Horse Dream Meaning

What Does It Mean To Dream About Horses?

Have you been dreaming of horses quite often in recent times and are now curious to know whether there is any important horse dream meaning that you should be aware of?

Yes, it does! Keep reading on to decipher the hidden connotations associated with such dreams about horse.

Biblical Meaning Of Horses In Dreams

In Bible, the horse is thought of as a symbol of a war vehicle. The appearance of the horse has strongly been associated with the commencement of wars. The Bible mentions that Christ has ridden four horses, and those were white, pale, black, and red horses.

Though they symbolize bravery, robustness, courage, grace, and fearlessness, they are also thought to be associated with negative connotations such as misfortune or death.

Different colour horses have different influences. For example, according to a.d 325 black horse is connected to how powerful you are from within and if you possess the right amount of caliber needed to overcome hurdles in life. The white horse on the other hand is believed to be associated with Christ.

There was in fact a white horse that was featured in John’s vision in Revelation 6:2,  and this white horse was the Holy Spirit. So to dream of a white colored horse implies that you yearn to seek peace and stability in your chaotic life.

One of the bible verses about a horse is

Job 39:19-25 ESV

Do you give the horse his might? Do you clothe his neck with a mane? Do you make him leap like the locust? His majestic snorting is terrifying. He paws in the valley and exults in his strength; he goes out to meet the weapons. He laughs at fear and is not dismayed; he does not turn back from the sword. Upon him rattle the quiver, the flashing spear, and the javelin.

Horse Spirit Animal

The Horse totem symbolizes freedom. People with Horse spirit animal will constantly find themselves on a quest for achieving something great.

Horse In Greek Mythology

In Greek mythology, the famous winged horse, Pegasus, played a vital role in bringing light to the God Zeus.

What Does It Mean To Dream About Horses?
What Does It Mean To Dream About Horses?

Dreaming Of Horses With Respect To Different Situations

There can be several horse dream meanings depending on what the horse was doing.

Here is a comprehensive dream about horse dictionary.

What does it mean to dream of crossing a lake on a horse?

If you dream of crossing a clean river or stream on a horse then it means that you are persistent in whatever you do and are going to accomplish great achievements soon. You are likely to expect success and prosperity to flourish in the coming times.

But it turns the other way round in case you dreamed of crossing a dirty/filthy river on a horse. Such a dream symbolizes that you are unknowingly going to push yourself into danger on your way to success. You will have to face hardships in the coming time. But if you remain calm and stay determined you will make way through all the hurdles that obstruct your way.

What does it mean to dream about a horse kicking you?

That will be a hard one as you must be aware that horses are good kickers. To dream of such an incident indicates that you are soon going to go through a bad phase in your life, which can range from problems at work to health issues. You may not be at the pink of your health even now.

If you are stressed out about something, you must meditate or visit a doctor to keep a check on your medical condition. Better to be safe than sorry.

What does it mean to dream of seeing a dirty horse?

If you dream of such a scenario then it depicts that someone in near future is going to take advantage of you which will leave you completely disheartened and disappointed.

This dream is a forewarning for you to be more cautious about each and every step you take. You are responsible for your own actions. Don’t trust people easily and avoid sharing personal details as someone might misuse them against you.

What does it mean to dream of riding an untamed or fierce horse?

Such a dream usually has negative connotations. Though the good part is that you have the courage to face difficulties and love to take risks. But you ought to be careful as it can prove to be haywire. You may be deprived of success in the coming time as there will be myriad obstacles up for you.

At such a point in a crucial time, you must not lose hope and have faith in God. Bad times will pass and you will come out stronger and better. Just go with the flow and avoid taking unnecessary risks at work.

What does it mean if you dream of seeing horses run?

If you dream of watching a horserace, it represents the power and drives you to need in order to move forward in life. This kind of dream also symbolizes your competitive nature. You are capable of succeeding in all your endeavors. Just stay strong and focus on conquering the odds.

What does it mean to dream of talking to the horse?

If you end up dreaming about a talking horse, then it refers to higher knowledge. Consider the significance of what the horse is saying, there’s must be a deeper meaning hidden behind it.

Also, pay attention to the environment or scenario around the horse while it talks to you, and of course, don’t forget to note the color of the horse as different colors represent different connotations.

According to the Chinese, an image of a talking horse is a symbol of a person’s rich fantasy.

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What does it mean to see a dead horse in your dream?

As horses are associated with both positive and negative connotations, this dream has two interpretations depending on your current situation.

If looking at the negative side then this may refer to the end of a relationship or good situation.

If looking at the positive side then it means that all the misfortunes that were going to happen will now cease and you will soon be relieved.

What does it mean to see a two-headed horse in your dream?

If the horse has two heads, then it indicates that you are being pulled into two different directions which is not a good sign. Perhaps your strength or power is being divided or you are in a state of dilemma. You may also be confused about some sexual matter.

What does it mean to dream of a pregnant horse?

There are several interpretations of this horse dream.

A pregnant horse is considered as a sign of trouble caused by your own friends. They will need your help very soon.

The Chinese interpreters consider a pregnant horse a symbol of solving your own problems.

What does it mean to dream of an armored horse?

If you see an armored or medieval horse in your dream refers to your fierceness, aggression, or rigidity. You may be too confrontational. Alternatively, you may be trying to protect yourself from subconscious material or sexual desires that are emerging currently in your mind but are unable to do so.

What does it mean to give a bath to a horse in your dream?

If you dream that you are bathing a horse, it is associated with positive connotations. It represents a renewal of strength and vigor. You are experiencing a burst of energy in some form or the other aspect of your journey in life. You are once again reviving and gearing up to face challenges with a new perspective.

What does it mean to dream about riding on a horse with your mate?

If you have recently dreamt about riding on a horse with your partner then such a dream is usually a positive sign. It can also mean that you are currently looking for a successful admirer.

Sometimes this dream also indicates having more that you have more than one admirer.

What does it mean to dream about a wounded horse?

A dream about a wounded horse predicts sad news from afar. The same interpretation has a dream about a sick horse. It can also predict losing life energy and, as a result, failure in your beginnings.

You may not be able to have a grip over certain things and it will eventually hamper your happiness. You need to stay strong in such moments of despair.

What does it mean to dream about a herd of horses grazing?

If you dreamt of a herd of horses peacefully grazing in a field, such a dream is a good sign, indicating that you are definitely going to have a good time at work. Your business venture is very good. It might as well indicate support from your business partners.

Such a dream is a sign of success in something you are currently pursuing or working on.

If you dreamt of a herd of horses peacefully grazing in a field, such a dream is a good sign, indicating that you are definitely going to have a good time at work. Your business venture is very good. It might as well indicate support from your business partners.

What does it mean to fall off a horse in a dream?

Unfortunate, dreams of falling off horses as bad omens indicating a similar fall will occur shortly in your waking life.

Though the dream involves having the courage to take on something new and unknown which indicates that you love to take risks and challenges. You are having the tenacity to continue tackling that new venture.

What does mean to Dream about watching someone selling a horse?

If you dreamed about someone selling a horse, then such a dream is a sign of risky and uncertain decisions taken hastily which might turn out to be profitable and provide you with a lot of prosperity if your fortune works in your favor. If not, then you are going to have a hard time dealing to tackle the consequences.

What does it mean to dream of buying a horse?

If you dreamed about buying a horse and were deceived by the seller then such kind of dream is not a good sign and is a forewarning about future financial losses. But if you’ve chosen the beat horse and are sure about it then success is on your way and nobody can stop you from achieving your goals.

What does it mean to dream about grooming a horse?

If you dreamed about grooming a horse or taking care of a horse in one way or the other, then such a dream is associated with positive connotations, indicating that you will soon meet someone who might turn out to be a loyal and reliable friend. This dream indicates a new imperative relationship with someone.

What does it mean to dream of hitting a horse?

If you dreamed about hitting a horse, such a dream indicates both good as well as bad signs. This dream indicates your carefree behaviour towards someone who considers you close. You might end up losing that person in the near future because of your reckless behaviour.

On the other hand, since the horse is sometimes associated with lethal connotations it means, this dream reveals that you are trying to battle tough times all by yourself. You sure are strong but need support in some form or the other.

What does it mean to dream of a horse that is angry?

If you dreamed of seeing or riding an aggressive horse, then such a dream is clearly a bad sign. This dream might be a forewarning to you so that you pay close attention to what’s going on in your waking life. You might even consider canceling some planned trips or visits in the near future. Better safe than sorry.

What does it mean to dream of having intercourse with a horse?

If you dream of having intercourse with a horse, then it illustrates that you are going to encounter somebody who you have no control over, maybe related to feminine dominance going to take over you. Observing others having intercourse with a horse in a dream suggests a new start spiritually.

What does it mean to dream of a fatigued or exhausted horse?

To dream of a fatigued horse indicates that you need to gear up your work as you will have some hard work and a lot of responsibilities in the upcoming days. It sure will burn off your energy, but you need to be consistent and determined in order to succeed.

You might tend to even lose your cool as you won’t get enough leisure time, so you need to learn how to remain calm.

What does it mean to feed a horse from your hand?

If you dreamed about feeding a horse from your hand, then such a dream is a sign of being preoccupied with taking care of others regardless of how they treat you. You will be of great help to the ones close to you.

What does it mean to dream about finding a horseshoe?

Finding a horseshoe has always been related to good fortune and positive connotations. It is believed to indicate unexpected luck in a desperate situation. This is also believed to be a good sign for women and might indicate finding a very caring partner in the near future.

What does it mean to catch a horse in a dream?

If you dream of catching a horse to ride or harness, it indicates that you will see good improvements in the business community with everyone prospering. But when a horse eludes you and you cannot catch it, this is a poor omen. It means that you will have to face hurdles on your way.

What does it mean to dream of betting on horses?

If you dream that you are betting on a horse it can indicate that you have a strong belief that the risk you take in life will succeed in the long run.

If you fail your bet it may indicate that you need to work on your decision- making skills so that you can be saved from fraud or failure.

What does it mean to dream of a Trojan horse?

Dreaming of a Trojan horse could be a sign that someone is trying to pretend to be nice when they might actually have intentions to do harm or take advantage of you in some way. You must be cautious and avoid sharing personal details with anybody.

What does it mean to dream of jumping horses?

If you dream of horses jumping in the dream then it illustrates that you have the clarity in order to see things as they are. It can also suggest that you are feeling trapped somehow. Horse jumping also illustrates that you are good at covering up your own emotions.

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Dreaming About Horses With Respect To Their Colors

Black horse dream meaning

To come across a black or dark horse in your dream signifies wildness and mystery. You are taking a chance at some unknown situation. It also symbolizes the mysterious contents of the unconscious as well as appearing as symbols of the archetypal shadow.

White horse dream meaning

If you spot a white horse in your dream, then it signifies purity, prosperity, and good fortunes. To dream that you are being chased by a white horse may be a thrilling experience indicating the need for you to do something adventurous. Seeing white horses also means that you are currently trying to overcome the hurdles and defeat darkness and negativity.

Brown horse dream meaning

To dream of a brown or bay horse predicts a new faithful and reliable friend. Brown color usually represents stability and comfort. Brown horses in dreams can symbolize a time of feeling safe and secure in your relationships.

Red horse dream meaning

A red horse in a dream predicts a number of obstacles and chores that will knock the ground from under your feet for a while. You will eventually receive a well-deserved reward.

Grey horse dream meaning

Seeing a grey horse in dreams carries much of the same symbolism as a white horse and the two colors are often used interchangeably. A grey horse represents wisdom to one’s use of the power of the white horse.

Golden horse dream meaning

A golden-coloured horse signifies the coming of a spiritual manifestation. It is a call of consciousness for spiritual awakening.

They represent action. You must trust your instincts and knowledge in order to successfully reach your goals.

Black & white horse dream meaning

Dreaming of a black and white horse is representative of balance. It can also be symbolic of indecisiveness and divided loyalties. Dig within to regain your balance and be true to yourself. Only you can change yourself.

Multi-colored horse dream meaning

Dreaming of seeing a multi-colored/dapple horse in a dream indicates powerful creativity, a genius mind at work. You need to introspect yourself in order to explore the deeper hidden side of your capabilities.

General Interpretations Behind Dreaming About Horses

You are a free soul and love freedom

Horses are often thought of as symbols of freedom and independence. Likewise, you are someone who loves to live their life their own way without any fears. You are fierce and love to take up new challenges with a big smile.

Dreaming of horses can symbolize your own desire for independence or can be confirmation that you have achieved a level you thought could never be possible. You are someone who loves to fulfil and chase his/her dreams. If you desperately want something but feel that you can’t obtain it in your waking life, then seeing a horse in your dream clearly signals a green sign for you to go forward.

Not only this, but you are also passionate about helping others in need. You must keep up the good spirit.

Your sorrows and pain will be relieved soon

Though seeing a horse in a dream is associated with both positive and negative connotations, it can still mean that you are healing from all the damage caused to you in the past few days or will heal in the coming days.

You are strong enough to handle the pain and are not afraid to fight for what you believe in. You may be likely to face more difficulties in the coming days but you will conquer all odds and outshine.

It especially implies if you dreamed of a white horse. In the Bible, white-colored horses represent conquest and victory.

You feel the need to be powerful

Dreaming of horses symbolizes how you feel about power, that is to say how you connect to it. The stronger and healthier the horses in your dreams, the stronger and healthier your connection to your own power will be.

If the horse in your dream is sick or injured then it means that you are not so confident about yourself. You need to cope up with the shortcomings.

An ailing horse can symbolize depression. You must not feel skeptical about yourself. You are unique and strong in your own way.

Dreaming About Unicorns (One-Horned Horses)

Unicorns are legendary, but they aren’t completely fantastical. Unicorns were, in fact, (maybe) real!

The remains of a one-horned creature were found in Kazakhstan in 2016 and scientists believe its kind is the actual source of the mythological unicorn.

In Numbers 23:22 and 24:8, the Bible speaks of the strength of a unicorn. Even more fascinating, unicorns and humans were together on the planet at the same time which is likely how they made their way into our collective imaginations.

Did you ever dream of horse? Share your dreams with our readers and us!

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