What Does it Mean When You Have Dreams About Snakes?

So last night you had dreams about snakes? Are you wondering what does it mean when you dream about snakes?

You must have woken up shaken, confused, and curious to know what your dream actually meant.

So, you’re at the right place and your questions shall be answered.

We will unravel all the possible reasons you might see snakes in your dream.

You might see a snake in your dream in various ways. You might see a baby snake on your bed or a Python chasing you or even a Two-headed snake trying to tell you something.

What Does it Mean When You Have Dreams About Snakes?
What Does it Mean When You Have Dreams About Snakes?

How To Interpret Dreams About Snakes?

Let me tell you that the reason for your dreams about snakes depends upon the underlying four factors. I would like you to answer these questions honestly before you can truly understand the mystery behind your dreams.

1) Firstly, what was the specific type of snake you dreamt of?

2) Secondly, what was the snake doing in the dream?

3) Thirdly, what was the appearance and size of the snake?

4) And lastly, where was the snake in the dream?

1) What was the specific type of snake you dreamt of?

Let’s illustrate you on this one.

When You See A Boa Constrictor In Your Dreams

The Boa Constrictor is a species of large, non-venomous, heavy-boiled snake that is frequently kept and bred in captivity. As per the name, a boa constrictor constricts its prey and then kills it.

Seeing a Boa Constrictor in your dreams means that you might be stuck in a situation where you have a few choices and you can’t decide from the given options.

It might also point towards your relationship with your special one.

However, if you dream of killing a Boa Constrictor then it means that your current situation is soon going to improve.

When You Spot A Rattlesnake In Your Dream

Rattlesnakes are a group of venomous snakes and are named so because of their rattling tail. Seeing a rattling snake in a dream is a warning about an upcoming disaster in your life.

The rattling of a snake is seen as a sign of caution. If you dream of killing a Rattlesnake then it means that a problem you are already facing is now going to worsen.

When You Dream Of A Viper

The Vipers are a family of venomous snakes found in most parts of the world. Seeing a Viper in your dream means that you are going to face betrayal.

It is like a warning to you to rethink before committing to any deal.  It might also aim at any business betrayal by any of your business partners.

When You Dream Of A Python

The Pythons are a family of nonvenomous snakes and are the largest snakes in the world. It is considered to be a phallic symbol. Seeing a Python in your dream may indicate some issues regarding your sexual desires.

2) What was the snake doing in your dream?

Now coming on to the second category that is what was the snake exactly doing in your dream?

When you Dream Of A Snake Biting You

This might mean that you’re fearful of somethings in your life and that you don’t want certain things to happen or confront you because you are scared of the same.

Such dreams about snakes may also mean that you lack self-confidence. It might come as a reminder to tell you that you can achieve a lot more than what you already own if you work on your self-confidence and keep it boosted up all the time.

When You Dream Of A Snake Spitting Venom

A snake’s venom is used to make a number of medicines and antidotes and so if you dream anything like this then it may be taken as that you are soon going to cure or find medicine to a long-term disease you had been facing.

When You Dream Of Fighting Against A Snake

In your dreams about snakes, if you see yourself fighting a snake, it means that you are resisting a situation and don’t want to fall into a certain place or confront a certain person.

When You Dream Of A Snake Coming Out Of Rocks

This means that you have a bundle of hidden energy and talents within you and it is waiting to come out and show its results. It is more like a reminder to you that you should discover your hidden talents. It is a sign to recognize these gifts and bring them out to the world.

When You Dream Of A Snake Going Into The Rocks

Such a dream means that your talents are going hidden and thus are now being wasted.

You must not take this sign for granted and start pondering about your shortcomings so that you can make use of this forewarning in advance. Don’t ignore this cautionary sign!

When You Dream Of A Snake Talking/Trying To Talk To You

This is a sign to let you realize that your subconscious mind is trying to tell you something really important related to your personality.

It is also believed to mean you have an anonymous enemy that wants to talk to you, maybe for resolving an issue or to worsen it. It can indicate the use of black magic also, your enemy may be trying to curse you to cause distress.

When You Dream Of You Talking To The Snake

This is the exact opposite situation of the previous one. Such a dream means that you want to send a special message to your subconscious mind.

This dream acts as a prudent message that there is some personal introspection is going on within you. Likewise, this dream may express your curiosity about mystic affairs.

When You Dream Of A Snake Running Away From You

Such a dream means that any enemy who attempted or was attempting to harm you in some way is now running away from you.

The other elucidation is that you are facing problems that are not only complicated to interpret but also to address. You are encountering uncomfortable situations that have the potential to cause you a dreadful experience.

When You Dream Of A Snake Mad At You

This means that someone in your life is really angry at you and might end up hurting you because of the same. It could be calling you to explore a challenging situation in your life and the way to tackle it. You must take each and every step cautiously in order to avoid any sort of trouble coming in.

When You Dream Of Killing A Snake

Such a dream means that you have a matrimonial offer coming in for you. There are also some references when it has been said that dreaming of killing a snake might prove really disastrous.

Another interpretation is that the dream flashes a spotlight on the fact that you are growing from within and overcoming threatening emotional conflict and misfortunes. You are slowly and steadily becoming aware of your surroundings.

When You Dream Of A Snake Coming Out Of Your Mouth

Such a dream might mean that you are under your cleaning process and that you are getting rid of the negativity and ill opinions you had of others. This dream signifies that you’re undergoing catharsis.

3) What was the appearance and size of the snake?

Now coming on to the third category that is what was the appearance and size of the snake.

When You Dream Of A Pet Snake/Baby Snake

Going back to the traits of a baby snake, it tends to shed its skin and so dreaming of it is seen as energy coiling up and spiritual growth of the dreamer. It means that the person is going to renew his or her personality and become a better person altogether.

When You Dream Of A Wild Snake In A Dream

Such dreams about snakes mean that you are dealing with a lot of problems in your life currently.

It could also indicate the negativity linked with the snake, such as an alarming concern and fear about something that is going out of control for you.

When You Dream Of A Dead Snake

Usually, dreams about snakes indicate dangers and troubles coming up.

Thus seeing a dead snake is considered a good omen. It is the triumph of light, end of toxic thoughts, and the reign of good and humanity. You have learned to overcome your fears and the apt way to deal with deceitful people. You will soon be witnessing good changes around you.

When You Dream Of A Two-Headed/Multi-Headed Snake

Such a dream might mean that doubling and multiplication of the trouble and that you are not ready to take up the coming disaster.  This dream reveals that you are in the middle of a strong dilemma wherein none of the possible alternatives seem to offer an optimistic result. You are being challenged by two or more scathing obstacles simultaneously. It also unveils your present state of mind i.e. you may be in a state of deep concern or despair.

When You Dream Of An Oily Snake

Such a dream means that soon you will be approached for some investment or scheme that might allure you for the riches it promises as an outcome but please make sure that you don’t fall prey to such things. This dream comes as a warning and to tell you to not end up agreeing to the offer made.

3) What was the appearance and size of the snake?

Next, where was the snake in the dream?

When You Saw The Snake Close To Your Chest

One of the most frightening dreams is to see a snake on your chest. You may wake up screaming and bathed in a cold sweat! The underlying meaning behind this dream is just as scary.

Such a dream means that someone you trust the most is going to show his/her deceitful face. It comes like a warning to you that you are taking care of the wrong person.

When You Dream Of A Snake Crawling Up Your Bed

Such a dream shall aim towards your sexual desires. It is seen as a phallic symbol. When you have a dream about snakes crawling up your bed it is trying to call your attention to your profound desires within, peculiarly those related to your sensual urges or sexuality.

It could mean that you need to look within yourself to see how you associate with your own sexuality and its expression.

Another interpretation is that if the snake was resting on your bed, then it may indicate an alleviating or emotional restoration taking place in your life.

When You Dream Of A Snake In The Grass

This means that somebody in your personal/professional life is going to betray you.  Certain hobbies have the potential to cause you harm. Again comes as a warning that someone is misusing you. It can also indicate small problems or differences in your family that can grow deeper over time.

When You Dream Of A Snake In A Car

The car here represents your ability to reach your targets. The presence of a snake in the car signals the existence of hurdles that can impede the procurement of your personal objectives.

This means that somebody or someone is trying to make efforts to hamper your peace, happiness, and wealth. Your subconscious mind realizes this and is signaling your conscious mind to take note of it and avert these dangers.

When You Dream Of A Snake In A Tree

Such a dream has two meanings. Seeing a snake crawl up a tree in a dream means that you are going to earn a lot of wealth soon. However, when you see a snake crawling down from a tree it means that you are going to lose your wealth.

Were You Able To Decode Your Dreams About Snakes?

Share with us your dreams about snakes and we will try to find the meaning behind them. The meanings behind the snake dreams could be varied and have multiple layers.

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