838 Angel Number: Meaning & Symbolism

When you least expect happiness in your life, the universe surprises you most fantastically. Happiness and love creep into your life silently and brightens your day. 838 angel number is symbolic of good times and unexpected abundance. The universe will tie all the loose ends for you and supply you with the strength to overcome your fears.

We may not be aware of how the universe works but it has its strange way to turn things in your favor when the times are bad. It knows that you have been genuine and diligent throughout your life and that is what makes you unique.

Do not compare your share of fortune with somebody else because the Divine soul deprives nobody of their rightful share. Angel number 838 is a number that is viewed on rare occasions.

It signifies the period in your life when all the events will make sense as all of them will culminate into a beautiful reality.

You will have the courage to be the person you want others to know about. Do not feign your entity and embrace your flaws and weak points. There is no shame in suffering and going through a tough time. Your life situations do not define who you are, because the hurdles are only a small part of your journey.

Your purpose is way more significant and real than any other fleeting incident in your life. So believe in what angel number 838 is asking you to do and follow the instructions because the angels are assuring you that your joy and happiness will last for a long time.

What Does Angel Number 838 Signify?

Reach out to yourself when nobody does

Angel number 838 teaches you to love yourself for everything that you did so far. You have your share of mistakes but they do not stand for the person you have become. The rest of your story is still left to be spoken about and the past is lost somewhere in the time realm.

No matter how hard you try to postpone your growth to the next day, life has its flow and it shall wait for none. One day you will realize that your yesterday is history and it simply exists in your vague memories. It may be tempting to walk back to what used to be but remember that it is a mistake.

Angel number 838 teaches you about the healthy process of moving on and giving yourself a second chance because this time you may be lucky.

Trust in God and have faith

Countless times we have cursed God for all the miseries in our lives. You must have felt terrible about all the unfortunate episodes and futile attempts you had to go through until this day. But you should know that the universe is fair and wise.

It did not make you suffer because you deserve the pain but because you had something to take from it. Be gentle to your heart and ask it about the lessons learned. All the times you have been shattered and broken, you joined the pieces and built a masterpiece again.

Be proud of your endurance capacity and willpower. Believe in the fact that God has helped you out throughout the journey. You cannot imagine the number of times he had protected you from pain and immense sorrow.

838 Angel Number: Meaning & Symbolism
838 Angel Number: Meaning & Symbolism

What Is The Biblical Significance Of 838 Angel Number?

The Bible talks about the significance of each digit in length. It describes the importance of the number 8 which is repeated several times in the Holy Scriptures. It is associated with Jesus Christ and repeated 73 times in the Bible.

The number is linked to the 17th day of Nisan which was eight days from the time the decision of crucifixion was made. The summation of the digit one and seven also adds up to eight and hence the number also symbolizes sacrifice.

The number stands for new life and the beginning of something pure. God created the world and he conferred life on this planet. Jesus resurrected on the 17th day of Nisan and the number denotes sacrifice and life after death.

The number 3 denotes the three great patriarchs before and after the great flood. They were Abel, Enoch, and Noah before the flood and Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob after the flood.

The testament links the number with completeness and purity of heart. Hence the number signifies the presence of Jesus and his teachings which influenced the thoughts of men.

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Symbolism And Secret Meaning Of Angel Number 838

Miracles do happen

Angel number 838 makes you believe in the power of miracles and how they can change the course of our lives. You will not be able to realize the plans of the universe until it shows you the wonders of the Divine realm.

Bad things happen in this world but we can change the way we look at it. When the world rejects you and refuses to acknowledge your potential, you turn your back on the world and admit to your heart that you do not need the support of the world to establish yourself.

Don’t blame yourself

It can hurt. All the times have been betrayed and played with, the heart bleeds at the idea of being ill-treated and misunderstood every other time. It was not your fault that the people of this world didn’t have the vision to see your talent and acknowledge your worth.

Remember that the universe believes that you are brilliant and fantastic. Good has created you with all the captivating attributes one can possess. Value yourself for everything you have been through and still stand upright against the adversities.

When the world is refusing to show you support and encouragement it is important to seek out your reality and not let the world pull you back. Angel number 838 always reminds you that it is important to take care of yourself first and then be concerned about the rest of the people surrounding you.

Relation between Angel Number 838 And Love

The phenomenon of love rules the world and it is the strongest force in this universe. God uses the means of love to communicate with his creations and the language of love is universal. You do not need language to convey your feelings but it should be felt by the hearts.

Angel number 838 teaches you the right meaning of love and how you should understand all the forms of feeling. Love at the initial stage of the relationship can be fragile and delicate. You need to be sensible and rational when it comes to your partner.

When you are in love sometimes you may overlook the flaws of your partner but angel number 838 asks you to avoid this practice because it is detrimental to yourself. Sit down and resolve the issues which need to be addressed. You will have to deal with the problematic situation at the initial levels so that they do not cause a major rift in the future.

Angels are always kind and gentle. They are like your parents who warn you against being casual with your heart. It requires patience and understanding to let your heart be open to experiences but recover from the aftermath. Give it some time to heal and cure before you move on to the next person.

The number 838 tells you that love does exist around us but it is difficult to find the true essentials because this world is full of felony and treachery.

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Angel Number 838 And Your Twin Flame

The number is a mark of excellence and growth. You will soon show remarkable progress in all aspects of life. This affects your relationships as well. Soon you will be able to overcome the traumas of the past and focus on your present. Your twin flame has already entered your life and the period of fulfillment has arrived. Y

ou should cherish the formation of a new connection and invest time in the betterment of the bond. The relationship is new and requires your attention and love. Be careful not to hurt your beloved because they are your soulmate. Trust and respect lay the foundation of an everlasting bond.

The angels are constantly sending you angel number 838 to tell you that your twin flame is about to join you in this journey. The time ahead will be full of happiness and love because the two complementary hearts have found each other in this wide world. This journey with your mate is going to last a lifetime.

Love like this is rare and needs to be celebrated throughout your life. Do not give up easily on your partner if there is a conflict, rather angel number 838 insists you resolve your problems and make all the moments count.

They will support you in all your endeavors because they are your soul companion. Your dreams and aspirations will be a matter of importance to your partner. Angel number 838 is an assurance that you will not be betrayed by your soul flame because they share a connection that is linked to the hearts.

Numerological Significance Of 838 Angel Number

Angel number 838 is constantly studied by the numerologists who find the characters of the number quite contrasting. While number 8 speaks about being carefree and fearless because the cycle of life is constant and you have to enjoy this journey before you leave, number 3 speaks otherwise.

The experts say that number 3 asks you to be cautious with all that you do. A mistake in the present can affect your future adversely. Do not let that happen because you might not have a way to rectify them.

Angel number 838 hence asks you to maintain a balance as nothing too much is beneficial in life. You should venture on the unknown paths and embark on rides that fulfill the thirst of your soul.

What is life without adventure if not dull and dreary? But the angels know about the impending troubles in life so they want you to be vigilant whenever you are taking a risk. Step back if the waters are high you can always try later to conquer your fears.

You will get ample time to overcome your insecurities and walk out of your shell. Life is not a race and you will find your way to the shore. Maybe you aren’t prepared to face the adversities yet and that is alright. It is not necessary to take the difficult road to achieve success. Sometimes a relatively peaceful one can lead you towards your goal and materialize your dreams.

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General Interpretations Behind Seeing 838 Angel Number Repeatedly

The process of healing is not linear

Angel number 838 teaches you to pay attention to how well you are working on yourself. You have to understand the fact that when you are growing as an individual, you will outgrow people and connection which is a healthy process.

Life will provide you countless opportunities to move out of your circle and indulge in making new bonds. Maybe you are going to have rebounds about all the past betrayal and heartbreak. That does not mean you are still living in your past.

To love your present, you have to acknowledge that you had an unpleasant past. You will soon find the right way to cure your heart because as long as you are alive, there is a reason to hope. Love is everblooming and beautiful. People will leave you midway through the journey but you have to be there for yourself and fill your soul will self-love and compassion.

The universe is gentle and it will always help you when times are rough. The right people and company will eventually come along as you keep moving ahead in your journey. The hurdles are but tests of the universe to assess your endurance capacity. Remember, to love the people who need kindness and support.

Angel number 838 asks you to not be immersed in your grief and rather engage in spreading the message of love.

Forgiveness is the best thing you should do

Angels will always remind you that you should not hold grudges against anyone in life. This is because all of us are imperfect humans prone to mistakes. Do not be judgemental only because a person could not live up to your expectations.

Let it go because hatred and angst will cause you immense pain and suffering. Your heart will find freedom and relief in forgiveness. The power of forgiveness teaches the heart to let go of the last sorrow and embrace a prospective future. Forgiveness is the attribute you should practice with yourself as well.

Do not torment your soul for all the time you have been naive and innocent. This world is full of crafty people and it is alright if you didn’t have the experience to understand the difference between good and bad. Take it as a part of a learning process and forgive your heart.

Where Can You Find Angel Number 838?

Angel number 838 is seen when you need support and guidance from the angels. You will find the number while checking your phone from the time or on the number plate of the vehicles around you.

The chance encounter will remark that you need to pay attention to your life and that something good is on its way. You will watch the number following you around as the angels won’t stop unless and until you can realize its presence around you.

What To Do When You Spot 838 Angel Number?

Angel number 838 is an assurance that whatever you are pursuing right now in your career fields, is the perfect option for you. The angels are here to let you know that your personal life is loving smoothly and all your decisions are being rightly made. The presence of angel number 838 tells you to keep moving ahead on your path and think about your purpose in life.

Angel number 838 urges you to be more vigilant and watchful. It is natural that you will get carried away by the fortune and abundance of happiness in life but never let your success be the reason for your decline.

If you stop being productive and futuristic in life, soon all that you have received will evaporate into thin air. You must make an effort every day.

All the small successes add up in the future to cumulatively impact your career and personal life. It is alright to feel dejected and tired. You should be concerned about your mental well-being because that is what will keep you motivated. But make sure that once you are rejuvenated you do not waste time anymore and immediately get back to your responsibilities.

All of us have to be more careful about our future and angel number 838 is here to remind you that your present is real and it has the power to mold your tomorrow in a better manner.

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