100 Best Self-Care Ideas To Fix Your Bad Day

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Do you feel exhausted and low in energy! In this article, I will tell you my top self-care ideas that will perk you up and make you ready to take on the world!

Self-care is important. Self-care not just means maintaining healthy life but also a healthy state of mind and physical appearance.

Self-care is all about nurturing yourself and doing things that make you feel happy and cherished. There are a million things happening around you all the time, but you need to spare some time for yourself too.

If wearing makeup, observing nature, singing songs in the washroom, or just simply daydreaming makes you feel like you are on cloud 9 then just do it without giving it a second thought.

A lot of time, we overthink about the people and stuff around us. This leads to anxiety, stress and depression.

You should rather pay attention and spend time on your mental and physical well-being. God has gifted us one life to make the most out of it for ourselves.

Self-Care Ideas
Self-Care Ideas

My List Of Self-Care Ideas

So here are some of the best self-care ideas which will surely make you feel better.

  1. Get up early
  2. Go for a trail run
  3. Take your dog for a long walk in the park
  4. Take a hot water bath
  5. Drink your favorite beverage
  6. Make your favorite  breakfast
  7. Go for a long drive with your friends
  8. Go for shopping
  9. Buy the footwear you always liked
  10. Order clothes which you wanted online.
  11. Listen to your favorite songs on repeat
  12. Read your favorite novel
  13. See your favorite TV series
  14. Drink lots of water and stay hydrated.
  15. Go window shopping along with your friends
  16. Dance to a random song that you like
  17. Go for a bicycle ride
  18. Go to your favorite restaurant
  19. Get the haircut you always wanted.
  20. Go for manicure and pedicure and relax.
  21. Go for a long drive alone
  22. Walk in the garden
  23. See a satisfying new food recipe on YouTube and attempt to make it.
  24. Listen to soothing instrumental songs on loop
  25. Pamper yourself
  26. Play with some random kids in the park
  27. Try DIY projects
  28. Draw a sketch
  29. Stitch a new top
  30. Try new clothes
  31. See an online concert to boost up your mood
  32. Video call your  Friends
  33. Try new hairstyles
  34. Go grocery shopping
  35. Buy a gift for yourself because you deserve pampering once in a while
  36. Go for a spa and relax
  37. See some sports
  38. Go for a trek
  39. Pamper your pet
  40. Train your pet
  41. Do Yoga
  42. Play online games
  43. Write a journal or a diary.
  44. Practice guided meditation
  45. Join a new online course
  46. Arrange your cupboard
  47. Sit inside the shadow of a tree and just enjoy the nature
  48. Play guitar and learn a new song
  49. Play scrabble with your siblings
  50. Do a bonfire with family
  51. Spend time with your family
  52. Go to a mall and have your favorite food.
  53. Write poems
  54. Share positive quotes
  55. Do bird watching
  56. Make constellations in the sky
  57. Enjoy a rainy day with hot coffee
  58. Eat ice cream in winter
  59. Watch a movie of your favorite actor
  60. Go to your favorite cafe
  61. Go to a nearby pond and see swans
  62. Clean your bedroom
  63. Check out the clothes you have and arrange your cupboard
  64. Wear your favorite dress and do a photoshoot to feel confident
  65. Listen to your parents’ childhood stories by grandparents
  66. Look at clouds and try to figure out what type of image is the cloud making
  67. Explore the unknown places in town
  68. Love yourself
  69. Eat your favorite dessert
  70. Drive your car and go to anywhere your heart takes you
  71. Just take a long & relaxing nap
  72. Light some scented candles
  73. Diffuse some essential oils
  74. Watch Ted-Talk
  75. Create a gratitude-list
  76. Indulge in some luxurious skin-care routine
  77. Sing your favorite song
  78. Go to the beach
  79. Adult coloring books
  80. Go to a farmer’s market
  81. Visit a flea market
  82. Create a bucket list
  83. Throw away your old stuff
  84. Watch sunrise or sunset
  85. Create your day routine
  86. Jot down your life goals
  87. Visit a museum
  88. Visit a pet shelter
  89. Visit an old-age home
  90. Shoot some photos
  91. Cuddle with your kids or Hubby
  92. Create a budget
  93. Do some gardening
  94. Visualize being in a beautiful place
  95. Watch old photos of yours, your family & friends
  96. Dance to your favorite songs
  97. Turn off your phone & internet
  98. Organize your work desk
  99. Pray
  100. Volunteer for some good cause
Naomi Hills
Naomi Hills

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