Dreams About Wedding: Meaning and Interpretations

Whether you ever wish to get married or not, dreams about weddings are a very special, exciting, romantic, and jolly experience especially if you’re the one getting married.

Marriage is such a happening occasion where you are completely occupied with your loved one, relatives, and friends. It is a day that every couple wants to make as memorable as possible.

Dreams of a marriage ceremony can be your subconscious mind telling you about impending changes in your life.

If you dream about wedding while you’re in midst in marriage preparations then it can also mean that you are stressed and preoccupied with the the big day.

What does wedding dreams mean in different situations? Let us find out.

Analysis Of Dreams About Wedding

Your relationship status plays a very important role; it can make a big difference to the meaning of your dreams if you are single, married or separated.

Married or divorced people getting such dreams can signify that they are facing problems in their relationships and desire to seek new connections for the fulfillment of their aspirations.

For singles, such dreams mean that they are looking forward to a relationship and tie-in a knot with their loved ones.

Dreaming about a wedding can also be an indication that you need to start cherishing your relationship, give more time and attention to it.

As a wedding is a very important and a lifetime decision you intend to take, so such dreams can also be a signal to think carefully if you are about to take some serious and bold decision in your real life. 

You may also have dreams about weddings when you need to have a healthy balance between your emotions and your reasoning. Such dreams help to unify and harmonize your emotions.

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Dreams About Wedding: Meaning and Interpretations
Dreams About Wedding: Meaning and Interpretations

Various Interpretations of Dreams About Weddings

Dream about getting married

When you see yourself getting married in dreams, they typically represent some major decision that you will be taking in your real life soon. This decision can be life-changing, and you need to think about the pros and cons before making a decision.

If your dreams show you taking a decision to have a wedding, it often indicates that some good news is on the way to you.

Maybe you’ll finally be getting the approval for promotion or from your loved one’s family and friends. Or possibly you will finally be getting pregnant after several years of trying to have a baby.

When you see yourself getting married to your spouse again, it predicts the strong bond between you and your partner. It may also indicate that you will start a new chapter of your life.

Seeing yourself getting married to a stranger specifies your desire to have a more intimate and caring relationship which you are not getting from your partner and perhaps you want to move on. Or things might not be working as you want in your professional life. It could also suggest that you need to protect yourself against others.

To see your son or daughter getting married in dream

To see your child getting married in dreams feature that you are concerned about their future, also it could mean that you are not happy with their choice upon their partner in waked life.

If your child is young in waking life it can just be the anxiety of them growing up. Often we get such dreams as parents when we stress and overwhelm by the thought of our children.

Seeing your friend getting married in dreams

When you dream about attending the wedding of a good friend, it indicates that you might have a conversation with this person very soon.

Such a dream may come out of the realization that it’s been a long time you have been in contact with your friend and you need to spend some quality time with them. They may also be someone you had a falling out with, and now you have the opportunity to rekindle the friendship.

Such a dream also often indicates that you might be meeting someone important and inspiring who will influence you a great deal, particularly when it comes to your career or romantic life.

Hearing wedding music in dream

There are various types of songs played at the wedding but the most popular is the wedding march. To hear the wedding march in your dream indicates that you are living according to your partner’s demands. You have hidden talent, will power but lack the confidence to use this talent.

Such a dream can be a sign of indication that you need to take of your needs as well. That you shouldn’t be dependent on your spouse for everything, if you hold the power of creativity and talent you should put it to work.

Dream about you playing a major role in the wedding

If your dreams about weddings show you playing a major role in the ritual, they may signify that the person whom you were having feelings for in a while might just approach you.

Perhaps you have this huge crush on your friend and now they finally realize what a perfect match you are for them.

Maybe you have a close bond with this one of your friends who’s afraid to make a commitment. But suddenly surprise you by asking you to move in together and turn this friendship into a relationship.

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Dreams about focusing on the wedding dress

When your dreams about wedding are about the dress in your wedding, they often reflect your concerns and worries about your romantic life. Such a dream generally identifies the discomfort level between you and your partner.

It represents your desire to find someone with whom you can spend your entire life with.

If you wore an inappropriate dress in your dream, it symbolizes your feelings of being inferior in both your personal and professional life. This dream also reveals your current feelings about your partner.

Dreams about being a wedding planner

Such a dream where you see yourself as a wedding planner of a wedding, it signifies that you need to be more serious about your decisions, plans, and goals in life. It is the time to make the most in your life because you are not getting any younger.

You need to achieve the best that you can, now is the best time to lay your best foot forward and act on your dreams. You have had enough carefree attitudes, and now is the time to be more serious and think about your future.

If you are planning a wedding cake, it symbolizes happiness in your life and coherence in your relationships. It indicates that your married life is perfectly healthy and you are very happy in it.

Dreams about wedding ring

If you really admire true love, your dream usually focuses on the wedding ring. Possibly you are dreaming this because you are longing to find true love or because you have finally found one.

It constitutes your idiosyncrasy and wholeness of a relationship. To dream of a large ring on your finger is related to influences on your family, which will positively reflect upon you.

A wedding ring indicates it is time to relax and enjoy yourself with others. To measure your hand for the wedding ring in your dreams mean that you need to listen to others as well.

If you find that you have lost your wedding ring in your dreams, it signifies that there are problems or unresolved issues in your married life.

Dreams about getting married to ex

If you are still in love with your ex hoping to get back together, the dream could be playing out a “sense of wish fulfillment“. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to do the same in your waking life, but instead it might be a quiet wish of the heart buried in your unconscious.

If you do not still have an emotional attachment to your ex one way or another, dreaming about getting married to your ex could mean that you identify very closely with your ex, or perhaps with something to do with their lifestyle.

Dreams about marrying yourself

If you have recently witnessed a dream in which you are marrying yourself, then it means that you are seeking self-love. It symbolizes self- obsession.

You are enough for yourself and do not need anyone to fulfill your desires. You think that no one can cater to your needs better than you yourself. You are enough to satisfy and take care of your desires.

Dreams about marrying a stranger

Dreaming about marrying a person whom you haven’t met can be frightening as well as disheartening to witness. Such kind of a dream may indicate that you are not certain of what you want in life and you end up making impulsive decisions.

People nowadays regard arranged marriages as old-fashioned but it is not really the case. If your parents have been seeing someone for you then it is very likely for you to witness such kind of a dream.

Dreams about marrying the same sex

If you are dreaming about marrying a person of your sex then it may signal that you subconsciously are interested in the same sex but are afraid to admit it openly to yourself or anyone. Do not suppress your feelings and ask yourself what you really desire.

Dreams about marrying your best friend

If you dream about marrying your best friend then it means that you have feelings for them and you yearn to see them as your perfect future partner. You need not shy away from your feelings.

This dream is an indication for you to let your feelings out and express what you feel for your significant other.

Dreams about marrying an animal

Such kind of a dream wherein you find yourself marrying an animal can be quite bizarre. The type of animal you are getting married to in the dream tells a lot about the inference.

For instance, if you see that you are marrying a tamed animal eg. a dog then it may indicate that you are longing for a partner as loyal as a dog having unconditional love.

But if you find yourself marrying an untamed animal e.g. a lion then it means that you may have berserk desires that are not being fulfilled, so you are uncertain of what you want in life.

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More Interpretations Of Dreams About Weddings

When you dream about marching into a wedding ceremony to stop it, it’s an indication that someone you trust does not really trust you back. Maybe this person will disappoint or hurt you behind your back. It could be anyone in your professional or personal life.

Maybe the person doesn’t consider you trained enough for the project of your company and hands it over to someone else. Or might be some relative of yours backbite behind you, of which you are not aware of.

The lack of confidence and trust will sting like hell, but it’s your subconscious mind reminding you not to throw a hissy fit and prove them right. 

If you dream about going to a wedding as a guest of honor, it often signifies being helpful to others. You will be giving advice to the ones who are younger than you, by sharing your own personal experiences and it will make you feel good about the choices and decisions you made in your life so far.

If you dream that the wedding you are attending goes wrong or ends up in a disaster, it suggests that you need to be careful of your immediate surroundings as something bad can follow you up.

Also how you feel while attending the wedding in your dreams plays an important role in your waking life. If you were sad at the wedding it often signifies that you are struggling through a lot of things in your real life, and find it hard to get out of this mess. You are not ready for commitments.

If you see yourself happy at the wedding it means that everything in your life is completely sorted. Also, there may be many positive things waiting on your way for you.

What Are Your Dreams About Weddings Telling You?

When you have dreams about wedding where there is no one except you, it represents possible issues or misunderstandings you are having with your loved ones around you.

Such dreams are telling you to approach the situation and your loved ones with kindness, respect, and objectivity. It also reflects that you need to keep yourself calm and treat their emotions with dignity.

As when you will be peaceful and take care of others, you will automatically get a lead and everyone will start appreciating you and your work.

This is necessary because you don’t want that your misunderstandings with others should stretch like a rubber band and cause serious damage to your relationship with them.

When you dream of a wedding which is much mature and you see all the old people around you at the wedding, it usually signifies that some serious illness can capture you in your near future.

So such a dream could be a sign of warning that you should take proper care of your health and get regular checkups.

It asks you to be more attentive with your professional life. So that you can easily catch up with things that are not going right, and find a quick solution for them.

If your dream shows you that you are needed so much to be a part of the wedding reception, it often indicates that you will soon be attending a party or a get-together hosted by your friend.

It also often indicates that you will soon be meeting someone special whom you admire, who will influence you a great deal.

Are Wedding Dreams Good Or Bad?

If you are married and dream about a wedding, it could be a sing of negativism for you. It indicates that you will soon be faced with a disappointment also the event could be a depressing one for you.

It might be a tough time for you to deal with and would become terrible if not dealt with it in its early phase.

If you are already unmarried and dream of a wedding, it signifies problems that are about to give a knock on your door.

It means that you will soon start a new relationship which will bring troubles in your life. You need to keep yourself aware before getting into a relationship and also should reconsider your thoughts about bringing a new partner into your life. Also, it could mean facing new challenges in your life which may cause a lot of stress and a negative experience for you.

Did you ever have such a dream about wedding? Share it with our readers.

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