Mourning Dove Meaning And Symbolism

Mourning Dove meaning is quite profound and clear. The mourning dove symbolizes positivity and optimism. A visit by a mourning grey dove symbolizes the culmination of a troubled and agonizing period of your life.

What is a Mourning Dove?

Mourning doves, also known as the American mourning dove, the turtle dove, and the rain dove, belong to the family of doves known as Columbidae. Mourning doves are abundantly present across all of North America and are commonly hunted for sport and meat. They can maintain their large population because they are voracious breeders who can raise up to six broods of two young children every year.

Mourning doves are fast fliers and are capable of reaching the speed of 88km/h when required. The mourning doves are easy to identify because their wings make an unusual sound when they take off into the air and when they land. 99% of the diets are made up of seeds, however, they occasionally do eat small insects and bugs.

If you wish to attract mourning doves to your backyard or appointment then you can place the following seeds in the bird feeder- corn, millet, sunflower seeds, sesame, seeds of pokeberry, pine nuts, sweetgum seeds, buckwheat, rye, smartweed, and goosegrass. And just like most doves, mourning doves are considered important from a spiritual perspective.

In this article, we will dive deep into the spiritual meaning and symbolism of mourning doves, along with the meaning of doves in different religions and cultures. Plus we will also check out the meaning behind dreams about mourning doves and the meaning behind a grey dove visiting you.

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Mourning Dove Meaning And Symbolism
Mourning Dove Meaning And Symbolism

Dove Meaning in Bible

Doves are just one among many birds that are mentioned in the Bible extensively. In Christianity, doves symbolize the Holy Spirit and are also believed to symbolize the baptism of Jesus Christ.

In the Bible, doves were used to communicate God’s promise of hope, and security, and to also communicate his long-reaching presence.

In the book of Genesis, after the flood to end all of humanity, when Noah released a dove to find land and life, the dove returned with an olive leaf. It is believed that this olive leaf represents the fulfillment of God’s promise to bring Noah, his family, and his animals to land but it also represents life after the flood.

Dove Meaning in Islam

In Islam, doves and regular pigeons are respected and are seen as good omens because it is believed that these birds assisted Prophet Muhammad in distracting his enemies who were waiting outside the cave of Thowr mountain. According to the legend, when the Quraysh warriors saw the undisturbed doves’ nest outside the cave, they believed that Prophet Muhammad could not be hiding in that cave.

Native American Culture & Mythology

Doves wear many hats in Native American culture. The Blackfoot Native American tribe carries dove feathers and other dove talismans to battle because they believe that the dove spirit offers them protection and ensures their safe return after the battle. The Easter Algonquian Native American tribes associate the doves with the spirit world.

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Significance in Chinese Culture

In western cultures, doves are usually associated with peace and as holy birds. However, in China, doves are associated with long life and fidelity between romantic partners rather than young love. Doves are revered in China because they are tender loving parents to their young ones.

According to Feng Shui, if you are facing marital problems or feel threatened by a hostile force in your life, then you should place a dove figurine in the southwest corner of your room, house, or office. You can also place a picture of two loving doves or a statue of it in a room where many arguments take place.

Significance in Roman and Greek Culture

The Turtle Dove can often be seen with the Greek goddess of Love, Aphrodite. The bird is a symbol of peace, love, and purity.

Dove Spirit Animal

If your spirit animal is a dove then you are a self-aware individual who is very kind, gentle, and loving toward other people. You are also known for being pragmatic and diplomatic in stressful situations.

The dove spirit animal helps you overcome hurdles and anxiety in a period of transition because it teaches you the way to handle your stressors in a graceful manner.

Dove Totem Animal

A person with a dove totem animal dislikes chaotic and caustic environments, is compassionate, and has a youthful outlook on life. They are also natural caretakers who possess wonderful parenting skills.

If you wish to have a healthy relationship with your romantic and platonic partners or need some guidance on how to navigate your life, then you should call upon your dove totem animal.

Mourning Dove Dream

If in a dream you have an encounter with a mourning dove cooing then that symbolizes romance, courtship, and dating. This is because doves mate for life and share a monogamous relationship with their partners.

The cooing mourning dove in this dream represents your eagerness to be in a committed relationship with a person you are compatible with. However, this dream can also mean that you are afraid to enter into a committed relationship with a willing and compatible partner.

A dream in which you have an encounter with a grey dove symbolizes that you feel insecure and confused about your aspirations in life. This dream suggests that you no longer understand who you are as a person and what you aspire to become. The grey dove in this scenario represents your inner turmoil.

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Many Christians believe that the mourning dove is a symbol of God’s protection and love. The mourning dove sends us a message of positivity and optimism. It shows us the way to decrease our pain due to loss and grief and teaches us the importance of forgiving other people and ourselves in order to live a peaceful life.

A visit by a mourning grey dove symbolizes the end of a painful era in your life as the mourning dove guides us away from our trauma and pain. Grey dove’s meaning is very deep in the sense that it is a symbol of new beginnings, purity, compassion, faith, and hope.

It helps you realize that you are not alone in life and to open up more often around people so that they can lend you a hand when you are in trouble.

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What Does it Mean When a Grey Dove Visits You?

A mourning dove visiting you is a good luck sign because it symbolizes peace, love, and hope. While Christians believe that the grey dove is a messenger of love from God.

In other cultures, it is believed that when a grey dove visits you it comes with a message from a deceased loved one. Visits from grey or mourning doves are common during a time of crisis or immense grief.

It is believed that when a grey dove visits you on your wedding day then that means you’ll have a happy marriage. If you happen to see a mourning dove after you have suffered bodily harm or are currently in a state of abject misery, then the dove appears to send you the message that you are surrounded by unconditional love. The dove is teaching you that grief, pain, and misery are all important parts of life.

Unlike most birds, there is a common consensus around the symbolic meaning of doves. In nearly all cultures around the world, doves are associated with peace, love, good luck, good fortune, and hope.

Therefore, the next time a dove visits you, whether it is in your dream or in reality, or whether it is grey or white, it always brings with it good luck and tidings.

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