138 Angel Number: Meaning & Symbolism

Guardian angels are accompanying you in this journey no obstacle will be able to shatter you into pieces. You can be assured that if the 138 angel number is sending a message that there is always a way to pick yourself up.

It is hard to believe that sometimes after a hard shower, the sun will shine brightly once again. You can blame love for all your miseries because most of the time it is neither love nor life that hurt us but our expectations from the people or the situation. You must learn to see the reason behind the certain occurrence in your life because the universe has a reason to send the hurdles on your path.

Of course, the journey of life is not easy and you have to deal with so many obstacles that it gets terrible at times to have faith in the plans of the universe. The number 138 is saying that it is okay to hurt and most of the time not get closure for all the pain you went through. But what is more important is to pick up your pieces on time and then restart from a fresh point.

What Does Angel Number 138 Signify?

Don’t shy away from what you feel and freely express yourself

The appearance of angel number 138 is a sign that the divine realm wants you to know that the world is safe to place and your heart will be taken care of when you feel cold and dead. The angels will be sent to your rescue who will teach you the right meaning of acknowledging the love and living your life to the fullest.

Always remember that when you feel your lowest and have been going through a tough trial of life then the universe will immediately send you compensation afterward to forfeit for the losses you have procured. There is always light at the end of the tunnel and you can make it through this phase because the angels are providing you with the strength and courage to fight this battle.

138 Angel Number: Meaning & Symbolism
138 Angel Number: Meaning & Symbolism

What is the Biblical Significance of 138 Angel Number?

Yours, O Lord, is the greatness and the power and the glory and the victory and the majesty, for all that is in the heavens and the earth is yours. Yours is the kingdom, O Lord, and you are exalted as head above all.1 Chronicles 29:11

The number one is mentioned in the Bibles as a mark of primacy and the ultimate power of the Lord. He is the protector of the universe and safeguards it against the evil forces of nature. The number showcases the nature of forgiveness of God. He takes care of the universe and pardons everyone who asks him for forgiveness.

The Lord is merciful and kind, when the world is threatened, he sends his messengers on earth to protect it from the eyes of evil. Jesus was the firstborn of God who was sent on the planet to restore love in the heart of humanity. He sacrificed his life in an attempt to restore peace in the universe and secure love in the heart of mankind.

Number three is used to denote the Holy Trinity that are the three patriarchs before and after the massive flood. It was at 3 pm that Jesus was put to cross and thus the number three also symbolizes sacrifice and restoration of love and faith.

Number eight is mentioned 73 times in the Bible and is a very crucial digit because it denotes completeness. The 17th day of Nisan was when Jesus was resurrected and if you add up the digits 1 and 7 you will get the summation as eight. The eighth day also comes after the seven days of the Holy Week of creation. Thus the number signifies the beginning of something new.

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Symbolism and Secret Meaning of Angel Number 138

Angel number 138 is very important to the viewers who come across this digit in strange places. It motivates you to not lose hope because the universe has got special plans for you.

It may be a little tough for you right now but that will get alright with time because again the guardian angels will take care of your happiness and well-being.

Angel Number 138 Symbolism
Angel Number 138 Symbolism

Relation Between Angel Number 138 and Love

The appearance of angel number 138 is a sign that you have been neglecting the bond with your partner for a long time. If you continue to be so irrational and insensible then in no time will you lose something so precious like this?

The universe wants you to know that it is hard to find someone you love and most of the time you will regret the decision of not taking care of the bond and allowing you two to drift away. Do not let this happen because angel number 138 is a sign for you to understand that every bond and connection requires your investment and effort to make it thrive.

If you start taking things for granted then you will end up ruining everything that was good for you. So take this as a hint from the universe to start taking care of the connection or else it is surely doomed sometime shortly.

Angel number 138 and Twin Flame

Angel number 138 is going to make you feel positive about the fact that you have someone special in your life. Life without their presence feels empty and if you are not able to see them everything seems dull. The universe wants you to know that it is alright to miss someone you love and your soulmate when they are not around.

The number 138 is a sign that even if you are far away from whoever you love, they are still a part of your journey no matter how far life takes you away from each other, the universe will find a way to unite the twin flames during their lifetime. You should not worry because this separation is only temporary and soon you will be reunited with your twin flame and the journey will be fulfilling.

Angel number 138 and Twin Ray

Angel number 138 and the relation between twin rays are described elaborately. You must notice that there is one person in life with whom you feel so connected and close. Life seems impossible without their presence and when you find the opportunity to share their company then you feel relaxed and your soul feels safe. This is because the twin rays share a very special bond.

They are inseparable and if they ever part ways then it becomes very difficult for them to cope with the loss. Angel number 138 is one such number that tells you that if you ever find such individuals in your life, make sure you do your best to keep them in life because you need them for your spiritual upliftment and enriching your soul. They will only come into your life once and it is your responsibility to make them stay.

Angel number 138 and Career

Angel number 138 asks you to be proud of yourself for how much effort you gave into your career and for coming so far without much help or assistance from the world. Sometimes it is necessary to turn and see how much progress you have made because the soul loves to be rewarded.

You have hustled so far and there surely had been several ups and downs in life but you found your strength back to continue ahead on your journey. Even on days when you snapped, forgive yourself for not making it how far you expected to see yourself.

There is always a reason behind what happens in your life and you can not change things the way they happen but you can certainly change the attitude with which you look at certain things in life. This makes it easier for you to handle the situation.

Angel number 138 and Money

Angel number 138 tells you that it is okay that you are going to through a financial crisis now. This is no fault of yours and you have given your best to acquire the good things in the universe. But sometimes it is just not the right phase in life and when things get out of your hand just allow yourself to let go.

No one can blame you for whatever happens because you are not responsible for the situations that occur in your life. When you already know that you have given your best and the results are not in your hand choose to have faith in the universe and trust its plans. Wait for your chance to come across the means to acquire the wealth that you wish to have in life.

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Numerological Significance of 138 Angel Number

Number one aims for perfection and growth. Even on days, you are feeling the lowest, you will find a reason to live and see the dawn of the next morning. That is growth and expression of courage. The definition of perfection may not be the same every day and you have to know that even then you have to be proud of your effort and how you are showing a willingness to fight the battles of life.

As the foggy environment clears off you will realize that it is possible to get back on your feet again. It is tough to stand on the bruised knees bit slowly, little by little you will heal from the losses and that is the perfect way to bounce back in life.

Number 3 says that the universe notices the ones who never give up the divine realm or lose hope. These are the individuals who never lose faith in themselves even after repeatedly failing. Number three talks about persistent effort and the desire to keep going ahead on your path. Thus the universe will finally notice you and reward you with richness and prosperity.

Number 8 is also reassuring to the viewers who come across this digit several times in life. It embodies courage and faith to keep on going ahead on their journey. It tells you to never give up because the heart of the universe is good.

Number 138 and Tarot Cards

Tarot card one stands for the Magician which signifies good luck and the fortune that will make way into your life.

Tarot number 3 card three represents the Empress. This denotes power and elegance.

Tarot number 8 symbolizes Strength and the quality of bravery. The number eight is for showing courage and willingness.

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General Interpretations Behind Seeing 138 Angel Number Frequently

You must stay on your track and continue to persevere

Determination to win your way up the ladder of success is essential. You must show perseverance and hard work because that is the only way you will be able to reach your ultimate goals. It certainly takes a lot of time but slowly you will be able to achieve all that you desire to have in life.

Never compare your journey to anyone else in the world because each one of us is unique and the universe has enough blessings for good for all of us to reach out to.

Where Can You Find Angel Number 138?

Angel number 138 is spotted on the cover page of your magazine or the lines of the movie you are reading currently. The number 138 also may flash on your screen as you check the timing. It will show up at the most random places and follow you around everywhere.

What to do When You Spot 138 Angel Number?

If you come across angel number 138 try it means that you are on the right track. The universe is conveying the ideas of determination, courage, and open-mindedness through angel number 138. You have to pay attention to the words of angel number 138 to make sure that you can receive the information the universe wants you to gather.

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