Angel Number 118: Meaning & Symbolism

Angel number 118 is a sign of good hope for you if they are looking forward to growing into a better person and exploring their opportunities in their life. The number 118 will guide you in the process and help you out to walk ahead on your path and conquer the obstacles.

Many times in life you need the guidance of the universe and that is when the angels try to talk to you. They comfort you with kind words and tell you the direction in which you are supposed to move. The universe and its powerful entities will always come to your rescue because you are a beautiful creation of God.

The angels are assigned with the job to take care of you and guide you towards your dreams. There may be many ups and downs in life because the journey is not smooth. But you will always find your ground because the angels are going to confer you with the power to pick you up.

Angel number 118 wants you to understand that it is your responsibility to connect your soul and discover your purpose in life. The divine realm will help you out in this journey.

What Does Angel Number 118 Signify?

Some days are not exactly how you expected

Angel number 118 tells you that there is no harm in going through a messy day. You have no control over certain situations and it is always that you are taken aback when a day of setbacks comes into your life. This may also be more than a day because a phase like this must be treated with gentleness and care. It’s alright on those days to withdraw from the rest of the world and mourn for the pain that your heart is feeling.

There is power in choosing to cry out your heart and then lie down in your bed. It is a sign of your courage that you still have not left the battlefield and are just taking a moment off from the world to compose your thoughts. The world can wait for you to recover since you have a lot of time in the universe to frame your dreams and bounce back again.

Angel Number 118: Meaning & Symbolism
Angel Number 118: Meaning & Symbolism

What is the Biblical Significance of 118 Angel Number?

For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart.Hebrews 4:12–13

Number 1 in Bible represents unity and oneness. This number is indivisible by any other number. Jesus made the supreme sacrifice and made it possible for all of humanity to receive salvation.

The unity that this number represents is more like a lesson to humans. The hatred, viciousness, and envy that we keep in our hearts for others affect us too. We all are connected to one God. We forget that we all are receivers of the kindness of one God when we exploit nature and other humans. Number one also symbolizes the bond between God and his son.

Number eight is used to denote the 17th day of Nisan when Jesus was resurrected. The addition of numbers 1 and 7 results in eight which stands for sacrifice to restore love. Number eight is mentioned 73 times in the Bible and as you may note, Nisan 17 was the eight days from when Jesus was selected for the sacrifice.

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Symbolism and Secret Meaning of Angel Number 118

Angel number 118 is going to urge you to persevere for the fulfillment of your dreams. The pleasures of life can be equally enjoyed while you hustle ahead on your journey and make way towards the peak of success. If you sit idle and wonder about all the great things you will never be able to make them yours.

Instead, you should try your best to keep yourself active and make efforts every day. All your hard work and effort will pay off as the time comes for you to reap the sweet fruits of your success.

The universe will reward you with richness and everything that you wish to own in this lifetime. It is all about a matter of time and your determination to work hard for your dreams and goals to make your journey count.

Angel Number 118 and Love

Love is not about reciprocation and forming a relationship with someone. It is mainly about finding the light within yourself and keeping yourself warm when it snows and storms outside. Before you can form a great relationship with your fellow companion, it is important to learn to form an innate connection with your soul. 

It will always guide you in the right direction if you can hear its call. The heart of the universe is kind and is turning the tide in your favor so that your journey is fantastic. But even though at times some of the doors are closed in front of your eyes, you do not close the door of your heart because there is always space for love to walk in one fine day when you least expect it to show up and that is going to make your life more exciting and fulfilling.

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Angel Number 118 and Twin Flame

Twin flames are united by the universe even though platonic bonds and the selfless love that you will find. Make sure you are aware of the importance of this person in your life and as long as they are a part of your journey, make the moments count.

They don’t need to accompany you for the entire stretch of the journey because if the time calls for it, you will part ways with your twin flame.

It is your responsibility to do so on a good note. Not everything good is meant to last the whole time and the story is beautiful because of the plot and not the length. Angel number 118 twin flame reunion is bound to happen but the connection can be a bit tenuous in this lifetime.

Angel number 118 and Twin ray

Angel number 118 reminds you to seek that one person in life with whom you truly connect. It is essential for your journey because with them you will learn to embark on a fantastic journey of discovery and growth. The connection is established on the spiritual levels and you will enrich your knowledge in their presence.

These connections are always rare because it is not always that you will find your twin ray but when you do your life will take a turn that you never expected before. Angel number 118 wants you to understand that you need to learn and grow in this process of love and friendship and then become a better individual with soulful energy and spirits to go ahead on the path.

Angel number 118 Significance
Angel number 118 Significance

Angel number 118 and Career

A career is a factor in your life that is indispensable and no matter what happens in your life, the career factor needs to be managed at all times. This is what gives you a sense of fulfillment and growth. Success can be materialized into your life through the path of your career and if you take care of your dreams then they will surely come true.

Angel number 118 is here to tell you that when you are not sure about your professional realm or find it difficult to find what you pursue, then maybe your happiness does not belong to this job.

Don’t stick to the current job if your heart is not into it. This is the right time to find jobs aligned with your hobbies or passion.

Maybe you are carved out for something bigger and better and if you show the courage to leap then you will be able to find your true happiness of the soul. Until and unless you can land this soul-satisfying job, your heart will continue to crave for more.

Angel number 118 and Wealth

Angel number 118 wants you to understand that wealth can run out as fast as you have never imagined. So be careful of your risky ventures. Do not belittle anyone for their financial status because as soon as you can reach the ladder of your success, if you are not humble then you can also run out of your wealth and topple over the edge.

So be careful how you conduct yourself in your life because that is a massive deciding factor that will curate your journey ahead. The angels want you to recognize your needs and distinguish them from your lavish expenditures.

It is always true that the world has enough for your needs but never for your greed so always stay humble and grounded to the earth. It is good to fly in the sky but always comes back to your roots after a while.

Numerological Significance of 118 Angel Number

Number one signifies that you must aim for perfection in everything that you do however sometimes it is exhausting to always give your best. This is so as you have misinterpreted the definition of perfection. Your best never looks the same every day. Sometimes the act of leaving your bed on the tough days and choosing to show up for work is bravery. Never torrent your soul by comparing it with the progress chart of someone else because all our journeys are unique and different from the rest.

Number 8 is a spiritually uplifting number that urges you to discover the new roads in life. Train your mind to speak to the soul and that is how you will be able to make it big in life. As the soul and the heart are aligned you have already achieved half of the success that you desire to have in your life.

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Number 118 and Tarot Cards

Tarot card one stands for the Magician which in turn symbolizes the sudden appearance of good luck and massive fortune. You will acquire a great source of wealth and prosperity as the universe is shining its blessing upon you.

Tarot number eight stands for Strength. During times of struggle, you should seek your inner strength to make it through the drill.

General Interpretations Behind Seeing 118 Angel Number Frequently

Life is always going to test your potential but you have to show the strength to win

There is always going to be struggle and pain and the road of life is not linear. Yet you have to continue to hustle ahead in your life. Gain back your strength and move past the hardship and the hurdles that are obstructing your path.

The universe wants you to realize that each of the hardships in life will become stronger and you will become more resilient to face further difficulties in life. The plans of the universe are systematic and it will never let you suffer in vain.

The purpose of the universe is to understand that you are bigger than your hardships and you will always win out your troubles.

Where Can You Find Angel Number 118?

Angel number 118 will always follow you around and show up in strange places like amidst the books you are reading or while you are flipping through the pages of your magazine. Sometimes you will spot the number 118 on the road as you observe them flashing on the roads and the number card of the vehicles. The number will also show up in your home while you are busy conducting daily chores in your life.

What to do When You Spot 118 Angel Number?

When you are being communicated by angel number 118 then you must understand that you have to be more vigilant on your path and not shy away from making discoveries on your path. The number 118 is asking you to let your dreams work out by showing perseverance and effort and never giving up along the way.

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