15 Daily Prayers to Guardian Angels

Our guardian angels are by our side every single day. They are a part of our everyday life and they offer us valuable guidance and support from the Divine Realm.

The best way to communicate with our Guardian Angels is by offering them a prayer. With the help of prayers, you can call upon your Guardian Angels to enlighten you and take you under their care.

In Catholicism, it is believed that our Guardian Angels are omnipresent ethereal beings that can pray for us, take our prayers to God himself, and take invisible action for us, while simultaneously offering us guidance in our everyday lives.

From infancy to death human life is surrounded by their (the angels) watchful care and intercession. Beside each believer stands an angel as protector and shepherd leading him to life. Already here on earth, the Christian life shares by faith in the blessed company of angels and men united to God. ‘ – from the Catechism of the Catholic Church; 336.

With the help of daily prayers to your Guardian Angels, you ensure that you are protected and supported by your guardian angels all day long.

Most Popular Prayers to Guardian Angels

Here are some of the most popular prayers to Guardian Angels.

Daily Prayers to Guardian Angels
Daily Prayers to Guardian Angels

1) Padre Pio’s daily prayer to the Guardian Angel

Oh, my Holy Guardian Angel, care for my soul and my body. Enlighten my mind that I may better know my God and love Him with all my heart. Watch over me when I pray so I won’t give into life’s distractions. Sustain me with your counsel to live as a righteous Christian, and help me to do good works with a generous heart.

Protect me from the cunning of the adversary, and lift me up when I am being tempted so I may win the fight against evil. Stay beside me at all times; never stop watching over me until I am called back to the Father’s house, where we will praise our great God together for all eternity.

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2) Morning prayer to your Guardian Angel by St. John Vianney

My God, I give you my heart, my intelligence, my thoughts, my words, my actions, and all of myself for Your greater glory. I renew my baptismal promise. My guardian angel, I love you tenderly. I thank you for protecting me while I slept last night. Keep me away from danger and from offending God today. Amen.

3) Your guardian angel is always by your side (Prayer to Guardian Angel before Sleep)

Holy Guardian Angel, ever since my life began you were given to me as a protector and companion. You help in times of need, you are a comfort when I lose hope, you are the light that shines in the darkness of my abyss, and you are my mentor who leads me to good things. I ask you, Holy Guardian Angel, to grant me all the strength of divine love, and the strength of faith, so that I won’t go astray. May your hand defend me from the adversary.

I ask for the gift of Mary’s humility, so I may flee from all danger and, as you guide me, reach the entrance to our Father’s house in heaven. Our powerful and eternal God, who has given us all a Guardian Angel, let me be filled with respect and love for those who, in your mercy, have been given to me, and who have been protected by Your powerful care. May I be worthy, one day, to return to our heavenly home and, along with him, behold Your infinite greatness.

4) Daily Prayer to Guardian Angel (Prayer to Guardian Angel for Help)

Angel of God
My guardian dear
To Whom His love
Commits me here
Ever this day
Be at my side
To light and guard
To rule and guide. Amen

5) A Short Prayer to Guardian Angel for Daily Protection

O my good Angel, whom God, by His Divine mercy, hath appointed to be my guardian, enlighten and protect me, direct and govern me this day. Amen.

6) Guardian Angel Michael Prayer

Saint Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God, cast into hell Satan and all evil spirits who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls.

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7) St. Gertrude’s Prayer to One’s Guardian Angel

O most holy Angel of God, appointed by God to be my guardian,
I give thee thanks for all the benefits which thou hast ever bestowed on me in
body and soul.
I praise and glorify thee that thou condescended to assist me with such patient
fidelity, and to defend me against all the assaults of my enemy.
Blessed be the hour in which thou were assigned me for my guardian,
my defender and my patron.
In acknowledgment and return for all thy loving ministries to me,
I offer thee the infinitely precious and noble Heart of Jesus,
and firmly purpose to obey thee henceforward, and most faithfully to serve
my God. Amen

8) Prayer to our Guardian Angel

Angel sent by God to guide me,
be my light and walk beside me;
be my guardian and protect me;
on the paths of life direct me.

9) A Soul Thirsting for God

O God, you are my God, for you I long;
for you my soul is thirsting.
My body pines for you
like a dry, weary land without water.
So I gaze on you in the sanctuary
to see your strength and your glory.

For your love is better than life,
my lips will speak your praise.
So I will bless you all my life,
in your name I will lift up my hands.
My soul shall be filled as with a banquet,
my mouth shall praise you with joy.

On my bed I remember you.
On you I muse through the night
for you have been my help;
in the shadow of your wings I rejoice.
My soul clings to you;
your right hand holds me fast. Glory…

Antiphon: The Lord will send his angel to accompany you and to guide you safely on your way.

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10) Good Night my Guardian Angel (Prayer to Guardian Angel before Sleep)

Good night, my Guardian Angel,
The day has sped away;
Well spent or ill, its story
Is written down for aye.
And now, of God’s kind Providence,
Thou image pure and bright,
Watch o’er me while I’m sleeping…
My Angel dear, good night!

11) Let all creatures praise the Lord

Bless the Lord, all you works of the Lord.
Praise and exalt him above all forever.
Angels of the Lord, bless the Lord.
You heavens, bless the Lord.
All you waters above the heavens, bless the Lord.
All you hosts of the Lord, bless the Lord.
Sun and moon, bless the Lord.
Stars of heaven, bless the Lord.

Every shower and dew, bless the Lord.
All you winds, bless the Lord.
Fire and heat, bless the Lord.
Cold and chill, bless the Lord.
Dew and rain, bless the Lord.
Frost and chill, bless the Lord.
Ice and snow, bless the Lord.
Nights and days, bless the Lord.
Light and darkness, bless the Lord.
Lightnings and clouds, bless the Lord.

Let the earth bless the Lord.
Praise and exalt him above all forever.
Mountains and hills, bless the Lord.
Everything growing from the earth, bless the Lord.
You springs, bless the Lord.

Seas and rivers, bless the Lord.
You dolphins and all water creatures, bless the Lord.
All you birds of the air, bless the Lord.
All you beasts, wild and tame, bless the Lord.
You sons of men, bless the Lord.

O Israel, bless the Lord.
Praise and exalt him above all forever.
Priests of the Lord, bless the Lord.
Servants of the Lord, bless the Lord.
Spirits and souls of the just, bless the Lord.
Holy men of humble heart, bless the Lord.
Hananiah, Azariah, Mishael, bless the Lord.
Praise and exalt him above all forever.

Let us bless the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
Let us praise and exalt him above all forever.
Blessed are you, Lord, in the firmament of heaven.
Praiseworthy and glorious and exalted above all forever.

Antiphon: Praise the Lord, all you heavenly hosts of angels

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12) Night prayer for your Guardian Angel’s protection

O God, who in your wonderful providence,
has been pleased to appoint your holy angels for our guardians:
Mercifully hear our prayer and grant we may rest secure under their protection,
and enjoy their fellowship in heaven for ever.
Through Christ our Lord.

13) Good night my Guardian Angel

Good night, my Guardian Angel, The day has sped away; Well spent or ill, its story Is written down for aye. And now, of God’s kind Providence, thou image pure and bright, Watch over me while I’m sleeping. My Angel dear, good night!

14) Prayer to Holy Guardian Angels

Heavenly Father,
Your infinite love for us has chosen a blessed angel in
Heaven and appointed him our guide during this earthly pilgrimage.

Accept our thanks for so great a blessing.
Grant that we may experience the assistance
of our holy protector in all our necessities.
And you, holy, loving angel and guide,
watch over us with all the tenderness of your angelic

Keep us always on the way that leads to heaven,
and cease not to pray for us
until we have attained our final destiny, eternal

Then we shall love You for all eternity.
We shall praise and glorify You unceasingly
for all the good You have done for us while here on earth.
Especially be a faithful and watchful protector of our

Take our place, and supply what may be wanting to us
through human frailty, short-sightedness, or sinful

Lighten, O you perfect servants of God, our heavy task.
Guide our children,
that they may become like unto Jesus,
may imitate Him faithfully,
and persevere till they attain eternal life.

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15) Dear Guardian Angel at my side

Dear Angel at my side,
my good and loyal friend,
you have been with me since the moment I was born.
You are my own personal guardian,
given me by God as my guide and protector,
and you will stay with me till I die.

He who created you and me
gave me to you as your particular charge.
You assisted in great joy at my baptism,
when I became part of the Mystical Body of Christ,
and was made a member of the household of God
and an heir of heaven.

You saw the dangers that beset my path,
and, if I sinned,
it was in spite of you.
You envied me when Christ came to me in Holy Communion.
Even though you probably were there
among the angels that adored Him
the night that He was born,
you have not been able to receive Him as I can.

O, help me to appreciate these gifts!
Help me to realize, as you do,
with every fiber of my being,
that to serve Christ is to be a King!
Help me steadfastly to avoid evil
and do good and always guard my soul from sin.

Protect me as well from physical evils
as I go about my daily work.
You will be with me all my life,
and at the hour of my death.

Help me to face death bravely, patiently,
with great love of God,
knowing that it is only through death
that I can come to Him in heaven!
Then, come with me to my Judge,
and when the hour of my salvation comes,
take me home to my Father, God.

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Naomi Hills

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