Angel Number 214: Meaning & Symbolism

Angel number 214 signals that sometimes in life the roads are just tough and you can not change the situation if you have a defeatist mindset. The universe is there to inspire you and bring you back on track for making your dreams come true.

The universe is always kind and wants you to understand that everything that happens in your life is set into your journey for a purpose.

The sudden outbreak of hurdles in your life also has a purpose for you to accomplish and beyond the hills of troubles rises the sun shines brightly on your victory and cheers the way you showed the courage to make it up to this point.

Angel number 214 has come into your life for establishing several purposes.

Sometimes you want to let go and run away from everything while you have a second choice to stick on and win your way back to the top. What seems easier is what we desire to do in life but the angels have come into our lives to convince us to leap.

If you are a viewer of angel number 214 then the reasons are the same. Some valuable lessons are on their way and you should hold on.

What Does Angel Number 214 Signify?

Most of the time you will find your answers in the most unexpected places

Angel number 214 wants you to know that it is likely that you have been looking in the wrong place for the right meanings of life. That simply does not mean that the heart of life is not good but it implies that you need to get out of your comfort zone and look in the places that lie far and beyond.

Sometimes you feel you have found the right company that will appreciate you and brings you values but soon you are proven wrong by the people who are not meant to be trusted.

The number 214 tells us that you will fall on the ground to feel the lows and that is only when you will enjoy the process of ascending.

Angel Number 214: Meaning & Symbolism
Angel Number 214: Meaning & Symbolism

What is the Biblical Significance of 214 Angel Number?

So God created man in his image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. And God blessed them. And God said to them, ‘Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it and have dominion over the fish of the sea and the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth. – Genesis 1:27-28

Number two talks about the holy union of marriage and how the soulmates are united through the holy rituals of marriage. The number stands for the commitments of the two individuals to stay together and establish a bond with each other that will last an eternity.

The number stands for the everlasting connection between the soulmates as they commit to staying together in sickness and health.

The number two also stands for the creation of God and his curated everything in pairs. For example, brightness and shadow, happiness and sorrow, men and women, heaven and earth.

Number one stands for primacy and the supreme power of God. He takes care of the universe and protects his creation from the clutches of evil. The number assures the world that God is always surrounding us with his good grace and he will not allow any harm to be done to his creation.

The number also symbolizes the birth of Jesus who was the firstborn of God and was sent on earth to restore love and peace in the hearts of the humans.

The number 1 also denotes Adam, who was also the firstborn of God but he didn’t obey the word of God and tasted the forbidden apple.

Number four is used to denote the cross and the event of death of Jesus who was put to cross and killed at 3 pm. This number also signifies the fourth day of the holy week of creation when God curated the material universe. The number four is thus very important in the holy scriptures.

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Symbolism and Secret Meaning of Angel Number 214

The number 214 talks about the growth which only comes when you face hardships and struggles. These are battlefields where you have got nothing to lose and every time you come out of the dark tunnel with more resilience and your knowledge is enriched even more. All that you feel you have lost on the way will be returned to you when the time comes.

Relation Between Angel Number 214 and Love

Sometimes when you trust someone so much that the whole world seems small in their absence and then one day they shatter your trust like you mean nothing to them.

This is the day you not only lose your hope in love but also let go of your faith in the whole world and the goodness of the Universe. Some things that you are meant to receive can never be changed.

It is no one’s hand to play with destiny and so what is meant to be will always happen, whether good or bad.

Angel number 214 tells us that we have to learn again to trust the universe and that never happens overnight. It takes immense patience and self-love to overcome the wounds of love you have received from the world. Allow yourself that much time to cure the pain that was the cruelest thing in your life.

Angel Number 214 and Your Twin Flame

It is hard to believe that there is someone out there for you when you have been cheated and a felony is all that you received. Light enters your heart through the doors of love and the number 214 only urges you to never shut those doors.

One day when you will be least expecting it, love will enter your life and creep in through the open blinds and make a home in your heart.

All the pain and the sorrows will be gone even before you grasp and that is the magic of finding your twin flame. You may not find them right away but when you do the wait and the patience will be all worth it as finally, you will share their company.

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Angel Number 214 and Your Twin Ray

Broken is a beautiful place to begin again. Even though you have lost all the strength to find happiness in this wide and gaping world, you will only see it when the universe will make you see it and there is no running away. This is your opportunity to make it happen and find out about the discoveries in the universe that are waiting for you to unravel the mysteries of your life.

You only need to hold the hand of your twin ray, someone you will meet soon and who has a deep emotional connection with you, and start from a fresh point. They might not have a love interest with you but the bond can also be established on the platonic level of friendship.

Twin ray will guide you towards a direction that will allow you to get yourself out of your comfort zones and explore the opportunities of the world.

Angel Number 214 Message
Angel Number 214 Message

Angel Number 214 and Career

Do not compare your growth process with someone else’s progress rate because you are more worthy than you think. Drawing a comparison between two individuals will only belittle the process of your growth and how much effort you have been making so far.

The angels want you to acknowledge the fact that you have been doing your best and if you wish to make progress on your path then only focus on yourself and appreciate your soul for bringing you this far. The only way you can find your way to the top is by staying focused on the summit and steadily climbing the ladder.

The number 214 wants you to understand that if you are distracted by the rest of the world and how it is fairing you will lose track of your path.

Angel Number 214 and Money

You may not be the richest man in the world but that is okay. If you look at yourself from the shoes of someone else you will understand that what you have surpasses the expectations of so many in this world. While you chant the displaying words,” why me?”

There are so many others in the world who say the phrase at the same time. In all honesty, there is no answer to this question because all of us have to fight our battles and defeat the demon, sometimes you will fail while sometimes you might win.

So be happy with what you have got and never think about all the wealth that you do not possess. Angel number 214 advises you to pay attention to the glass half full. So take your chance and aim for more in life but be happy with what you have.

Numerological Significance of 214 Angel Number

Number two describes the balance that you need to strike in life to be at equilibrium with all the obstacles in your life. If you are calm and composed then the universe will help you out in the process and the guardian angels are taking care of your goals and they will never let you go astray in life.

Number two describes the bond that you have with your loved ones and how you might have been ignoring it for the sake of getting your dreams to come true. However, you must remember that you should never abandon the ones who were there for you when you had nothing and hence make them stay when you have got it all.

Number one describes the perfection you need to strike in life and aim for achieving your dreams. You must continue to hustle in life no matter how tough the road seems. Until you start the journey there is no way you are going to reach your destination. So do not fear the height of the mountain that stands on your path because you can overcome them with the assistance of the universe.

Number four is more focused on the relationships that are a massive part of your life. Do not be hasty in making choices because sometimes anger clouds our vision and prevents us from seeing what is right for us and maybe you should give your bonds a second chance because the quality of forgiveness has the power to heal.

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214 and Tarot Cards

Tarot card two stands for the Priestess which shows the presence of wisdom and knowledge. The appearance of the card denotes that you will have the opportunity to gather more knowledge and experience on your path.

Tarot card one shows the Magician which denotes the arrival of good fortune and luck that will help you to gain richness and wealth, the universe is working in your favor.

Number four stands for the tarot card which shows the Emperor which also shows the power and strength to impose your opinion and be able to stand up for yourself.

General Interpretations Behind Seeing 214 Angel Number Frequently

Angel number 214 generally asks the viewer to pay attention to their goals and exercise the attribute of forgiveness because some connections can be restored with more understanding and patience. The number 214 asks you to be more gentle and kind in your demeanor and carefully weigh the choices before you make a final decision.

Where Can You Find Angel Number 214?

Angel number 214 shows up in your life in the most random places when you are busy with your life. The number might be found at your home or in your office as you are conducting your daily chores or shuffling through file work.

What to do When You Spot 214 Angel Number?

Angel number 214 is of immense importance in your life and makes you feel relaxed with its presence because the number is like an assurance for those who are feeling threatened with the differences that are occurring in their regular life and unsettling the viewers.

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