What Does It Mean If You Have Dreams About Being Pregnant?

While you may tend to dismiss even forget most dreams, some of these can shake you up. Like dreams about being pregnant!

For most women, dreams about being pregnant are very realistic. Dreaming about pregnancy can confuse you a lot! If you had no plans for a baby, a dream can force you to think about the message behind it.

If you had been trying to conceive then a dream about pregnancy, then you may be inclined to see it as a sign of good times!

But there are many types of pregnancy dreams and each one of them carry deep meanings which need to be interpreted according to the context.

Dreams of being pregnant can be varied, like, dream of getting conceived, or dream of being in the third trimester, or dream of pregnant with twins!

Each dream has a spiritual meaning which has to be understood with great care and analysis.

Why Do You Have Dreams About Being Pregnant?

If you have been trying to get pregnant, then it’s very common to have dreams of being pregnant.

But what if babies are the last thing in your mind an still you had a pregnancy dream? In such cases, dreams can be very disconcerting to you.

Don’t take the dreams of being pregnant literally. You need to go beyond the obvious signs.

When you have no plans of having babies, dreams of being pregnant have a symbolic meaning.

Pregnancy means new life. You’re are carrying a life inside you. It could mean that you are embarking on a new phase in your life which is fun yet uncertain.

You have been planning on this new phase in your life and plans are about to come to fruition.

It could be new job or a business venture. It could be your dream house.

A pregnancy is full of happiness, hope and anticipation yet there are a few hiccups, troubles and uncertainty. Similarly. this new development in your life is going to propel your life in a new direction but before that you have to go through a few rites of passage that may not be entirely fun.

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What Does It Mean If You Have Dreams About Being Pregnant?
What Does It Mean If You Have Dreams About Being Pregnant?

Various Interpretations of Dreams About Being Pregnant

Continue reading for interpretations of different dreams about being pregnant, and how they might relate to what’s happening in your life when you’re awake.

Dreaming of getting conceived

A dream of getting conceived means that your hard work is finally going to pay off. Try to relate this dream with what’s going on with your life.

Have you been giving interviews for a new job? Were you trying to get a new client or a project? There is a strong possibility that you will soon get some positive news on that front.

A dream of getting conceived is the first step and is directly related to the nascent stage of the new development in your real life.

Dreaming about a pregnancy test

Dreaming that you’re taking a pregnancy test may indicate that you and your work are under scanner by others. You’re being tested. You

Another meaning of seeing a pregnancy test in your dream is that your subconscious mind is preparing you for bigger things in your life. It could be a new job or a project with more power and responsibilities. You’re being cautioned and forced to think deeply about the upcoming changes and be prepared for them.

If you’re in the middle of a project that you’ve kept under wraps, then this dream may mean indicate your fears and apprehensions regarding it. You may be torn between making it public or not.

Dream about someone else getting pregnant

Sometimes you may dream of someone like a friend, associate, neighbor, or a family member getting pregnant. The most obvious reason could be that you had a discussion regarding pregnancy with the person. Now, in your sleep, your subconscious mind is replaying it as a dream.

If above is not the case, then the dream is totally about you. The person getting pregnant symbolizes something. You need to decode what that person represents and work on that aspect.

Dreaming about being pregnant with twins or triplets

If you’re TTC then a dream of being pregnant with twin or triplets may mean that you are yearning for twins. If your family has a predisposition to having twins then this dream about twins also makes sense.

Many times, a dream about pregnant with twins is not at all related to pregnancy.

A dream about twins is quite common when you’re managing multiple projects, jobs or responsibilities. Your subconscious mind is telling you that you have too many things on your plate.

Dreaming about giving birth to a stillborn baby

Coming across a dream where you see yourself or someone else giving birth to a stillborn child would mean that certain decisions taken by you in your real life have disappointed many of your close ones and destroyed many relations.

A dream about a stillborn baby is very traumatic and can indicate that a relationship or something else of great import is also going to end.

Dream about a dead baby might also mean that you are regretting yourself for doing something wrong that you cannot face. You feel helpless about it.

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Dreaming about being pregnant with an abnormal baby

Dreams about being pregnant with an abnormal baby is a nightmare that no woman would ever wish to see. Yet, it carries a very deep message. This dream may indicate that a new problem or a situation has arrived in your life and you are totally unfamiliar with how to deal with it.

The situation seems alien to you sa you have never come across anything like it before. You are totally unaware of how to handle such an issue. 

Such a dream could be a message from your subconscious to learn to cope with new circumstances in your life.

Dreaming about going into painless labor

Usually, in most case scenarios, labor is tremendously painful. So if you had a dream about painless labor then you need to relax and take it as a positive sign. Seeing such a dream may indicate that you are stressing over too much and need to calm down.

You need to stop worrying about the pain that will be caused afterward and focus only on the light and positive aspects.

Dreaming about your friend being pregnant

If you dream about your friend being pregnant then it indicates that you are going to be showered with big responsibilities, and you will have to take care of your friend. Maybe your friend has too much on her plate at the moment and she needs you.

Dreaming of such a scenario may also signal that you feel something is unfinished either with your friend or in general.

Dreaming about a man being pregnant

If you dream that your male friend, colleague, or even for instance your partner is pregnant then it indicates that you two work as a team and he is someone you can rely on.

In your view that person is reliable and you tend to look up to him for sorting most of your chaos.

Dreaming of having morning sickness or other pregnancy symptoms

Dreaming of pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness, nausea, a fuller belly, and swollen ankles might be an indication that there will be several complications on your way to take up a new responsibility. You need to struggle and face this mess to get good results and appreciation.

Feeling puckish, sweaty, and dizzy in your dreams could be a sign that you are anxious about starting a new project or a relationship.

Dreaming that you are in the first trimester of your pregnancy

The first trimester is the beginning of a pregnancy. Having a dream about the first trimester of pregnancy signals that you’ve embarked on an important journey of your life. It is a beginning and you have to take steps with abundant caution.

Dreaming that you are in the third trimester of your pregnancy

The third trimester is when you look forward to welcoming your baby. This is the last stretch of your pregnancy. It directly co-relates to the project or goal you’re currently working on.

If you see this dream then it means that your goal is in the final stages of the completion. Your perseverance, patience and pain are about to pay off in form of success and adulation.

It will be a phase of accomplishment where you’ll accomplish everything you desired for.

Dreams about Unplanned pregnancy

An unplanned pregnancy can throw a wrench in your plans. The unexpected news of your pregnancy sets off a panic reaction and confusion giving rise to stress and anxiety.

The fear of getting pregnant when you don’t want to is a common reason behind women getting pregnancy dreams.

Getting a dream of an unplanned pregnancy can suggest that you are not ready to take up a responsibility; it could either be of a child, business, official work, relationship, or any such for that matter. Your subconscious mind is telling you that you lack confidence within yourself.

Dreaming about a miscarriage

Getting such a dream could be a sign of warning from your subconscious, that something you might be putting your efforts into can be lost in the daily hassle of life.

Don’t lose sight of this because it is something that you grew and labored over. So keep yourself consciously aware of it.

Dreaming about intense pain during labor

If you dreamt of such a scenario then it probably indicates that you are worrying in excess about the pain in the future. You need to take deep breaths and exhale the negativity away.

Don’t take unnecessary stress. Such a dream is also believed to hold emotional connotations and emotional pain.

Feeling happy in your dreams about being pregnant

Dreaming that you are pregnant can be gleeful if having a baby is a part of your immediate plans. Women in their 20s, 30s, and 40s often dream of being pregnant as a way of sorting out their feelings about having a child.

Being happy in your dreams when you are pregnant signifies that you are confident about managing things around you, to handle the daily fuss in your everyday life.

Also, it could mean you are willing to start a new relationship with someone.

Dreaming about being pregnant with non-human baby

Having dreams about being pregnant with a baby which doesn’t seem to be a human can be very shocking. But if you analyze it carefully, it signals that you have or are going to face some unfamiliar situations or persons. Your subconscious mind is telling you that while you may get thrown off guard but you need to recover as big things are in the offing.

Dream about getting pregnant by your exsomeone

A dream about your ex getting you pregnant is very common. Literally taken it may mean that you think about your ex a lot. But there is more than met the eye.

Such a dream indicates that you have learnt so much about your self from this failed relationship. You have discovered new aspects of your personality and self which you were previously unaware of.

Dream of being pregnant and wanting to escape

One common meaning, of getting such a dream could be you want to take some time off from your busy schedule and want to relax with your child at home.

Such a dream could be a kind of an alarm for you to take a break for some time. Spend some valuable time with your kids and family, To experience that warmth, comfort, and love from your kids that you were missing for quite a lot of time.

At its core, pregnancy dream is about creativity. Women literally create a new life out of their bodies. If you dream of being pregnant, you are likely craving to be creative. It could be any such project coming down the lane where you see yourself expressing to be original and creative.

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What Can You Learn About Yourself From Dreams About Being Pregnant?

Pregnancy dreams help to imagine and explore the hidden artist in you, things you love to do, and in your free time, which gives you self-satisfaction and joy.

Such dreams want you, to know your strengths and weaknesses. Generally, people who have disowned goals and desires often dream of pregnancies.

The Bottom Line

Sometimes, though, a pregnancy dream is actually about your feelings around, well, pregnancy. “Being a mother, being a father, having a child- it’s just a common prototype that runs through our world.”

If you feel warm and fuzzy after dreaming about pregnancy, maybe it’s time to welcome and usher in those changes in your life.

But, feeling confused or even upset by this kind of dream could suggest that you no longer feel in control of that area of your life. You might not be able to put a total stop to what’s changing, but you might find a way to cope with it more gracefully or even find a way to slow down the transition.

I hope you found this article helpful.

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