Blue Butterfly Meaning: Omens, Spiritual Significance, and Symbolism

Did you spot a blue butterfly fluttering around you or did you see a blue butterfly in your dream? Is there any deep spiritual significance of a blue butterfly?

Seeing a butterfly is often associated with positive implications such as transformations, or a new beginning. But what is the exact blue butterfly meaning?

The universe is always trying to contact us and share its message with us. One such way it does that is through nature and more importantly animals and insects such as blue butterflies.

Most cultures from around the world have ascribed a certain spiritual meaning to many of the animals on this planet. So, what is the spiritual meaning of a rare insect like a blue butterfly? Let’s find out.  

Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism of the Color Blue

Have you ever wondered why the logos of major brands and businesses feature the color blue so prominently? The color blue is literally almost always around us. Whether we live by the sea or a lake or a river, or we just simply go outside and look up at the sky, there is no denying that we are surrounded by blue.

According to Biblical scholars, the color blue symbolizes heaven, the Holy Spirit, laws, and commandments. And in other cultures, for example, Greek, the color blue is supposedly used to ward off the evil eye.

On the other hand, according to color theory, blue represents conservatism, authority, depression, responsibility, calmness, old-fashioned beliefs, wisdom, commitment, trust, honesty, loyalty, and serenity.

The blue color also has several health benefits. Blue helps us feel relaxed and calm because seeing the color blue lowers our overall heart rate. It is also noted to enhance our cognitive skills and even suppress our appetite.

The blue chakra which is present in our throat represents calmness during decision making, self-expression, better communication, and speech.

Butterfly symbolism in Native American Culture

Like many animals, insects, and amphibians that are native to North America, butterflies also play a prominent role in Native American culture and folklore.

What the butterflies symbolize differs from tribe to tribe, however, amongst many Native American tribes, the butterflies symbolize change, balance, transformation, vanity, frivolous and dangerous behavior, and lastly ephemeral beauty.

In some tribes, butterflies are revered because they symbolize good luck and fortune. Therefore, some tribes believe that killing or hurting butterflies will bring a person bad luck and misfortune.

The Blackfoot tribal people use butterfly iconography to design cradleboards and children’s items because butterflies are associated with sleep and dream.

Indigenous people who belong to the Blackfoot tribe believe that the symbol of butterflies around children brings them good dreams and helps them sleep.

The Hopi tribe has a butterfly clan known as the Poovolngyam. According to the Hopi traditions and culture, butterflies are one of the wildlife spirits known as ‘Kachina.’

Amongst their tribal dance traditions, the Cherokee has a butterfly dance. On the other hand, the Navajo people believe that butterflies are a symbol of resurgence and joy.

Butterfly Symbolism in Hinduism

The process of metamorphosis which every larva has to go through in order to become a beautiful butterfly is symbolic of many things in Hinduism.

It symbolizes the Hindu belief that death isn’t the end of our existence and that our souls reincarnate and move to another body. A caterpillar’s transformation into a butterfly symbolizes that death doesn’t cease our existence but frees us on our pursuit to achieve enlightenment.

The time spent by the caterpillar inside of a cocoon gestating and transforming itself into a beautiful butterfly also symbolizes the importance of meditation. It represents the wonderful ways in which meditating can help us become more enlightened beings.

Butterfly Symbolism in Chinese Culture

The Mandarin word for butterfly is ‘hu tieh.’ On its own, the word ‘tieh’ translates to seventy years in English. Therefore, butterflies symbolize a long and fulfilling life. Butterflies also represent young love but more specifically they symbolize undying love and adoration between lovers.

According to the Chinese law of energies, Feng Shui, butterflies symbolize similar attributes as birds. Butterflies possess the ability to fly. This ability represents the human longingness for a free and joyous life with no commitments.

In Feng Shui, the butterfly symbol is also used to cure marital problems and issues with intimacy. The symbol of a butterfly is also used in Feng Shui to foster creativity and create a space where there is a free flow of creative energies.

Butterfly Symbolism in Christianity

The Bible makes no direct reference to butterflies. However, like many animals that go through a significant amount of transformation in their lives, many Christians associate butterflies with not just change but also resurrection.

How a caterpillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly depicts Jesus Christ’s work in transforming the lives of people for the better. There are many parallels between the way a caterpillar almost seems as if it is dead while it is gestating in a cocoon and comes out on the other end as a beautiful butterfly and how Jesus Christ defeats death and emerges from his tomb as the lord and savior of Christians.

Dead Blue Butterfly Meaning?

In our day-to-day lives, butterflies are seen as jovial creatures that bring a lot of vibrancy and color to our lives. In many cultures, encounters with butterflies are seen as an indication that our deceased loved ones are trying to establish contact with us.

In other cultures, such as Christianity, butterflies symbolize the presence of the divine amongst us.

Many times, encounters with a dead animal are symbolic of metaphysical death. It symbolizes the end of a relationship, living situation, or job tenure. However, it seems as if the spiritual meaning behind an encounter with a dead butterfly isn’t as pleasant as the above.

Spiritually living butterflies symbolize joy, lightness of spirit, motivated spirit, creativity, spiritual awareness, and connectivity with higher consciousness, transformation, and rebirth. On the other hand, a dead butterfly symbolizes the feeling of frustration, suppression, suffocation, along with the feeling that you are trapped by the limitations you have created for yourself and are constantly trying to suppress your thoughts and emotions.

Blue Butterfly Meaning: Omens, Spiritual Significance, and Symbolism
Blue Butterfly Meaning: Omens, Spiritual Significance, and Symbolism

Blue Butterflies as Omens

Most butterflies are seen as omens of change. Blue butterflies are considered important insects in most religions and cultures because they symbolize change, transformation, growth, and communication.

In several Native American cultures, butterflies are seen as omens of good luck and fortune. And according to Chinese culture and Feng Shui, not only do blue butterflies symbolize good luck but it also represents long life and undying love between young lovers.

Meaning of Blue Butterflies in Dreams

The meaning behind a dream in which there is a butterfly depends upon several things such as the size of the butterfly, its color, and the scenario.

Big Butterfly

Butterflies are commonly associated with change and transformation. Therefore, if you have an encounter with a big butterfly in your dream then that suggests that you will soon encounter major changes in your life.

Butterfly Attacks You

Butterflies are not very aggressive creatures, therefore, a dream in which a butterfly attacks you suggests that you feel scared and fearful of making positive changes in your life. This dream suggests that you are holding yourself back from achieving success in life.

You Killing a Butterfly

Butterflies symbolize happiness, free-spiritedness, and transformation amongst many things. A dream in which you see yourself hurting or killing a butterfly, which is an unaggressive creature, symbolizes that the only thing that is stopping you from evolving into a better human being are limitations that have been self-imposed. This dream suggests that you are unable to take advantage of the opportunities that are presented to you.

Blue Butterfly in your Dream

A dream in which you have an encounter with a blue butterfly is assigned from the universe that you will be on a new life path on which no one has ever been before.

The Universe has given you the opportunity to evolve as a human being by constantly learning new things and by helping other people express themselves better, while you are on this life journey.

Black Butterfly

Usually, the color black has ominous undertones to it. However, an encounter with a black butterfly in a dream signifies that you must do some soul searching and confront your hidden emotions and feelings in order to love yourself unconditionally.

Blue Butterfly Spirit Animal

Despite being an insect, butterflies are considered strong spirit animals. The butterfly symbolizes change, rebirth, transformation, and metamorphosis. If your spirit animal is a butterfly then the butterfly will assist you in navigating the physical realm.

The metamorphosis that the butterfly goes through represents a second chance in your life to become a better person and change your life for the better.

The process of metamorphosis symbolizes a chance at rebirth, renewal, and self-improvement in order to emerge as a more beautiful, stronger, vibrant, joyous, and better person.

The Butterfly spirit animal also helps you be in the moment and enjoy all of life’s wonders.

Blue Butterfly Totem and Power Animal

In Native American tradition, totems are animals and natural objects that have some significance. The totem carries all of the protective powers and strengths of the animal or object it is representing. The butterfly totem will help bring more lightness and joy in your life, along with helping you transform specific areas in your life that need to evolve.

You can call upon your butterfly power animal when you need to bring more joy and bliss into your life and when you are unable to find the courage within you to overcome a challenging situation. The butterfly power animal can also be called upon when you are finding it hard to find contentment in your life, are unable to go through internal change, and want to develop a perception of the world around you.

Blue Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

Tattoos are a wonderful outlet for self-expression. People get tattoos every day of their favorite movies, tv shows, or artists. Animals, especially spirit animals, are a very common tattoo choice as well.

With their tattoos, people can represent their life journey, their struggles, and how they have overcome them. So, what does it mean when you get a tattoo of a blue butterfly?

Someone with a blue butterfly tattoo is trying to show that they are grateful for their life. It suggests that they are blissful, joyous, and happy in their life.

People also get blue butterfly tattoos because they are seen as a good luck charm. Since blue butterflies are a symbol of transformation, people get tattoos of blue butterflies to symbolize their life’s journey and the progress they have made so far.

Different Types of Blue Butterflies

1) Giant Blue Morpho: Also known as Morpho didius is one of the largest butterflies in the world, with wings spanning from 5 to 8 inches.

Blue Butterfly Meaning: Omens, Spiritual Significance, and Symbolism
Giant Blue Morpho

2) Rhetus Periander is a strikingly beautiful neotropical metalmark butterfly genus.

Blue Butterfly Meaning: Omens, Spiritual Significance, and Symbolism
Rhetus Periander Photo courtesy:

3) Blue Pansy

Blue Butterfly Meaning: Omens, Spiritual Significance, and Symbolism
Blue Pansy Butterfly

4) Blue Cracker

Blue Butterfly Meaning: Omens, Spiritual Significance, and Symbolism
Blue Cracker Butterfly

5) Large Blue Butterfly

Blue Butterfly Meaning: Omens, Spiritual Significance, and Symbolism
Large Blue Butterfly

6) Ulysses Butterfly

Blue Butterfly Meaning: Omens, Spiritual Significance, and Symbolism
Ulysses Butterfly

7) Adonis Blue

Blue Butterfly Meaning: Omens, Spiritual Significance, and Symbolism
Adonis Blue

8) Blue Moon Butterfly

Blue Butterfly Meaning: Omens, Spiritual Significance, and Symbolism
Blue Moon Butterfly

9) Blue Banded Eggfly
10) Blue Mormon

Blue Butterfly Meaning: Omens, Spiritual Significance, and Symbolism
Blue Mormon

11) Pipevine Swallowtail
12) Pea Blue
13) Janetta Themis Forester
14) Clipper Butterfly
15) Silver-studded Blue Butterfly
16) Western Blue Beauty
17) Precis Octavia
18) Fender’s Blue
19) Baeotus Butterfly
20) Holly Blue
21) Red-spotted Purple
22) Atala Butterfly
23) Great Blue Hairstreak
24) Spicebush Swallowtail
25) Purple Mort Bleu
26) Ceraunus Blue
27) Common Blue
28) Savannah Charaxes
29) Karner Blue
30) Prola Beauty
31) Striped Blue Crow
32) Starry Night Cracker
33) Mexican Bluewing
34) Sapho Longwing
35) Nicaraguan Emperor
36) Tropical Blue Wave
37) Indian Leaf
38) Magnificent Owl
39) Blue-spotted Charaxes
40) Forest Queen


Stunning yet rare, encounters with blue butterflies carry a spiritual punch. If you are lucky enough to see this rare beauty then you should be happy because it is a fortunate sign which brings good luck and messages of joy with it. Some view the blue butterflies as wish granters and they also symbolize change, transformation, and the passage of time.

Spiritually all butterflies have heavy meanings but in some cultures, people believe that the blue butterfly is a symbol of honor and nobility. Other than being wish granters, blue butterflies also grant people protection over evil magic and malicious spirits.

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