White Butterfly Meaning – Symbolic & Spiritual

If you have spotted a white butterfly lately and about white butterfly meaning spiritually, then you have come across the perfect article. We will reveal the secret meanings of the white butterfly.

The white butterfly is a beautiful creature and holds a lot of symbolic and spiritual meaning. This sighting is a positive omen that indicates that it’s time to grow and transform in a positive manner.

The white butterfly is a highly potent and positive omen indicating purity, peace, abundance, and growing spiritual connections.

Butterflies carry a special message with them. Butterflies are basically deep and powerful representations of life. Many cultures associate the butterfly with souls.

Seeing a butterfly can mean that you are already experiencing or are going to experience huge changes and transformations in your life. A butterfly comes as a reminder to tell you that in the end, everything is going to be alright. They are a symbol of hope and love.

We will explore what the sighting of a white butterfly means in different cultures and in the different areas of one’s life. The most important thing to remember is that the sighting of a white butterfly – in your dream or in real life, is a good omen.

White is a color that signifies purity. Overarchingly, the sighting of a white butterfly signifies that you are ready to be transformed and grow spiritually and mentally.

It serves as a symbol of soul purity and divine growth. You may see a white butterfly just before making life-determining decisions. The white butterfly is a sign that you are aware of yourself, and the decision you are going to make will transform you and your surroundings.

This article outlines the different meanings of a white butterfly sighting, its significance in different cultures, and the significance of the different species of white butterflies.

Butterfly Meaning in Bible

Christian tradition views the butterfly as a symbol of resurrection. Symbolically butterflies are creatures with the ability to transcend the ordinary and take flight into the heavens.

Some cultures and ancient people considered butterflies as incarnations of warriors, killed in battles.

White butterflies are native to Asia and Europe. They are a group of butterflies from the family Pieridae which consist of around 1,100 species. Usually, they’re the first ones that appear and the last butterfly we see in the fall before winter comes.

The meanings of a white butterfly can be various. For most cultures, white butterflies are symbols of spiritual change.

White Butterfly Meaning - Symbolic & Spiritual
White Butterfly Meaning – Symbolic & Spiritual

What Does it Mean When You See a White Butterfly?

Curious about what it means when a white butterfly flies around you? Let’s start by knowing what exactly is this small delicate creature. Pieris rapae is the scientific name of the white butterfly. Commonly, it is called the small white in Europe or the cabbage white in the USA. Generally, they are pests to crops like kale, cabbage, broccoli, and wok chop. The butterfly is cream white in appearance. Females usually have black spots in the middle of their wings.

Spiritual Meaning: Purity & Abundance

Butterflies carry special messages with them. They are powerful representations of life. The white butterfly is special as its sighting indicates purity, peace, abundance, and growing spiritual connections.

Moon’s Messenger

Another significant interpretation of a white butterfly sighting is that it is the messenger of the moon. The goddess of the moon will visit you soon after a white butterfly sighting. This is especially true if a white butterfly landed on you.


Further, the white butterfly is also viewed as a sign of healing and immortality.

Love & Hope

In classical art, a white butterfly is understood as the symbol of the psyche. This was popularized as the Greek name for the white butterfly translates to the ‘soul’ butterfly. There is a story that has led to the formulation of the name as well. The goddess Venus ordered her son Eros to kill a girl. When he laid eyes on the girl, Eros fell in love with her. The girl was Psyche.

Eros becomes her unseen husband and visits her only at night. He instructs her not to try and look at him. One night, she disobeys him and tries to look at him. As a result, she loses him. She drops oil from the lamp and flies in search of her lover Eros like a white butterfly.

This story is the basis for the understanding that the sighting of a white butterfly is a symbol of longing, hope, and love.

Weather Change

Another common interpretation is a change in weather. White butterflies are seen as symbols that represent the approach of summer. The butterflies first appear in summer. When many white butterflies are seen, it can be taken as an indication that the summer is going to be a rainy one. In some cultures, especially the Native American culture, a white butterfly is considered an omen of a weather change.

Personal Transformation

White butterflies are not only associated with the weather change, but also with personal change and transformation. It indicates the start of a new chapter. This new section of life may start off on a good note or a rather sour one.

However, the change’s impact on your growth is sure to be a positive one. An improvement or decline in medical conditions, relationships, and finances are the most common interpretations of a white butterfly sighting. These inevitable changes will definitely play an integral role in your life. Trust your instincts during this time and the plan the universe has made for you unfold.

White Butterfly Symbolism in Different Cultures

Different cultures and different people have different white butterfly symbolism and meanings. Let us look at some of these.


So what does a white butterfly mean in the Bible? White color in the Bible signifies the presence of serenity and harmony. In the scriptures in the Bible, the word white refers to something righteous.  Seeing a white butterfly is thus associated with positive connotations.

This omen in Catholic Christian traditions indicates purity, cleanliness, honesty, and innocence. Butterflies are simply magical creatures created by God used to covey imperative spiritual messages to you.  The Bible verse related to butterfly i.e. 2 Corinthians 5:17 reminds us that

If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.

Native American Culture

White butterfly meaning in Native American culture is closely related to dreams. They believe that the white butterfly is a carrier of dreams. They observed that upon seeing the white butterfly for a long time they were indicted to sleep due to its beautifully graceful and serene motion.

American Popular Culture

If a White Butterfly makes a sudden appearance in the home means that good luck will follow, especially if it flies around a particular person. However, in some parts of the US, it is believed that the appearance of a white butterfly in the home or flying around one’s head is an omen of death.

Chines Mythology

What does a white butterfly mean when someone dies? In Chinese culture, a white butterfly usually symbolizes the soul of departed loved ones. They are believed to be the carriers of souls. A sighting is a form of reassurance that their loved one is resting in peace and taking their journey to a better place.

It also means that your guardian angels are watching over you and that you are protecting you through it your journey, especially in times of hardships.


Like in many parts of the world, the white butterfly is seen as a messenger between the world. Seeing a white butterfly means that there is a message coming up for you soon. Be on the lookout for such spiritual messages, and search for more clues like looking for the appearance of angel numbers.

Japanese Culture

In Japan, a white butterfly has a deep connection with love. They have a popular folklore story and legend about the white butterfly meaning. The story is similar to the Greek tale of Psyche and Eros.

The story explores how the soul is like a butterfly and love has the power to transform all things. An old Takahama lived a quiet, separate life. He came from a powerful family but chose the profession of a cemetery caretaker and lived a humble life.

He was not married. His sister and her son visited Takahama frequently. On one of their visits, they found Takahama seriously ill. A little white butterfly flew around the old man and rested on his pillow. The nephew tried to shoo away the butterfly thrice but the butterfly fluttered back to Takahama.

When he took his last breath, the white butterfly flew out of the house. The nephew followed the butterfly. It had flown to the grave of a young woman who was called Akiko. There were fresh flowers near the grave. Takahama’s nephew came back and told his mother what he had seen. She told him the story of Takahama and Akiko.

Takahama was hopelessly in love with Akiko and they were engaged to be married. She passed away before their wedding day. Takahama could bear her loss and tend to her grave in all seasons.

He took care of her tomb for sixty years. The butterfly that visited Takahama was her soul. She must have been concerned about Takahama as he did not show up at her grave that day. She didn’t leave his side till she took him with her.

This tale of selfless love and service to loved ones portrays that the white butterfly is not only the carrier of souls but also a sign of love and faith. To catch and keep a white butterfly is considered lucky.


White butterfly meaning in the Irish culture is quite solemn and sad. Up to the 1600s, it was against common law to kill a white butterfly because these were believed to hold the souls of dead children.


White is a symbol of purity and peace. There is a belief in Islam and its culture that the white butterfly portends an auspicious start or new beginnings. Some long-awaited changes in your life may materialize soon.

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Spiritual Meaning of a White Butterfly

There are many spiritual inferences that you can make from a white butterfly sighting. The butterfly is believed to be the sign of the soul of someone who has passed.

If you have seen a white butterfly, the spiritual world definitely has a message for you. You need to start paying more attention to yourself and your surroundings so you can receive the message and use it effectively to enhance your life.

The spiritual meaning of the butterfly also depends on where it is seen. Following are the possibilities of what the white butterfly sighting could mean to you.

Spiritual Meaning of a White Butterfly
Spiritual Meaning of a White Butterfly

1) A message from heaven

It has already been established in the article that the sighting of a white butterfly indicates that the spiritual world has a message for you.

When you see a white butterfly it indicates that someone from heaven is trying to reach you indirectly. It may be someone you lost recently with whom you might have had an unbreakably strong bond.

Sometimes the people from heaven their messages in the form of angel numbers, and if you fail to acknowledge it then they try other means to reach you like using the divine white butterflies.

Angels are sent by God to deliver messages (Luke 1:19). If a white butterfly lands on you or flies around you, that is a very positive sign.

A white butterfly that appears in our life might be a sign of the angels or the archangels, which announce not only their presence but also their support and protection.

Take hope in the fact that your loved ones are still in your life, even in such a small way. The white butterfly has come to comfort you and make you feel more alive and happy. Your loved ones that passed away don’t want you to be stuck and feel bad at all times. You must remain strong.

2) Travel of souls

Many cultures across the world believe that loved ones that have departed are carried to the otherworld by white butterflies.

Seeing a white butterfly after you have lost someone dear is a kind of reassurance sent to you that they are safe and on a beautiful journey to the promised land.

3) Someone’s death may be nearing

The color white is sometimes associated with mourning.  White butterflies may come as a forewarning trying to tell you about death. So if you’re wondering why I keep seeing white butterflies, you may consider it as a sign of impending death.

Unfortunately, there are some cultures in which white butterfly symbolism is negative and is an omen of death. It is believed that if you see a white butterfly in your house, then someone is going to die soon.

They also believe that if you see a white butterfly at the beginning of the year then you will experience some death in the family.

4) You are growing spiritually

Seeing a white butterfly is often considered a symbol of strong spiritual development and growth.

You are going on the right track and are not less than a perfectionist at what you do, all you need to do is focus more on what your inner wisdom guides you towards. It will help you attain spiritual knowledge and will add more meaning to your divine purpose in life.

You are headed in the right direction towards the spiritual awakening and enlightenment that you seek, just keep going.

5) Good fortune along with good news is waiting for you

Another most common meaning for a white butterfly appearing in your life is that they represent an omen of good fortune. Their appearance is usually considered a sign of receiving some news and information about good things awaiting them.

You will soon be expecting some positive changes and transformations for the better coming soon in your life. There will be ample opportunities for you to explore! Don’t waste your precious time anywhere, strive towards doing something productive whenever an opportunity is thrown towards you.

A white butterfly can also be a sign of news of the great and prosperous life that awaits a person. You must not forget to thank God at any cost for providing you with good fortune.

6) White Butterfly brings your dreams

Many Native American tribes believe that white butterflies bring our dreams to us. Dreams are considered to hold messages from the spiritual world. This ties in with the belief that white butterflies can travel between the worlds and bring us messages from the otherworld.

7) Love

If you are in a relationship then seeing a white butterfly could mean good things coming up in your relationship in a span of a few days. Be ready to approach new challenges together.

If you are single then seeing a white butterfly could probably mean that love is going soon going to blossom in your life! It is a sign that you will soon experience the beginning of a new relationship with someone.

8) Twin Flame Reunion

Seeing a white butterfly has a positive connotation for your search for your twin flame. A twin flame is your “mirror soul”. A different person who is a reflection of your inner being. It is not easy to come across your twin flame usually. A white butterfly indicates that soon you’ll experience a harmonious union with your twin soul.

9) Death & Afterlife

Across many cultures, the meaning of the white butterfly is intimately connected to the souls of your loved ones who have died. If you happen to see a white butterfly and someone very dear to you has died recently, then you can safely assume that this is a message from the departed soul to stop mourning and get on with your life.

Interpretations of White Butterfly in various situations

1) Inside your house

A white butterfly flying inside your home is a positive omen. It symbolizes light and love. Further, it signifies a genuine connection to the Spirit. When seen inside your house, white butterflies assure that others will provide you with love and light.

2) What does it mean if a white butterfly lands on you?

This is a good omen. A white butterfly landing on you signifies peace and happiness in life. White butterflies connect souls and will bring harmony to your soul.

3) Two White Butterflies Meaning

When two white butterflies are seen together, it indicates that two people you care about are being taken care of. They are in harmony and peace will find them.

It can also signify that your life is being purified by your guardian angels.

4) Repeated sightings of a white butterfly?

If you keep seeing a white butterfly repeatedly, it signifies that there is an important message from the heavens. You may stare at the face of a life-determining choice, and the butterflies are urging you to dig deeper and pay more attention to the signs being sent your way.

It could also indicate that you must connect with yourself and your inner wisdom.

What Were The Features of The Butterfly You Saw?

If you want to know more about the white butterfly you just saw then jot down its size, whether it was big or small and what the underside of the hindwing looked like.

Hundreds of species have been identified, but some of the most common ones you might see in the United States, Canada, or Europe include the Large White, Small White, Mustard White, or Orange-tip. There are white butterflies with grey or orange wingtips.

Grey and black spots normally vary between male and female species. All of them carry a spiritually vital and positive message.

  • Orange tip butterfly: good luck will come your way.
  • Large white butterfly: something is hiding like the mood. Dig deep and see clearly.
  • Green-veined white butterfly: ground yourself. Go within yourself and seek the answers you long for.
  • Small white butterfly: good luck is around the corner.

Make sure you identify the white butterfly species correctly before trying to interpret what the heavens mean to convey to you.

Apart from the aforementioned species which are the most common white butterflies are:

It is rare to find a white butterfly that is purely white. Pay close attention to its detailed features.

This article outlines the meaning of the white butterfly. Hopefully, it has helped you gain some clarity. The interpretation of the sighting varies according to the species and the context in which you spotted the white butterfly. Receive the message being sent your way and transform the way destiny intends.

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