50 Things That Make Me Smile

I will admit right at the beginning that I got the idea of this post from another site. When I read that post on the “things that make me smile”, I started wondering.

So, I took out my pen and notepad and started jotting down the things that make me happy and bring a smile to my face!

You cannot depend on others for your happiness. You should always be able to stay happy from within. Life has its lows and downs, and it is okay to feel sad.

However, it is equally important to get over the sad phase and continue with your life. Most of the time, apparently there are more reasons to be sad and distressed than to be happy. But is it really true?

What if we are ignoring the small things that make us smile? Don’t forget that our lives are made of these seemingly inconsequential things and moments. We have to cherish and be grateful to them.

Things That Make Me Smile

I am sharing my list of 50 things that make smile! I would love if you also share your list with me 🙂

1) Play Badminton

Nowadays, I can not play as much as I would like to but whenever I manage to the racquet in my hand and exerting myself on the court brings me a lot of joy!

2) Sleeping

Sleep is non-negotiable for me. Just the thought of hitting the bed and sleeping and relaxing brings a smile to my face when I am exerted from the work. A good night of sleep fixes a lot of problems with me.

3) My Pet Dog

Even at my worst, my pet doesn’t judge me. He is always there for me whatever my mood is. He doesn’t need a lot for me in return but all the tail-wagging, cuddling, licking and smiling he showers with me all the time!

4) Family

Whenever I have my sister or parents visiting me, I am happy! I have a spring in my steps and a smile on my face. With them around me, I feel like no problem is insurmountable. Sitting with the family and discussing my issues not just make me feel good but also give me insight to the problems.

5) Food

When I am feeling sad, I ditch the calorie chart and make my favorite dish or dessert. This boosts my mood and definitely makes me smile! It is one of my essential ideas for self-care

6) Dancing

I love dancing. I dance when I am with my friends or even when I am alone. Dancing instantly changes my mood. It helps me that I am a trained dancer. Whenever I am able to choreograph a dance sequence or crack a new move, I cannot help smiling the whole day!

7) Listen to my favorite song

I am sure I am not the only one who smiles while listening to songs. I have a playlist of my favorite songs which are also a mainstay of my self-love playlist. They never fail to get my pulsing running and feet tapping. And when that happens, I am smiling and dancing!

8) Playing guitar

I love playing guitar even though I am just beginning. I try to play my favorite song and sing to it. This makes me happy and diverts my mind from the stress.

9) Learning a new language

This is something new for me. I have started learning Spanish and it has been a very revealing experience for me. While at first it was hard, slowly I picked it up. Now, I am having fun learning this absolutely beautiful language.

10) Video call with friends

In this pandemic, I am unable to meet my girlfriends. So we have our weekly zoom calls where all of us girls gossip non-stop about office, boyfriends, crushes, and fashion. Every video call leaves me laughing like a mad girl! Read girl code

11) Rain

I love the rain, raindrops falling on my face, and a long drive in rain! Rain calms me down with a faint smile across my face.

12) Winter season

The chilly season always makes me happy. woolen clothes, warm blankets, long nights, and steamy soups are all I need to be happy.

13) Watching a movie or a drama

I love to catch up on a rom-com movie or a drama when I am feeling a bit down. Caution: I don’t Netflix and chill as I end up binge-watching.

14) Taking a warm shower

A warm long shower always soothes me.

15) Organizing my wardrobe

Cleaning and organizing my (mostly messy) wardrobe declutters my mind.

16) Writing

I am smiling as my typing this post.

17) Having a cup of warm Coffee

A warm cup of coffee resets my mood.

18) Spring season

Spring season with all its colors brings smile to my face.

19) Trees

Seeing those lush green trees may make me happy

20) Perfumes

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21) Looking at clouds

I can watch those fluffy cotton balls for hours!

22) Babies

Now, who doesn’t love babies?

23) Clicking pictures of nature

Some people love doing nature photography, especially those of sunsets and birds.

24) Sitting near a fire on a winter evening

25) Calligraphy

I am not a pro at it but I love watching calligraphy videos on YouTube.

26) Eating ice cream

27) Having warm food

28) Wearing PJs

29) Cuddling with my warm blankets

30) Dewdrops

Seeing these small fresh droplets on leaves and flowers bring me unexpected joy

31) Appreciation by a client

When I get appreciated by a client for my readings, I glow for the rest of the day

32) Help a stranger

I do get a lot of requests from strangers all day. Nothing please me more than to know that my suggestions or readings helped them.

33) Sunrise

Watching the sun rise instantly boosts my creativity.

34) The slender and thin moon on a dark night

35) Watching a squirrel munching on nuts- such an adorable sight

36) Eating mangoes

37) Getting a hair spa

38) Wearing my favorite outfit

I feel confident and ready to conquer the world when i wear my favorite dress.

39) Buy new stationery

40) Ticking things off my to-do list and feeling productive

41) Flowers

Isn’t it obvious?

42) Reading a book with a happy ending

43) Watching cute cat and dog videos

44) Gardening

45) Sitting in the library

I rarely go to the book library (due to pandemic) but the smell of old books makes me happy

46) Scented candles

47) When I forgive people

48) When I feel confident

49) When I make my parents proud

50) When I wake up early

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