Eye of Horus Tattoo Meaning

The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol that is used to this date to ward off evil. There are other similar symbols like Nazar Boncugu, which originated in Turkey, that follow a similar concept as the Eye of Horus.

In this article, we will dive deep into the spiritual meaning, uses, and dream interpretations, Eye of Horus tattoo meaning.

Mythology of Horus

Ancient Egyptian civilization is one of the ancient cultures in human history. Egyptian history is replete with mythologies and gods. One such god was Horus the sky god whose eyes were the sun and the moon.

Horus was an ancient sky god whose eyes were said to be the sun and the moon. The myth tells us about a battle between Horus and Set (Egyptian god of war, chaos, and storms).

In this battle, Horus´ lost his left eye while Set lost his testicles. Thoth then healed Horus’ eye with his powers. One can also say the story represents the waxing and waning of the moon.

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Eye of Horus Tattoo Meaning
Eye of Horus Tattoo Meaning

Eye of Horus Meaning

The Eye of Horus is still as culturally significant as it was centuries ago. It is also a spiritually significant symbol. The Eye of Horus was used as a sign of prosperity, protection, regeneration, and healing.

The eye of Horus symbolizes divine intervention that will shield you from troubles. Let us take a look at the spiritual meaning derived from the Eye of Horus.

1) Healing

The Eye of Horus has a healing effect on people. The universe will lead you to the Eye of Horus symbol to indicate that you require spiritual healing. What is even more interesting is that the Universe can sometimes lead us to the Eye of Horus when a family member is sick and requires healing.

2) Resilience and Persistence

There are times in our life when we are unable to find a solution to our problems, unable to overcome our insecurities and fears, and forget who we are as people. During this time, the universe leads you to the Eye of Horus because it tries to encourage and motivate you to not lose hope. The Eye of Horus gives us the strength to be persistent and teaches us the way to deal with such negative emotions.

3) Move on in life

People are too hard on themselves and their pessimistic way of thinking can lead them to a life of self-loathing and regret if they are unable to simply move on. When this happens, the Eye of Horus tells us that we must learn from our mistakes, make amends, and grow as human beings rather than focus all of our energy on feeling regretful about what could be.

4) Protection from evil forces

For centuries, the Eye of Horus symbol has been used by people to ward off the effects of the evil eye on you. Therefore, when you are feeling overwhelmed with the evil energies surrounding you, then you should summon the spirit of the Eye of Horus so that you don’t fall victim to an evil situation.

5) Good luck

The Eye of Horus is a symbol of strength, positivity, hope, and good luck. It is believed that if you believe in the spirit of the Eye of Horus and incorporate the symbol into your life then you will attract wealth and fortune in your life and will fulfill your dreams.

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Eye of Horus Mythology
Eye of Horus Mythology

Eye of Horus Tattoo Meaning

The Eye of Horus tattoo obviously symbolizes not just the several spiritual meanings of the symbol but also its cultural significance. The Eye of Horus symbol is made up of six distinct parts which represent thought, sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch.

The Eye of Horus tattoo (also known as an Egyptian eye tattoo) symbolizes being spiritually awakened, feeling oneness with the higher self, improving yourself, and overcoming difficulties. But it is most importantly a symbol of protection and wards off evil spirits.

The Eye of Horus is an excellent choice for a tattoo because it symbolizes so many wonderfully positive things.

Eye of Horus Dream Meaning

If in a dream you see the Eye of Horus then that means that there is a strong defensive spirit in your life that is looking out for you and has your vested interest in their mind.

It indicates that we are recuperating from a spiritual attack.

1) Dreams in which we see the Eye of Horus also symbolize knowledge, shrewd behavior, or acknowledgment of spiritual musings.

The symbol appearing in your dreams also suggests that you are a very content person who knows how to make the best of a situation. You are self-sufficient and are not materialistic.

2) On the other hand, a dream in which you lose the Eye of Horus suggests that you will be disappointed with your relationships and connections in life.

Dreams are a way in which our spirit guides can communicate with us. Therefore, it is believed that our spirit guides show us the Eye of Horus when it is trying to warn us of an evil presence in our life.

3) If the Eye of Horus is close to you in a dream, then that is an indication that you’ll soon come into a lot of cash.

4) A dream in which you see the Eye of Horus is useless indicates that your judgment is clouded and you are unable to see a situation for what it is.

5) If in a dream you are in possession of the Eye of Horus then that dream implies that you are an open book and your dreams and aspirations are out there in the open for everyone to judge. This dream suggests that you are defenseless.

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Eye of Horus vs Eye of Ra

Both Eye of Horus and Eye of Ra look deceptively the same. But there are many physical, mythological and spiritual differences between the two.

The Eye of Ra is the right eye of the Sun God, Ra, while the Eye of Horus is the left eye of the falcon-headed Horus (God of the Sky).

The eye of Horus represents healing, wisdom, and protection while the Eye of Ra is a destructive force embodying power and violence.

The Eye of Horus symbolized a benign power that protects everyone. The Eye of Ra only gives protection to the Egyptian kings called pharaohs and royalty.

The Eye of Horus also represents Moon and is a symbol of sacrifice, protection, health, healing, and power. While the Eye of Ra is the Sun and hence epitomizes the heat and glow of the dawn. Many Egyptologists are of the opinion that it represents fertility and birth.

What is the Eye of Horus used for

The Eye of Horus is still a very popular symbol around the world and there are many different ways in which people can incorporate this symbol in their life. Some of the ways you can incorporate the symbol of the Eye of Horus in your life are:

1) Sailors used to paint the Eye of Horus on their boats because they believed that the symbol provided them protection against bad weather. Similarly, vehicle owners can paint the symbol on their vehicles to protect them from accidents and danger.

2) Amulets of the Eye of Horus are commonly worn by people around the world because it is believed that they protect you from harm and ward off any negative energies that are being sent your way.

3) The Eye of Horus symbol can be incorporated in designer jewelry. And not only does the symbol look beautiful and give a unique personalized quality to your jewelry but it also wards off evil.

4) The Eye of Horus can be used as a decoration inside the house or painted at the front of the house.

For centuries people have invoked the spirit of the Eye of Horus because it provides them protection and stability. If you have overcome several difficulties in your life and are spiritually awakened, then the Eye of Horus tattoo is the perfect choice for you. This symbol symbolizes so many wonderful things such as overcoming difficulties, improving ourselves, and feeling oneness with our higher self, along with being protected against the spirit of the evil eye.

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