Meaning Of Itchy Palms Of Your Right Or Left Hand

In this article, you shall know the probable meaning of itchy palms of your right or left hand. References and facts show that signs like itching in your different palms have different meanings.

This article’s main motto is to unravel the secrets you might need to know to better understand the meaning of itchy palm from a spiritual perspective.

The following article is also divided into two sections where first you can come to know the reason behind the itching in your left hand and then in your right hand.

Meaning Of Itchy Palms Of Your Right Or Left Hand
Meaning Of Itchy Palms Of Your Right Or Left Hand

Left-Hand Itching: What Does It Mean When Your Left-Hand Itches?

When your left-hand itches a lot then it is considered that you have been into wrong decision-making lately. A left-itchy palm is also a sharp sign that you are /might encounter financial crises and dilemmas in the coming time.

This comes as a warning that you are heading towards money loss at a fast pace. It is also a sign that you are going to be in some kind of financial debt and your bills might be pending. You might/are facing situations where you don’t have the money to complete even your basic needs and are literally starving and struggling to pay off the remaining debts.

One meaning of the itchy palm of the left hand is also downfall in finances.

For anyone who is into dealing with the stock exchange or share market or trade, this might be a cautious warning for you to carefully proceed with the buying and selling of shares after a lot of concentration and abled decision-making. This is because, for such a person, itching in the left hand might predict an immediate downfall in their finances.

For all the ones who are already furnished with ample finances, they should take a left itchy palm as cautionary advice that some upcoming events may result in the expenditure of a lot of money.

It is also said that in order to prevent the loss you can rub your hand on the wood. There’s even a poem associated with itchy hands in touching wood is associated with good luck and positivity.

However, on its great contrary itching of the left palm is also associated with winning a lot of money. If you want to get rid of the itching of your left palm and scratch it, you won’t get any money as you block the magic of receiving unexpected money.

There have been incidents that proved the above-quoted text to be true. An old lady named Mary Shammas was once traveling on a bus and felt a sudden itching in her left palm. She immediately got down and bought a lottery ticket and guess what happened? She hit a jackpot of $64 million after a few days.

The palm of the left-hand itching is also taken as the news of the arrival of a baby in the family. It could also mean there is some negative energy around you and baby in the family. It could also be a sign of negative energy is gathering around you or you might bump into a new person who brings in that negative energy in your life.

Some psychics contend that itching of the left palm is a sign of healing and awakening of your spiritual being.  However, there are a number of ways from which you can skip the bad omen falling upon you due to itching in your left palm.

  • Try rubbing your hand against a wooden item. This will help you release and get rid of the unwanted energy around you which is trying to catch hold on you.
  • Rub your hand against the metal SILVER (or any item made out of it).
  • Rub your palm against an egg.
  • Keep both of your hands in your pocket.
  • Wash your hands with alcohol.

Right-Hand Itching: What Does It Mean When Your Right-Hand Itches?

Meaning of right palm itching
Meaning of right palm itching

Itching of the right-hand palm is taken up as a sign of good luck, fortune, and positivity, unlike the left palm itching.

It also happens when you have been wanting to sell your house/your car or anything you own for a very long time then it is a sign that it is the right time for you to do the same.

If you intend to sell the house now, then it is probable that you will get an offer and will get more than the price you expected. It can lead you to an unexpected rise or appraisal if you happen to be an employer to a company or organization.

Right palm itching signifies a win-win

Next, it also brings with itself the golden opportunity of winning a lottery. It is like a win-win situation. It is like the time for you to actually fill up your socks.

According to an ancient belief, itching in the right palm means a movement of internal positive energy through the hands. In such a case it is advised to not rub your hands against anything because it will rid of whatever is going to come your way in the coming time.

Meaning Of Itchy Palms: Left And Right

Both hands stand for
…heart and mind,
…feelings and reason,
…passivity and activity.

They also represent activities of receiving and offering. It is interesting to observe the symbolic meanings of each hand.

The left, which is usually the passive one, represents our emotional, unconscious side.

The right-hand is active and stands for logic, action, decisions, and rationality.

Our hands also embody ideas of feminine and masculine principles. The left side is the lunar, maternal, and gentle side. The right channels of solar power and are associated with the masculine principle.

These are only some of the meanings. If you are into spirituality and believe cosmic energies really make sense, then your soul could use these symbolic meanings as guidelines.

Left and right hands represent the duality of our world

— Naomi Hills

The right and the left hand represent the duality of our world. They represent numerological number two and inseparable pairs that exist in this world. Isn’t it wonderful and deep?

Depending on the culture, an itchy right or left palm means you are going either to receive or to lose money. This itchy palm superstition is present all around the globe. There are other interpretations of itchy palms. In every civilization, such signs have some deeper meanings, and rightly so.

Itchy palms are sometimes considered indicators of certain energies flowing throughout your body. It could also be an indicator of active or passive energy.

It depends on which hand is itchy – passive or active. If the passive hand is itchy, it means someone else will awaken your energy. If the active one is itchy, it means some future fruitful activity of your own.

Interestingly, the Chinese do not think itchy palms are a good sign. In fact, they consider the sensation a very bad omen.

They do not associate itchy hands with any fortunate event, so they would see to relive the sensation as soon as possible, in order to ward off the bad energy.

According to them, any hand’s palm itching symbolizes bad luck.

Itchy palms are mostly associated with money beliefs, though.

Where does this belief come from? Why we associate hands and palms with money?

Obviously, we use hands to make money, but these superstitions possibly have another origin. Since ancient times, people would say those whose palms itch are greedy; they want money. My best advice is to observe carefully the happenings in your life. Are you experiencing some events that you can’t explain? Most of the time, when we have signs like itchy palms, there will be either an unexpected loss of money or a sudden financial gain.

This will be a cue on how you have to proceed in the future also.

I hope you find the article helpful.

Naomi Hills
Naomi Hills

God has given me the gift to read the signs, interpret the dreams, decode the angel numbers since birth. Through rigorous practice and application, my gifts have been fine-tuned. Now, I use my gifts solely to help those distressed souls who have lost all hopes, those who have been left alone to fend for themselves, those whom the system doesn’t care anymore, those whom the mainstream science has ignored.

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  1. One person I didn’t know was about ready to quit his job. Ask me about the energy I feel. As a testimony I ask him to write a few words about his experience with me. I felt the need to put my hands over his forehead. I keep my hands about 1-3 inches away from the people I have laid hands on.. The energy I feel like a jolt passes in less than a minute. His headache went away and he wrote my the first testimony of effects of healing just by being willing to accept what I do as a gift. And as for me if I see someone that I feel needs a prayer or even to lay hands on them and I don’t. My hands will itch. It took me a long time to speak out to people I would feel lead to talk to. When I did share my faith. My hands didn’t Itch. I have no research to prove what I feel.. Web md suggest many problems can cause the feeling.. I have used energy testing to find herbal remedies.. I have prayed to have the gift of healing.. Happened across this web page looking for info on itching hands,

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