Dreams About Alligators & Crocodiles

Dreams About Alligators & Crocodiles
Dreams About Alligators & Crocodiles

Did you lately have dreams about alligators or crocodiles and are now eager to know what it means?

Seeing an alligator or crocodile stand on your way trying to eat you won’t be a pleasant dream to see, and for some, it is a nightmare.

In some cultures, the crocodile is a symbol of patience. It is also believed that seeing a wild alligator or a crocodile in your dream foretells a new beginning or changes in your waking life.

It may also indicate the ability to cause pain to someone without any remorse.

Alligators and crocodiles are some of the ancient reptiles on Earth and for this reason part of folklores in every civilization. No wonder, they are ancient symbols of the deep unconscious mind, aggressiveness, or assertiveness.

However, alligators and crocodiles are often thought to be worrying symbols in dreams.

These reptiles indicate the mysterious parts of life itself.  In some cultures, the dream alligator always means deception by your closest friends and that enemies will confront you every way you turn.

To have a deeper look through the meanings let us have a look at some of the interpretations on the basis of different situations given below.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About A Baby Crocodile?

If you dream about a baby crocodile or alligator in your dream then think about which stage of life you are at present as it is generally associated with your strong interest in protecting young ones.

If you are a parent then it’s easier for you to figure out what you feel about your child, have you been tensed about their behavior or not been able to express fully well to them.

Such a dream also reveals that you are committed to your family.

What Does It Mean To Dream About An Alligator Or Crocodile Biting You In The Dream?

If you find that you dreamed about a crocodile opening its jaw in order to eat you then it could probably mean that some sort of trouble is coming up!

Try to recall the details about the event as to where it bit you or what was the scenario like when it was approaching to bite you.

It can also indicate a delay in terms of the flourishing of your business or someone in the future is going to betray you soon.

Just be on the lookout for such happening so that you are prepared before hand.

What Does It Mean To Kill A Crocodile In A Dream?

Such a dream is thought to be a positive dream. It usually indicates that your misfortune is soon going to turn into good fortune.  

Killing crocodile can also represent that you would work persistent towards your future goals.

It may be associated with you trying to work very hard to attain your goals and gain some good wealth.

If you kill the crocodile in the dream then this indicates that you have been steadfast in your efforts be it improving your life, job or relations.

To kill the crocodile by shooting illustrates that you have the strength and strong interest in uncovering successful business opportunities. 

What Is The Meaning Of A Crocodile Chasing You In A Dream?

If you see a crocodile or an alligator chasing you in a dream then it illustrates that you are going to discover many attributes about yourself on a psychic level.

Focus on what the ending scenario of the dream looked like. If the crocodile kills or bites you after chasing you then this indicates that you’re going to try to move beyond your comfort zone which in no way is going to be easy.

The dream can also signify somebody’s going stab your back soon or backbite about you.

What Does It Mean When A Crocodile Is Doing Nothing In Your Dream?

If you see a crocodile that is laying around with nothing to do in the dream then this represents a forewarning that someone is trying to have a negative impact on your income and is trying to hinder your overall contentment.

You must be aware of such people!

What Does It Mean To See Multiple Crocodiles In A Dream?

If you see a number of alligators/crocodiles in your dream then it is a forewarning about upcoming hurdles.

It illustrates that there are multiple threats waiting for you in the future and you must be very cautious regarding each and every step you take in your life henceforth.

Attack by multiple crocodiles indicates that you should continue with your hard work to overcome the struggles.

What Does It Mean When You Dream Of An Alligator Eating Someone?

Such kind of a dream usually represents your deep grown fears. It means that you fear something in life which makes you helpless and you have little to no idea about its solutions.

If the crocodile/alligator was eating someone close to you, then dream suggests he/she may get in trouble while you will be the only one who can offer a helping hand.

If it were your rival or enemy then it means your rival at work or in career will soon face huge problems. Justice will be served to you.

What Does It Mean When You Step On The Back Of A Crocodile?

Their backs as you know are quite spiky and rough, so stepping out there could mean you may be unknowingly steeping into  deep trouble and will find it hard to get a way out of there.

This dream is a wakening call of consciousness for you! You must be very careful for the actions you take. Don’t trust people easily.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Swimming With An Alligator?

If you dream about swimming with the alligator then it signifies that you are not able to express your true self.

Your emotional needs are not being met, that you are afraid of expressing your emotions to someone. You are afraid to confront your fears.

What Does It Mean If You Dream Of Fighting The Alligator?

Luckily, this dream is thought to be a good omen. It means that you are now brave enough to take responsibilities and confront your deep-rooted fears. You are no longer afraid of dangers and challenges.

However, this dream  can also symbolize that your are having an inner struggle of some sorts.

Meaning Of The Dream Related To The Color Of The Alligator/Crocodile

Dreaming of certain colours in your dreams can have great significance when it comes to unlocking what a dream means. Let us have look at the different interpretations of different colours-

If You Dream About Black Crocodile/Alligator

Black color in dreams can have a number of different meanings. It is usually associated with loneliness, sadness, emptiness etc.

So if you see a black crocodile in your dream then it means that you are hiding your own feelings from yourself and are depressed.

If Dream About A Red Crocodile/Alligator

Dreaming about a red coloured crocodile can mean forewarning for danger approaching soon.

You will have to face difficulties on your own so be prepared for it and pray to God for your success.

If You Dream About A White Crocodile/Alligator

White is the opposite of the color black and it usually repellents serenity.

Dreaming about a white crocodile denotes positive connotations. It is a call for spiritual enlightenment and awakening.

For some people, as white color is associated with mourning, such a dream could relate to misfortune. Just be careful with what you do in the future in order to avoid misfortunes.

If You Dream About A Blue Crocodile/Alligator

As blue colour is often associated with water, heaven and the sky, so seeing a blue crocodile in your dream can mean that you are a calm person with a creative mind but are not able to express your creativity to others.

You are honest with what you do. Don’t suppress your capabilities. Try to come out of your comfort zone to show your talent to the world.

If You Dream About A Yellow Crocodile/Alligator

Such a dream can have myriad interpretations, either good or bad. If you look at the positive side then seeing a yellow crocodile means that you are happy from within and very innocent.

On the other hand the negative interpretation is that you are impulsive and indecisive. You do not take charge of your actions and often end up causing trouble for yourself.

If You Dream About A Pink Crocodile/Alligator

If you see a pink coloured crocodile in your dream then it means that you are curious and very observant. There are always a couple of unanswered questions roaming around in your mind.

Such a dream can also mean that you are an affectionate person and are constantly being guided and protected by the Almighty.

If You Dream About A Brown Crocodile/Alligator

Such a dream usually means that you are surrounded by a couple of problems and you find it difficult to cope up.

You need to go back to the starting point of the problem in order to know the root cause.

If You Dream About A Purple Crocodile/Alligator

Purple color is thought to be a spiritual and majestic color and is sometimes also associated with royalty.

If you see a purple crocodile/alligator it could mean that you no longer have to worry about your financial losses as money will come to you in some form or the other.

Darker shades of purple represents moodiness and uncertainty. You must ne careful with the money you invest.

If You Dream About An Orange Crocodile/Alligator

Seeing an orange crocodile/alligator is a positive connotation. As orange color is associated with zest, vigor, and optimism so the dream means that you have a strong desire to do something fruitful but are not sure what exactly.

You have got the skills but do not know where could they be implanted.

Try to explore more opportunities and introspect yourself in order to gain maximum benefits out of your capabilities.

What Dreams About Alligators Could Mean Deepening On Your Current Situation?

If You Are A Student

Dreaming about an alligator could possibly mean that you may suffer from failures in between so you need to be more attentive in class.  You need to take charge of your responsibilities rather than being a lazy brat.

If You Are A Parent

It means that you are going to face hardships in your married life. You can also soon be having a baby so you need to be more responsible as a parent rather than only focusing on your career.

If You Are Single

Such a dream about crocodile implies you will be quite popular with the opposite sex and blessed in love relationship, so take the chance to start a relationship.

If You Are In A Relationship

The dream usually suggests a stable relationship in the near future. Though there might be some minor problems or disputes coming up which will lead to misunderstandings but you sure will find a way out of the mess and will manage grow a stronger bond.

General Interpretations Behind Dreams About Alligators or Crocodiles

Let us have a look over what the dream could possibly resemble as a general perspective.

You Are Feeling Threatened Within

Having dreams about alligators or crocodiles are often a deeper sign of your subconscious mind telling you that you are feeling vulnerable.

You are not so amiable and confident because of which you often have problems in expressing what you are trying to convey. You worry too much about what people think of you.

Thus seeing an alligator in your dream means there is someone or something in your life that is causing you to worry.

It is a powerful symbol of how much they are affecting you.

Don’t take the dream for granted. Look for other signs such as the appearance of angel numbers for knowing more.

All of it will indicate that it’s high time you remove the toxicity from your life and be your true self!

Don’t fear anybody, you are much talented than you think you are. Don’t burn off your energies worrying about people who only wish to pull you down because they envy your progress.

You Should Be Cautious

If you dream about an alligator or a crocodile it means that great changes are heading towards you, which necessarily may not be good. So you need to be on the lookout in order to avoid misfortunes.  

The alligator in your dream could represent a clear forewarning! The changes could vary from financial loses to deepening of problem in relationship.

The people or income you depend on could be about to change. You should not take your relationships or job for granted at any cost.

Seeing an alligator in your dream might mean that you should be careful with your decisions in the near future.

If you are ignorant of the dream and are not careful then you could possibly prove harmful to not only yourself but also to your loved ones. It can lead to a whole lot of heartache for your family.

You never know what can happen the next second but in order to minimize the damage, you can be more careful about what’s happening in your surroundings.

You Don’t Trust People Easily

One of the reasons for seeing an alligator appear in your dream could be that you have deep-rooted trust issues probably because  someone took advantage of you in the past and that restrains you from trusting people easily.

You are often suspicious about their actions and intentions so you don’t mix well with the rest of your friends or colleagues.

You don’t want to experience the pain of betrayal again so you tend to avoid establishing relationships and bonds which is a negative point.

You must let go of your fears. Seeing an alligator or a crocodile in your dreams is a sign that you should come out of the nutshell you have built and start trusting others again to some extend if not fully.

You equally have a right to be happy and live freely as much as your other friends have.

You Are Scared To Take Big Decisions In Your Life

Dreaming about an alligator or a crocodile means that somewhere deep down you are fearful of the consequences of your steps.

You are worried about an ongoing conflict in your mind and are in a state of dilemma. You fear taking risks in life due to failures in the past years. You keep worrying about what will happen next instead of focusing on what to do now.

You ought to get go of the fears that are holding you back. Having fear is the greatest fear.

Don’t let your insecurities pull you down whether it is in terms of finance or relationship.

Everything matters equally. Seeing an alligator in a dream is a sign that these worries are bigger in your mind than they are in real life. It’s all in your mind and you can overcome it if you wish to!

You Are Longing For A Thrilling Adventure

If you dream about alligators or crocodiles and you associate them with risk and fun then it could probably mean that you are an adventure freak and love to take challenges.

However, lately you are too engorged with all the work and have no time to chill around. You miss going on adventure trips and  exploring breath-taking challenges.

It may also appear as a symbol in a dream when you are faced with making new choices or if your life has become too hectic.

Do pay utmost attention to the overall details of the dream, mood and feelings.

If felt a rush of adrenaline due to exciting then you know the answer.

You need a vacation wherein you take up new and thrilling challenges.

Alligators and crocodiles are not the only reptiles that come in our dreams, we also quite often dream about snakes.

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