hard and are on the right track to achieve your dream goals and aspirations. A dream in which you encounter your finch totem animal can also indicate the end of your problems and can symbolize the freedom and money making their way towards you.

You are incredibly lucky if you are born with the finch as your totem animal or have the ability to call upon the finch totem animal because they guide you in the right direction. They encourage and motivate you to be more positive and to partake in things that bring you more happiness and joy in your lives.

This totem animal will also try its best to bring more diversity to your life and give you the confidence to visit new places, meet exciting people, and look for newer experiences.

A person whose totem animal is a finch is known for being optimistic, perky, expressive, blissful, and elated. You are known for being a carefree person and do not like to stress about the little things in life.

You are also an open-minded individual who likes to find beauty in everything. You are also a very unique individual who doesn’t shy away from taking a less than traveled approach to finding a solution for your problems.

Finch Power Animal Meaning

If you are friends with a person whose power animal is a finch, then you find yourself in a relationship with an individual who has heaps of compassion towards other people and uses it to alleviate the stress and suffering of those around them.

However, the need of people whose spirit animal is a finch to empathize and help people while simultaneously overlooking their well-being is very self-destructive. Therefore, people whose spirit animal is a finch should learn that helping other people is a noble thing but you can’t help someone at the risk of jeopardizing your health and well-being.

You should call upon the finch power animal if:

  • You wish to be more expressive and eloquent in the way you express your thoughts.
  • You wish that the words you choose and the way you communicate can highlight your true perspective and vibrancy in life.
  • You wish to inspire people in your life to be more positive and vulnerable.
  • You wish to be more adaptable to the changes in your surroundings and predicaments.

One mustn’t underestimate the finch because even though it is a very small bird, it is also very determined, resourceful, flexible, courageous, and fearless.

Meaning of Finch Tattoo

The finch represents resourcefulness, determination, courage, fearlessness, vibrancy, diversity, optimism, joy, and compassion. Therefore, a finch tattoo can mean any of the aforementioned traits or a combination of them.

The likeness of the birds also has a lot of significance to practicing Christians. So, a finch tattoo by a Christian can symbolize transformation, resurrection, and rebirth. This is because of a widely held belief which states that the finch was present when Jesus Christ was being crucified on the cross.

Finch tattoos in general can signify creativity, cheerfulness, intelligence, freedom, and peace. The finch tattoo can be seen as a symbol for purity of heart and innocence and can signify the wearer’s need for truth and sincerity in their life.


The finch is a medium-sized bird that has so much tenacity within itself. One shouldn’t overlook this bird as minuscule and meaningless as it will be their deterrent. The finch has a lot of cultural and spiritual significance. The finch totem animal and spirit animal is a mighty spiritual guide that brings so much joy and happiness into the lives of the persons that call upon them.

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