Crow Symbolism & Meaning: Know More About Crow Spirit Animal

Crows symbolize a whole array of attributes such as cleverness, teamwork, transformation, adaptability, intelligence, and paranormal abilities. Crows are also believed to be the mediators between life and death or between this realm and the spirit world.

In this article, we will delve much deeper into the spiritually symbolic meaning of crows in different religions and cultures, along with taking a look at the meaning of crow spirit animal, crow totem animal, crow power animal, and the meaning of a crow tattoo.

Crows have a very interesting history revolving around various myths and legends. Since ancient times, the black color has been associated with darkness, destruction, and death. Crows can be found only in black color. This makes them a symbol of darkness and evil. Few cultures, however, consider them a positive sign. 

Crow Symbolism

Crows are clever birds that are as much admired as reviled by the public. They embody many qualities which at face value may be frowned upon but have a deep significance.

If we answer this question briefly, crows symbolize that there are spiritual changes taking place within and around us. We should try to study these changes and understand what spiritual messages are being sent to us.

When the Universe tries to connect with us spiritually, it sends certain subliminal messages to guide our souls. We should try to notice these hints and understand the underlying meaning behind them. 

let’s look at some of the attributes in detail:

1) Cleverness and Intelligence

Studies have shown that crows are one of the smartest birds in the world. Some even believe that crow’s ability to remember human interactions and faces along with their ability to use tools is on par with the intelligence of a five-year-old child.

Crows are not known for their attractive appearance. But what they hide inside their ordinary black feathers is an extraordinary brain that contains approximately 1.5 billion neurons.

They exhibit incredible intelligence which enables them to perform activities like non-verbal communication, building tools, recognizing humans based on their unique features, having a strong memory, etc. 

The widely recognized intelligence of the crow has made it appear in one of Aesop’s fables, titled “The crow and the pitcher” about which most of us know.

2) Teamwork

Did you know that the collective noun for a group of crows is called “Murder”?  Crows always work in groups, I witnessed their ‘meetings’ frequently as a child.

When it comes to driving other birds away from their territory or finding good food, crows prefer to work as a team and they thus show excellent team spirit. We as humans can learn more about teamwork and the synergy that comes with it from crows.

A single crow cannot drive a bird like a hawk away from its territory. But, a murder of crows can. It is an important lesson to learn. Especially if you imagine yourself as an employee working in an organization, the common goal of the organization should always be your priority and should come before your personal goals. This is important for maintaining harmony, cooperation, and teamwork. After all, if the goals of the organization are met, consider your personal goals fulfilled.

Unlike other animals and birds, not only are crows social with other crows but they also help each other when they are threatened. It has also been observed that crows participate in a funeral-like ritual when another crow has passed away. Therefore, the crow spirit animal symbolizes teamwork.

3) Adaptability

In a world where thousands of creatures are on the verge of extinction due to human interference, there is one bird that is doing just fine. And these birds are crows. Birds have been able to adapt to human exploitation.

They have shown immense flexibility, resilience, and showcased their welcoming nature to new changes. We should learn from these habits and remember that changes remain constant in life.

If you encounter a crow on your way, it could mean that you have great adaptability as you can easily adjust yourself to new environments. You may feel like that is not always the case, but believe in yourself, and face your challenges with confidence. 

Crows are flexible in the sense that they are omnivorous and can feed on anything to keep themselves alive. Instead of showing resistance, they welcome new changes and challenges, this reminds us how fast changing the world really is.

Like the crow, we too should acquire skills like flexibility and welcome changes. Everything is temporary, we should keep this fact in mind and learn to adapt to the new environment around us. 

In Japan, people have noticed that crows would wait at a traffic sign and place their nuts in front of a stopped car. The car wheel would then crush the nut and the crows are able to eat them with no problems. Therefore, crows are a symbol of adaptability and flexibility.

4) Death

In many different cultures, crows are associated with the occult and the mysterious due to their black feathers. But they are more infamously also associated with death. However, death should be seen more or less like a transformation than an ending.

Although associated with death, these birds actually convey a positive meaning. They support life. As discussed at the beginning, these birds are extremely important for maintaining balance in the ecosystem. They feed on the flesh of dead animals and help in breaking them into smaller particles.

Decomposers like bacteria and fungi break these organic substances further into soluble matter (nutrients) which forms the foundation for new life. Plants grow on them and a new life cycle begins.

This is why crows are such a powerful symbol of transformation. They depict the cycle of life. They should thus be seen as a positive symbol that supports new beginnings.

5) Symbol of Transformation

Crows, as scavengers, eat the flesh of the dead. They are usually present during the time an animal is dying. They wait for the animal to die so that the flesh can later be fed upon after its death. It is due to this fact that these birds are so widely associated with death and the process of dying.

However, spiritually, death only refers to transformation from one state to another. Death means that a new journey of the soul will soon begin. It is an important concept that helps in one’s spiritual growth. Crows, therefore, symbolize transformation. 

6) Psychic abilities and insight

The crow is considered mysterious like the raven and the owl. It is believed to be some other-worldly creature that connects the physical world with the spiritual realm. It is said that the crow contains mythical powers that enable it to see one’s past, present, and future.

The crow spirit animal symbolizes that you are psychic and have extraordinary insight that allows you to sense the activities taking place in the spiritual realm. If you know that you are gifted with such powers, try to use them for the good.

7) High problem-solving skills

High intelligence is often followed by high problem-solving skills. The crow reminds us that dealing with an issue emotionally is meaningless. Instead of wasting time that way, it is wiser to analyze the problem from different perspectives and find a logical solution to it. Crows, thus, help us in solving our problems and overcoming our challenges.

8) Loyalty

Crows prefer working in teams, they are social with their kind and share strong communication with each other. Despite this fact, they are monogamous and choose their mate for a lifetime. This is a perfect depiction of loyalty.

We should not merely focus on creating bonds but also on keeping and cherishing them. Valuing the relationships we share with our family, partner, and friends is important. 

Crow Symbolism & Meaning
Crow Symbolism & Meaning

Symbolism of Crows in Native American Culture

It is a prevalent belief in many western countries that Native American tribes considered crows as the harbinger of death, however, according to several sources this information hasn’t been proved and is considered false. In fact, many Native American tribes consider that encounters with crows bring good luck.

There is a Native American tribe, the Absaroka, which is also known as the crow. The word “Absaroka” means “children of the large-beaked bird” in English. This name was given to the tribe by a neighboring Siouan-speaking tribe, Hidatsa. Several other Native American tribes, in their own language, refer to the Absaroka as either crow or raven.

The indigenous people who belong to this tribe are also known as Crow Indians and their language which belongs to the Missouri River branch of Siouan languages is known as the Crow language.

Historically, the crow people lived in the Yellowstone River valley but now most of their population is concentrated on their reservation in Billings, Montana.

This tribe has a matrilineal system which means that after marriage the couple would move into the wife’s mother’s house. This was because the women held a significant role within the tribe.

Other than the Absaroka tribe, several other tribes also have their crow clans. For example, the Chippewa’s, the Caddo, the Tlingit, The Pueblo tribes of New Mexico, and the Hopi tribe whose crow clan is called the Angwusngyam.

According to the mythology of several Native American tribes, despite the fact that the crows eat carrion birds, they are not associated with death. On the other hand, in Native American folklore crows are usually depicted as intelligent beings.

Crows are usually compared with the raven too because they share similar characteristics. The Hopi tribe even has a Crow spirit known as Crow Mother.

According to a Brule Sioux Legend, when the earth and its people were young, all of the crows in the land were as white as snow. The ancient people didn’t have any firearms and depended on the buffalo to provide them with food and sustenance.

The crows who were friends with the buffalos made it extremely tough for the Native people to hunt the buffalo. They warned their friends of incoming threats by soaring high above the prairie.

The situation became dire because the people didn’t have anything to eat anymore. Therefore, they held a council and decided to teach the chief of the birds a lesson. They disguised themselves as buffalos in order to capture the big white bird.

Once the bird was captured they decided to burn it. However, the rawhide they had used to tie its feet burned quickly and released the crow. The crow didn’t burn yet but its feather was badly singed and as he flew away from the council it swore to never warn the buffalo. And ever since that day, it has always been black.

Tribes like Pawnee, Sioux, and Lakota wear crow feathers for their Ghost Dance which symbolizes spiritual protection and resistance against oppression.

The Tlingit people believe that the crow possesses the power to free the sun and it has helped the Creator of the world shape and organize it.

The Haida people hailing from the Pacific Northwest believed that the crow has the ability to steal the sun from the sky and give it to the people living on Earth.

Northwestern tribes of Native America believed that the crow is a trickster as it had the power to create and influence outcomes.

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Symbolism of Crows in Hinduism

Crow symbolism in Hinduism
Crow symbolism in Hinduism

In Hinduism, crows, vultures, or ravens are considered the Vahana of the Hindu deity Shani. In their representations, they are mounted on top of either a crow or a raven. This representation of Shani symbolizes that the deity, who is the protector of property, suppresses the thieving tendencies of these birds.

Dhumavati, the goddess of strife and inauspiciousness is depicted in Hindu iconography either riding a crow or riding a horseless chariot which has the emblem of a crow. Dhumavati is one of the ten Tantric goddesses and is representative of the fearsome aspect of Devi or the Hindu Divine Mother.

Dhumavati is often depicted as an older and uglier woman, however, she is very clever and astute and invokes fear and initiates quarrels amongst people. While in some depictions the goddess is depicted riding a crow and holding a trident in one hand, however, in other depictions her eyes, nose, and throat resemble that of a crow.

In Hindu mythology, crows are believed to be the carrier of death and represent inauspiciousness due to their association with the goddess Dhumavati.

The crow also is associated with Sani, the God of Justice who rules the planet Saturn.

Millions of followers of Hinduism also have a strongly held belief that our ancestors return on this plane in the form of crows. Since they believe that crows play a major role in linking us with our ancestors, many Hindus appease their ancestors during the holy month of Shradha by feeding crows.

Many even believe that our ancestors are appeased and happy with our offering when the crow pecks at the food and flies toward the right. However, our ancestors are unhappy with us and our decisions if no crow tries to eat the food.

According to a popular Hindu superstition, when several crows surround a house and make a lot of noise then that indicates that they will be hosting guests soon.

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Symbolism of Crows in Christianity

Crows carry negative connotations in Christianity. They are considered unholy and selfish. The crow appears in the story “The Great Flood” in the Bible where Noah sends it to look for fertile and habitable land after 40 days of living amid floodwater.

The crow however doesn’t return. Noah believes that it did not find any good land and is still searching for it while feeding on carrion from the sea. It sends a dove, which soon returns. Noah thinks that suitable land probably has not been found.

After a few days, the dove is sent again. This time it returns with an olive leaf implying that habitable land is now available. The crow, however, never returned to Noah and is therefore considered selfish.

Other parts of the Bible refer to the crow as an unclean bird, possibly because it is a scavenger and its diet mostly includes rotten flesh. This could also be the reason why this bird is associated with mysteries and death.

As we all know, the Bible singles out many animals that it deems as unclean and unfit for consumption. The crow is one such animal. Many Christians believe that when a crow appears to you, you should see it as a warning sign of being exposed to an unclean environment.

The crow can symbolize several habits that the Bible doesn’t allow such as deception, sexual immorality, and pride.

Biblical Meaning of Crow
Biblical Meaning of Crow

Biblical Meaning of Crow

According to the Bible, birds such as ravens and crows are used by God as an instrument to dispense punishment to an offender. If you are being disrespectful of your parent then a crow might appear to you to relay the message that God doesn’t tolerate disobedience and that you should mend your interactions with other people, especially your parents.

According to Luke 12:24

Consider the ravens: They do not sow or reap, they have no storeroom or barn; yet God feeds them. And how much more valuable you are than birds!

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Crows in Islam

In many cultures, people believe that crows are the harbinger of bad luck and death. Each culture has its own explanation. However, in Islam, this association is because in the Quran crows are associated with mankind’s first murder and death.

According to the Quran, when the son of Prophet Adam, who became the first man to commit murder on earth, killed his brother, Allah sent him a crow to tell him what to do with the body.

The crow used its claws to dig a hole in the earth and then dragged the body of a dead crow into the hole and covered it with dirt. Qabeel (Cain) imitated the bird and buried the body of his brother Habeel (Abel). To this day Muslims all over the world practice the tradition of burying their dead underground.

Crow Symbolism & Meaning: Know More About Crow Spirit Animal
Crow Symbolism & Attributes

Crow Symbolism in Celtic Mythology

Early Celts saw the crow as a medium between the physical world and the spiritual world.
In Celtic mythology, crows were considered holy. They were associated with God Lugh or Lug who is a warrior and a protector.

Crows and ravens have always symbolized death in Celtic mythology. Both of these birds have made several appearances in popular Celtic folklore and are often associated with the aspects of Morrigan.

Morrigan trio were intelligent divine beings who were allies of the hapless souls and the downtrodden. However, as time progressed both of the birds started being associated with death and dying as they became the servants of the devil himself.

According to Irish folklore, the Morrigan was a trio of war goddesses known to the world as Babd, Namain, and Macha. They often transformed themselves into blackbirds. However, as Western beliefs became more prominent in Ireland, they started to transform and shape Celtic beliefs to what they are now.  

Crow Symbolism in Greek Mythology

Crows are a prominent fixture in Greek mythology and folklore. It was popularly believed in Ancient Greece that crows carried the souls of the people who had committed suicide.

According to Greek mythology, crows were considered both good luck and bad luck. People believed that if you had an encounter with a crow during the day then it is a sign that death is nearby.

Simultaneously people also believed that if you kill a crow and find another crow waiting for you at the place where the original encounter happened then that should be seen as a positive sign. Since crows are very mystical and spiritual beings, people also believed that any encounter with a crow is a message from God.

In Greek mythology, there are several characters by the name of Coronis, which is incidentally also the Greek name for crow and raven.

The legend of Apollo

Crows were associated with God Apollo. According to Ovid’s poem, Apollo sent his white crow to spy on his lover, Coronis. As expected, she soon fell in love with another man named Ischys.

When the crow informed Apollo about this affair, he got infuriated and directed his anger at the crow first as it did not peck Coronis’ eyes out to Apollo’s disappointment, and Coronis next. He killed Coronis with his arrow and cursed the crow, turning it black permanently.


Since crows are monogamous and we’re frequently sighted on the battlefield, they came to be associated with Hera, the Greek Goddess of war and marriage.


Before being associated with the owl, Athena, the Goddess of wisdom, chose the crow as her companion. However, she found it too mischievous, which made her choose the Owl instead.


The Romans participated in a ritual called “Augury” in an attempt to interpret the different symbolisms of various birds. It was believed that the direction a crow would fly would contain spiritual meaning.

Crow Symbolism in Japanese culture

Carrion crows are a species of crows that is very common in Japan. Many people believe that they possess the ability to read traffic lights. Crows love themselves a nice walnut. However, breaking their hard shells can be tough with their weak beaks.

Therefore, the crows devised a plan which uses cars like oversized nutcrackers. Crows place the walnuts at intersections where the cars do their magic after which the crows will wait a minute until the light has turned red to swoop on the road and pick at the cracked walnut.

Did you know that between the years of 2006 and 2008, crows caused massive blackouts in several major Japanese cities? It’s true! Urban crows prefer to nest on electric transformers. Therefore, during their nesting period, they will use materials such as fiber-optic cables and wire hangers to build their nests.

Tokyo power providers claim that the crows stole approximately 1400 fiber-optic cables from them. The Chubu electric company even stated that the crows were responsible for at least 100 power failures in one year alone.

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Meaning of Crows in Buddhism

Crows are a common fixture in Buddhist culture as well. In the Tibetan disciplines of Buddhism, Dharmapala Mahakala (or the protector of Dharam) is represented as a crow in his earthly/physical forms.

According to a Buddhist story, Monk Ngawang Drakpa traveled to the district of Gyalrong to build a Monastery. While he was unable to decide the exact location, a crow flew in and grabbed his scarf. The bird led him to a juniper tree which he finally decided would be the best spot for the Monastery.

Crows in Norse Mythology

The symbolism of Crow in Nordic Culture
The symbolism of Crow in Nordic Culture

In Norse iconography, if you pay closer attention to Odin, God of thunder, then you’ll see two ravens sitting either on his shoulder or beside him. The two birds are known as Hugin and Munin and were considered by many as the eyes and ears of Odin and flew across the Earth and narrated the tales of this planet back to Odin.

While Munin stands for either mind or memory, Hugin stands for thought. One of the names by which Odin is known is “Hrafnagud” which roughly translates to “Raven God.”

It is likely that people might have believed that ravens and crows were the harbingers of death because they would appear near battlefields to feed on corpses.

According to one Norse legend, there was a Nordic Viking clan that went to war under a raven banner. It is believed that the clan was trying to invoke the power of Odin by using the symbol of a raven on their clothes and banners.  

Welsh Mythology

In Welsh mythology, there was a popular belief that sorcerers and witches could transform themselves into crows and ravens to avoid getting captured. Because of their bad reputation and association with crows, this bird was seen as a bad omen and a harbinger of death.

Meaning of Crows in Chinese culture

In Chinese culture (and several others), the crow is not seen as a positive sign. The Chinese associate the crow with the sun. According to a legend, there were 10 suns around the Earth that were embodied by 10 crows. One day all 10 crows decided to rise together, burning the Earth’s surface with immense heat.

Therefore, one day all of the Gods decided to send their greatest archer Houyi to shoot down all the crows. But he shot down only nine crows and spared the life of one that continues to rise and set even today.

According to the story of the “Weaving maiden”, during some days the crows are not visible as they remain busy building a magical bridge so that the weaving maiden can meet her lover. 

In Japan, crows are seen as a symbol of transformation and resurrection. They are believed to be the connection between the physical world and the spiritual realm.

Symbolism of Crows in Australian Aboriginal culture

In the Australian Aboriginal culture, the crow represents death amongst many things. However, the death it is referring to is representative of both physical and metaphysical death. In some cases, it means that you will soon go through some irreversible changes in your life. Due to their close association with death, crows invoke a lot of fear and horror in your life.

But in other cases, it encourages and motivates you to look within yourself and spend some time looking for what the crow means to you. It also symbolizes a new beginning or new life. For example, it is telling you to let go of your old perspectives and ideas and to open your arms to new experiences and challenges.

The crow invokes a lot of fear and suspicion in people. However, if you look between the lines and go beyond the stereotypes you’ll soon realize that the crow wants you to examine your fears and let them go because they are not letting you flourish. According to the Aboriginal Dreaming, the crow also represents a trickster.

In the dream landscape, the crow represents several hidden aspects of psyches like our deepest desires which require instant gratification and which will have a long-lasting impact on our psyche. It is believed that the tricks the crow plays on our psyche can backfire and can create a terrible impact on our lives.

Other than being a trickster in Australian Aboriginal mythology, the crow is also regarded as a symbol of the culture and a spiritual ancestral. The Kulin Nation of Central Victoria regards the crow as one of the moiety aboriginal ancestors along with the more somber eagle known as Bunjil.

The Yanyuwa Aboriginal people from the Northern Territory of Australia have a popular crow-related legend. According to this legend, the crow attacks the spirits of the dead approaching afterlife with digging sticks.

According to another legend that is based on seven sisters and takes place in the winter season, due to the unavailability of fire, the people were forced to eat whatever was available in their raw form. As a consequence, many people fell ill. But it appeared that the 7 sisters were in extremely good condition.

So a crow named Waa spied on them and found out that the sticks these sisters used were not ordinary. They burnt red with fire which allowed the sisters to cook their food. Waa then succeeds in stealing these sticks from the sisters but because of the fire and heat emerging from the sticks, its feathers blackened.

It is believed that the cause for this retaliation on the crow’s behalf is due to the crow being angry at the people for driving them away from their campsites when the crows look for food. However, the spirits of the dead are saved by falcons and hawks.

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Symbolism of Crows in African culture

Unlike most Western countries, in African culture seeing a crow is not considered a bad omen. In the continent of Africa, several different cultures believe that the crow is a representative of a spiritual warrior that offers protection and warns people against possible attacks.

In African culture, the crow posture teaches people to take risks in life, have the flexibility of mind, use their strength for good, have the courage to fulfill their dreams in life, and be assertive yet cordial and harmonious with other people.

The crow posture signifies that one should develop their personal boundaries and stop being passive-aggressive with people.

In Ancient Africa the crow also taught that one should only learn from the past and not dwell on it for too long. And lastly, it also teaches us to be adaptable and flexible with our surroundings and to always communicate our feelings and thoughts eloquently.

Meaning of Crows in Dreams

Meaning of Crows in Dreams
Meaning of Crows in Dreams

We all know that dreams are a window into our souls. By interpreting our dreams, we can determine our deepest insecurities, fears, and even aspirations. So, what does it mean when you see a crow in your dreams?

In many cultures, crows are associated with dark and mysterious spiritual energies. According to alchemy, crows represent one’s subconscious beliefs and suppressed emotions.

Since crows are very intelligent birds, it is believed that seeing the bird in your dreams is an indication of your curiosity, wisdom, and ability to accept your mind, body, and soul.

Crows in dreams can also symbolize suppressing thoughts, wisdom, secrets, guilt, shame, feeling oppressed, and transformation. Let us now look at the symbolism of crows in some common dreams.

Crow attacking you in a dream

A crow attacking you in your dreams suggests that you feel a loss of control over your power and energetic space. This dream can also be seen as a warning sign that you are vulnerable to energetic attacks from external entities.

In this dream, the crow is trying to tell you that you are not taking good care of your spiritual self. If you are an empathetic or a highly sensitive person, then this dream indicates that you are an easy target for energy vampires and manipulative people.

One Crow in dreams

If you have a recurring dream about a single crow then that dream suggests that you are being narrow-minded and closed off while discussing an important topic with someone.

Crow Bites in a dream

If in a dream a crow is aggressively pecking at you or biting you then that dream is an incredibly spiritual dream. This dream suggests that you were able to discover your innermost passions and the essence of your being.

It also suggests that from a divine perspective you were able to remember who you really are and were able to let go of your ego.

According to Shamanistic beliefs, a dream in which you are either being eaten or dismembered by an animal is considered one of the highest spiritual gifts a person can receive. This is because they believe that this dream is a sign that your spiritual being has transcended and that you have a strong spiritual presence which means that you can become a healer.

Flying Crows in dream

Flying Crows in dream
Flying Crows in dream

A dream in which you see a murder of crows flying by is considered a bad omen. Due to their black plumage, a flock of crows resembles a gathering at a funeral, therefore, if you have a dream like this then it means that you might get an invitation to a person’s funeral, or that someone close to you will die.

Dream of crow chasing you

In a dream, if a crow chases you then that dream indicates that you are purposefully getting yourself into trouble or are committing a crime. The activity in the dream which is a chase symbolizes that you are aware that your actions will get you into trouble and are fearful of the punishment.

Dreaming of a dead crow

A dream in which you dream of a dead, dying, or mortally wounded crow might seem like a dream which would have a negative connotation, however, that is not the case. The dead or dying crow in this dream is suggestive of metaphysical death and not physical death.

Such a dream suggests that you have entered a place of transformation and change in your life. If you have recently suffered from heartbreak or are going through a period of grief over the loss of someone then this dream suggests that you are ready to move on. Therefore, the dead or dying crow in this dream is a reminder to us that

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The crow is believed to carry various spiritual symbols. It can appear in our lives in different ways conveying different messages. Here is a general idea of what message could be underlying in your encounter with a crow.

1) When a crow crosses your path

When a crow flies in front of you or crosses your path, it is trying to draw your attention towards itself. It implies that you are too distracted in your work which has made you neglect your spiritual development. It is time for you to engage yourself in some shadow work.

Try to connect with your spirit, especially your darker side. Right now it is important to understand what you truly desire. Your lack of spiritual growth and connection with inner wisdom could be holding you back.

By flying in front of you, the crow is trying to stop you from continuing on your path. You need to change your behavior, pay attention to your consciousness and make sure nothing is holding you back before you continue your journey.
A crow crossing your path could also be a symbol that you are soon going to experience huge changes in your life which will provide you with comfort and happiness in the long run.

2) When a crow flies over you

The crow is a symbol of psychic abilities and insight. It also showcases intelligence and high problem-solving skills. When a crow flies over you, it is trying to grant you these abilities, especially if you are dealing with a difficult situation. It is okay to not find a solution to your problem right away. Try to meditate, rely on your intuition. Ask your consciousness to provide you with wisdom so that you can come to the right conclusion.

3) When a crow follows you

A crow following you is a sign that you possess powerful psychic abilities. You are clairvoyant and have strong insight. There is a possibility that you have the ability to act as a medium between the physical world and the spiritual world. It is recommended that you seek help from a psychic or an intuitive healer so that you can learn to use your abilities well.

A crow following you could also be a sign that it is your spirit animal or power animal guide. The meaning of these terms has been discussed later on in the article.

4) When a crow hits your head

It is very rare to encounter a crow that hits your head or tries to harm you, especially if you haven’t tried to harm it or chase it away first. But if this happens, it means that you have accidentally done something that has hurt someone.

That person is holding a grudge against you which you need to clear. Try to remember which action of yours exactly has hurt the person. Clearing misunderstandings or apologizing will help reduce the negativity in your life.

5) When a crow lands on your car

A crow landing on your car holds a subliminal message for your spirit. It is asking you whether it is actually you who is controlling your life or is it someone else. You need to ask yourself how much control you truly have over your life.

If you are surrounded by negative people that are trying to dominate your will, it is time to let them go. Eliminate such toxic people from your life. It is time for you to take back the driver’s seat and regain control over yourself.

6) When a crow stares at you

A crow staring at you implies that you possess some extraordinary qualities that the crow finds interesting. It could mean that you have abilities like communicating spiritually with other animals or you can connect with spirits around you.

If there is a person you loved who has recently passed away, a crow staring or looking at you might mean that the spirit of that person is still hanging around you.

Other interpretations related to crows

All around the world, there are many superstitions associated with crows.

1) In many cultures, it is believed that if you have an encounter with 5 crows then either you or any of your family members will get sick. It is also believed that an encounter with 6 crows indicates death.

However, death can refer to metaphysical death as well. For example, the end of a relationship or tenure at a job.

2) People also believe that seeing one crow only is a bad omen. On the other hand, two crows bring good luck, three crows mean that someone close to you will pass away, and four crows mean that you will prosper financially.

3) If a crow follows you and caws at you, especially at night, then that is a sign that bad luck and death will follow you on this path. However, if you have an encounter with a crow during the daytime and it caws at you then that is a sign that you have averted disaster. It can also mean that you will encounter some new opportunities soon.

4) While encountering death can never mean a good thing. However, many cultures believe that seeing a dead crow on the street will bring you good luck.

5) Many Christians believe that an encounter with a crow in a churchyard is a sign of bad luck.

6) If a crow gains entry to your house, then that indicates that you’ll soon hear some bad news.

Do crows carry messages from the spiritual realm?

Crows are magical birds. Although every other bird is sensitive to the energy vibrations around them, this ability is stronger in crows compared to other birds. This is why they have been connected with words like mystery, magic, insight, psychic abilities, and a medium between the physical and spiritual world. 

Since ancient times, crows have been associated with abilities like prophetic sight and clairvoyance. There’s no wonder why a bird that possesses so many mythical abilities is said to be a messenger from the spiritual realm.

The crow carries various spiritual messages with itself. A few of them are:


Crows symbolize endings. As humans, we try to avoid changes. It is not easy for us to let go of the things we feel connected with. Crows, as symbols of flexibility and adaptability, as well as creatures that welcome new changes, teach us that we need to end something in our life, such as a journey, so that we can experience something new.


Crows are used as symbols for mourning death. If you have recently lost someone you love or had to end a relationship, the crow shows up to sympathize with you and provide you comfort. It accompanies you in your period of grief.


Crows are a powerful symbol of spiritual transformation. Their frequent sightings or encounters around you suggest that you will experience new changes in life which will lead to your spiritual growth and transformation. It will also result in the awakening of your inner wisdom.


Crows are associated with psychic abilities and insight. If you are trapped in an illusion or are confused, you will not be able to make sound decisions. The crow helps you break through these illusions and shows what you are dealing with. They ask you to rely on your intuition and provide you with a stronger psyche to understand the situations better.


Crows symbolize intelligence and high problem-solving skills. If certain physical, mental, or spiritual blocks are holding you back, the crow is asking you to break through them with the help of your creativity, insight, intelligence, and problem-solving skills.

Shadow work

Like the black color represents a shadow, crows represent shadow work. The crow reminds you how important it is for you to get involved in some serious shadow work and explore your hidden desires.

It helps in bringing your dark desires to the surface which were possibly holding you back. Thus, the crow helps in freeing your soul from such negativities.

If the crow appears frequently in front of you, it is trying to convey some important spiritual message. To understand the meaning, you should pay close attention to your surroundings. The crow most often carries other hints with itself which will help you understand the meanings better.

Meaning of Crow Spirit Animal

Crow Spirit Animal
Crow Spirit Animal

After reading about what the crow symbolizes in different cultures and religions you might be wary of having the crow as your spirit animal. However, surprisingly the crow spirit animal is a tenacious spirit that encourages you to let go of your insecurities, gain confidence, and see your true self.

If your spirit animal is a crow then you are a deeply spiritual being and have a knack for identifying how energies mix and mingle with each other and how they would possibly transform on an alchemical level.

In the wild, are known for being fiercely protective of not just their family but also their crow community. Therefore, if your spirit animal is a crow then you always have a natural desire and instinct to safeguard and protect your near and dear ones.

Since the crows are very social animals as well, you can invoke the crow spirit animal if you feel anxious about working in a team. The crow spirit animal will help you work efficiently within a group and achieve even the toughest of tasks.

If there is a task that you find impossible to get around, the crow spirit animal will always be there to get you over that wall or barrier.

As we all know the crow is a trickster according to many different cultures. The crow spirit animal can be slightly manipulative to the people around you to help you achieve your goals. Therefore, if your spirit animal is a crow then you should use the abilities gifted to the trickster crow in a way that doesn’t cause harm to the people around you.

You are also gifted with the ability to shift through periods of changes and transformation in your life with relative ease and grace.

If your self-esteem has taken a hit recently and you are feeling conscious about your intelligence, then the crow spirit animal is your ally. This is because according to many scientific studies it has been confirmed that the intelligence of an average crow is similar to that of a 10-year-old child.

Crows are also very observant creatures and are more intuitive than most animals. The crow spirit animal lends us the characteristic of insight and accuracy.

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Meaning of Crow Totem Animal

Meaning of Crow Totem Animal
Meaning of Crow Totem Animal

People with the crow as their totem animal have a lot of personal integrity and are always very mindful of how their actions and opinions will affect other people. These people are also very opportunistic and don’t procrastinate when a job is in front of them.

They also don’t seem to have a concept of time. While most people see the concept of time as a linear entity, a person whose totem animal is a crow would see it as the existence of past, present, and future moments altogether.

If your totem animal is a crow then you are blessed with one of the best gifts the universe can give a person and that is creativity. You are great at learning new skills and applying newly acquired knowledge. This is because you are a very good observer and listener just like a crow.

While you hold a place of adoration and love within your tribe due to your nature to adapt to everything quickly, people can find your personality slightly infuriating and at times confusing.

Crows are very good observers, therefore, you are a very good judge of character, you can notice warning signs around, and you also have an impressive ability to interpret signs and omens.

Crow people have a perspective on life and their surrounding like no other person.  People whose totem animals are crows or ‘crow people’ are not superficial individuals.

A word of advice for crow people – You mustn’t enter a rat race and should really reflect on what your goals and ambition in life are along with your intentions.

You should also see that they are realistic enough to be achieved because the crow totem animal can help you build your bridge to success. The crow totem animal brings good luck and fortune to your life. By invoking the spirit of the crow totem you can invite like-minded people into your life.

These people will play an instrumental role in your journey to gain deeper intuitive insights and will also be very supportive. It also helps you in becoming more observant and sharper in life in order to solve problems and make life much easier.  

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Meaning of Crow Power Animal

When is it a good item to invoke the spirit of the crow power animal? You can invoke the spirit of the crow power animal when:

1) You are in need of a spirit guide that is very honest will and will you tell you the truth as it is rather than sugar coat it. Crows are known for being honest and will never lead you down the wrong path.
2) You are feeling lost on your journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

3) You feel threatened and in danger.

4) In many cultures, it is believed that crows are our link to the mysterious otherworld. Therefore, you can call upon your crow power animal when you think you need to understand the Universal truths and laws.

5) You wish to find a resolution to a problem that has been bugging you in your life for a while. Since the crow is a very intelligent and pragmatic animal it will tell us to not be emotional and to find a solution as quickly as possible.

6) You wish to attract a soul mate or friends that will be supportive and will enrich your life in many ways.

7) You wish to hone your psychic abilities.

Crow Tattoo Meaning

Crow Tattoo Meaning
Crow Tattoo Meaning

Tattoos of animals are very common in the tattoo industry. This is because that animal may have a spiritual, emotional, or physical significance for that person. Many a time people get tattoos of birds that have cultural significance. So, why do people get tattoos of crows?

Crows, like almost every other animal, symbolize many different things in different cultures. And while many people might associate them with the occult and the mysterious, they also symbolize several positive traits. Crows can symbolize intuition, inner strength, loyalty, a sense of community, protection, intelligence, and cleverness.

Do Crows signify death? 

It has been discussed early on in this article that since ancient times, the black color has been associated with negativity. It signifies destruction, darkness, and death. We have seen that the crow has often been associated with darkness and evil in many cultures. It is seen as a scary creature that is connected with death and graveyards. 

  • In Swedish folklore, the crow was said to carry the ghosts of dead people that did not receive a proper burial.
  • In German culture, the crow was believed to carry the souls of the damned. 
  • The Greeks believed that crows foretold death.
  • In medieval Eastern Europe, during the Bubonic plague, crows were seen feeding upon the dead bodies of the deceased. 
  • For centuries, crows were sighted waiting at battlefields so that the flesh of the fallen soldiers could be fed upon once the battle was over. 

These are possible explanations as to why the crow is so popular as a symbol of death. But the real topic is whether the crow truly is a symbol of death. Is encountering a crow an indication that you are soon going to die or someone you know has died?

The straight answer is no. However, the crow does symbolize death. This death refers to spiritual death instead of physical or literal death. Spiritual death is not a bad thing. It helps the spirit grow and therefore is most often termed ‘transformation’.

The crow symbolizes the physical acts of dying which evolve our spirit. While it does not symbolize our death as a whole, it does imply a part of it. This death could be the end of a relationship, leaving a job, etc.

Every change experienced by us means the death of something and the beginning of something new. Our life is full of such changes. Every time we experience a change, we experience the death of something. These deaths help in our spiritual transformation.

Crows also signify reincarnation. The process of reincarnation allows our spiritual transformation while we still hold on to the knowledge and experience we have acquired so far. This provides us with an advantage to experience each change with a higher level of knowledge than we previously possessed. 

Crows help us transform into better versions of ourselves and guide us on the right path. 

We are never ready to let things go, especially the things we are attached to. Certain changes are hard to deal with, like the loss of someone we have loved dearly. Our grief may soon turn into depression which might make us forget our true purpose. 

We can take inspiration from the intelligent crow, draw its wisdom, insight, creativity, adaptability, and flexibility to deal with such changes. The crow, as a figure of change, death, transformation, and resurrection, helps us accept these changes, and reminds us to move forward in our journey no matter what.

Do crows bring good luck?

Although most believed to have negative connotations, the crow is seen as a positive sign by few.

If we talk about the various cultures and traditions,

  • The Celts saw these birds as holy and magical.
  • The Native American tribes had great respect and honor for the crow.
  • The crow is believed to carry the soul of one’s ancestors in Hinduism. 
  • Australian Aboriginal people also revered the crow and acknowledged its intelligence.
  • In the Middle Ages, sighting a dead crow was considered a sign of good luck. 

So does this mean that crows bring good luck?

In the short term, it will mostly appear that the crow is not a sign of good luck at all. As you already know, crows symbolize change and spiritual transformation. One reason why we do not usually accept changes easily is that they force us to come out of our comfort zones. 

But we will hardly learn anything if we do not come out of our comfort zones and face the world. Crows symbolize that we will soon be forced to live our lives outside our comfort zones. This may evoke a sense of helplessness in our hearts.

But if we look at it from a wider perspective, we will soon find that in the long-term, these hardships and challenges will build our character, make us more experienced, which will lead to our success. 

Crows are birds that are mostly connected to the spiritual realm. Their timeline moves much slower than ours. Thus, the crow is considered a sign of good luck not for the events that will follow you immediately after you encounter it, but for the near future. 

How can I understand what message the crow is trying to convey to me?

If you want to understand the underlying meanings behind frequent sightings of this bird in your journey, the best thing you can do is meditate as connecting with your spirit is necessary. But before that, you need to take a notebook or any piece of paper and write down what situations you are facing right now, mention your challenges and hardships in detail. Now, you need to remember and jot down when the crow has made its presence known to you. Try to focus on how you felt at that moment. 

You can use crystals or herbs to amplify the crow energy. 


A few crystals that can be used in this process are:

1) Black Obsidian

It helps alter the negative energy around you and protects you from objects or elements that drain your energy. This crystal can be used if you want to feel protected and secured.

2) Black Tourmaline

This crystal will protect you from unwanted energies, help you restore your connection with the Earth, as well as bring balance to your life.

3) Lignite

It provides protection against evil, reduces your nightmares, brings good luck, and divination.

4) Ruby

It is believed to bring richness in your life, enhance your creativity, give a sense of inspiration, and mark new beginnings.


Herbs that you can use are:

1) Mugwort

Sevelops psychic and prophetic abilities, provides protection.

2) Orange peel

Associated with luck, divination, success, richness, and marks new beginnings.

3) Wormwood

Good for establishing a connection with the spiritual realm, provides protection, enhances psychic abilities, and breaks curses.

Once you write down the details, choose a suitable and peaceful location (it could be the place where you usually do your spiritual work), take any crystal or herb (either dried or mixed with tea), bring the image of the crow in your mind and sit to meditate.

Try to connect with your higher self and ask it to guide you and help you understand the spiritual messages carried by the crow. Meditate for about 10 minutes. You can record any crucial thoughts or feelings that you have experienced while you were meditating.

Try to keep track of these messages for a few days. Keep looking for new signs or symbols and sit to meditate with your herbs or crystals whenever you get the chance.

More About Crows

Birds are fascinating creatures. They are biologically engineered to support flight, their coats are literally waterproof, and some even possess the ability to learn and speak a human language.

Crows can be easily sighted around us. Although not attractive, these birds are quite intelligent. Crows are classified as scavengers. They play a very crucial role in maintaining ecological balance and supporting life on Earth.

Without scavengers like crows and vultures that feed on the flesh of dead animals and help in the conversion of organic matter into nutrients, there would be dead bodies piling up on the entire planet. Fewer plants would have surrounded us which would have disrupted the life cycle as a whole. 

Did you know that the African grey, which is considered to have the best talking ability, has the intellect of a 5-year-old child?

One such amazing bird is the crow. The crow belongs to the widely distributed genus, Corvus, of medium-sized birds in the family Corvidae. Other than crows, the Corvus genus also includes other species of birds such as ravens and rooks.

Did you know that except for South America, approximately 45 members of the genus exist on all continents?

Crows can live to the age of 20 and female crows reach sexual maturity by the time they are three years old and male crows reach sexual maturity by the time they are five. Crows mate for life and during the mating season, a female crow might lay around 3 to 9 years.

What’s even more interesting about crows during mating seasons is the fact that the young hatchlings from the previous mating season help nesting pairs protect the nest and gather food for the nestlings.

While farmers started setting up scarecrows in their field to scare away the crows who were damaging their crops. However, crows will assist the same farmers when their crops were attacked by other insects. This is because crows are mainly omnivorous birds whose diet includes other birds, mice, nestlings, eggs, frogs, earthworms, nuts, mollusks, fruits, and seeds.

Crows are considered to be very intelligent animals. Ornithologists suggest several factors for this assessment. For example, crows hold funerals for other crows. It has been observed that when the last rites of the dead crow are being performed, live crows never touch the dead crow.

Some people believe that the reason for such a mass gathering is part of a survival strategy because the crows want to learn about new threats. Not only do crows hold a funeral for other crows but they also play with other crows and have regional dialects.

Ornithologists have observed that two different populations of crows will have slight variations in their speech patterns. They are also not only good at using tools to catch their prey but are also good at making them.


In conclusion, crows are usually seen as these ominous and inauspicious creatures. However, on the other hand from a religious, spiritual, and cultural point of view, they are complex creatures. And like most people, they have negative and positive attributes. Hope this article was insightful and that you were able to learn something new about crows.

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