How to Cleanse Crystals with Incense?

One of the most common queries from crystal lovers is how to cleanse crystals with incense. In this article, we go into every detail about every aspect of this important process.

Before we start answering your questions about cleansing crystals with incense, let’s delve a little bit into incense and the types of incense.

Incense is a scented material made of living matter that releases aromatic smoke when burnt. The word “incense” can be used to mean both the material and the fragrance. Incense is usually composed of sweet-smelling plant materials blended with essential oils. It is available in many forms depending on where it is produced. Incense’s shape is greatly affected by its usage, advancement in technology, and the prevailing culture. 

Types of Incense

Incense can be classified into 2 main types

Indirect-burning (or non-combustible) incense

This type of incense cannot burn on its own as it does not contain any combustible material and requires a heat source. Heat can be provided by charcoal or glowing embers. Examples are Myrrh and Frankincense.

Direct-burning (or combustible) incense

This incense can be burnt with the help of flame and then blown out. It leaves behind a residue that gives away faint light and releases a smoky and aromatic fragrance. Direct-burning incense is usually found in the form of a paste that is made around a bamboo stick, changed into a stick, or given a cone shape.

Incense Shapes

Direct-burning incenses are produced in various shapes and sizes. They are available in the form of:


Incenses shaped in the form of a coil are long-lasting and can burn from hours to days. They are popular in Chinese culture.


Incenses shaped in the form of a cone burn rapidly in comparison to other shapes.

Cored stick

Popular in India and China, these incenses are made with a thick layer of it coated on a bamboo stick, which is used as a supporting core.

Dhoop or solid sticks

This type of incense does not have a bamboo core for support and therefore can be broken down into different portions easily. They are popular in Japan and Tibet.


Powder incenses are usually arranged in the form of long trails on top of wood ash with the help of a stencil. They are burned in special censers or incense clocks.


Paper infused with resin or essential oils is available in accordion style and can be ignited and blown out.


Incense powder is used to make paper sheets that are rolled into two-stranded ropes. The larger end is the bight and the smaller end should be lit. These incenses are easy to transport, stay fresh for a long time, and are used in countries like Tibet and Nepal.

How to Cleanse Crystals with Incense?
Crystal Cleansing of Crystal

Composition of Incense

A variety of materials are being used for making incense. In ancient times, sage and cedar plants were used extensively due to their properties of spreading aromatic fragrance and purifying the surrounding.

At present times, materials like Makko powder, White Indian Sandalwood powder; Somali Myrrh, Labdanum, Omani Frankincense, Golden Frankincense, Tolu Balsam, Sumatra Benzoin, Borneol Camphor, etc. are popular.

In addition to fragrance, direct-burning incense requires additional materials that can allow the ignited incense to burn with its self-sustained ember slowly and evenly. To ensure this, a combustible base is prepared. Direct-burning incense produced commercially usually comprises 2 types of bases:

Fuel and oxidizer mixtures

Fuel such as charcoal and wood, and oxidizers like sodium nitrate or potassium nitrate (used for sustaining the burning) are added to the fragment materials, and the incense is then shaped.

Natural plant-based binders

Gums (such as Acacia gum or Tragacanth) are used along with the fragment materials to hold the mixture together. Mucilaginous material made from botanical sources is then added to the mixture along with water. The mucilage from the powder keeps the mixture intact while the cellulose combusts and forms a stable ember when ignited.

How is incense used?

Incense can be used for numerous purposes which are:


Incense sticks are sometimes burnt purely for their fragrance. The aura arising from the smoke brings refreshment to the surrounding.


Incense plays a vital role in many religious events performed by people of different cultures. It is used to modify the environment into a religious setting. A few cultures (including Catholic, Orthodox, Judaic, Buddhist, Chinese, Taoist) also offer incense in the form of a sacrificial offering.


Incense is used in the form of a clock to schedule religious and social practices like prayer and meditation, particularly in parts of eastern Asia by followers of Buddhism.

Healing stone cleanser

Incense is used as a method of cleansing and restoring the energy of healing crystals. This process is called “smoke cleansing”.

How to Cleanse Crystals with Incense?

To perform the smoke cleansing ceremony, a sacred place should at first be chosen. An altar can be set up or the ceremony can be performed in a place the individual visits frequently for spiritual or crystal-related work. It should be kept in mind that the spot chosen for the ceremony is well ventilated and has plenty of fresh air. Poorly ventilated space will make the surrounding too smoky which is unhealthy.

Materials needed for a smoke cleansing ceremony

  • Incense
  • Lighter
  • Incense burning dish
  • Crystal
  • Meditation mat

A comfortable spot should be chosen, the mat put on the floor, and the person seated. If needed soft music can be played in the background.

First of all, the eyes should be closed and the person should meditate. A little introspection is required. The person should sense if any negative energy is flowing through their body and not promptly react to it.

After this is done, the incense should be lit. The person should now visualize that the smoke and fragrance emerging from the incense are shifting the energy inside and around them, sending the negative energy back to the universal consciousness.

Once this step is complete, the crystal should be held in the hands and the individual should visualize showering the crystal with loving light so that any impurities present inside it are cleaned and returned to universal consciousness while the crystal is restored to its original vibration.

The person can choose to meditate for some time. If the smoke and fragrance from the incense feel too strong, it should be put out.

Completing this ceremony will fill the crystal and the individual with positivity and drive negative energy away.

Can smoke from incense harm healing crystals?

No, smoke from incense cannot harm healing crystals until it is in direct contact with the burning incense. Direct heat will potentially damage the crystal.

Can incense harm our health?

Incense smoke may contain various gaseous pollutants (such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, etc.), volatile organic compounds, and absorbed toxic pollutants. Excessive use of incense may lead to health issues, especially related to the respiratory system.

What are the Best Incenses One Can Use for Smoke Cleaning?

Dried herbs are best for smoke cleansing. However, the type of herb one should use depends on what they need. To counter negative feelings like stress and anxiety, incense with floral fragments works best as the aroma helps the mind relax.

To counter financial stress and physical illness incense made of wood like cedar and sandalwood are best. Incense made of jasmine and mugwort is considered best to connect one with their spirituality. 

The fragrance of burning incense helps an individual connect with the surroundings and nature. Herbs like Desert sage, Rosemary, Juniper, and Lavender too are excellent options one should consider for smoke cleansing.

How to Cleanse Crystals with Incense?
How to Cleanse Crystals with Incense?

What Incense is Good for Cleansing?

Incausa Breu Resin Incense sticks

These incense sticks are made of Breu resin which is extracted from the Almacega tree that grows in the Amazon rainforest. These incense sticks are widely used in Ayahuasca brewing ceremonies and are known for providing protection against evil spirits and accelerating the cleansing and healing process.

Prinknash Abbey Incense

These incense resins are hand-made and blessed by the monks of Prinknash Abbey in the UK. Prinknash Abbey incense sticks have a high vibration and they are prepared from a mixture of Frankincense, Myrrh, and essential oils.

Fred Soll’s Pure Resin Incense

These too are hand-made incense sticks that have an amazingly beautiful fragrance that is clean and pure. They are long-lasting and can burn for hours.

Resin incenses that are good for cleansing

Resin incenses that are good for cleansing


It frees stagnant energy in the body and is great for meditation.


It boosts positivity and amplifies positive vibrations.


It is an all-purpose spiritual cleanser and it keeps negative energy away from us.


It has uplifting energy. Benzoin dispels sadness and fills our minds with self-love and compassion.

Dragon’s blood

It carries healing and replenishing vibrations. It can restore our energy and health.

Palo Santo

This term translates to “holy wood”. Burning Palo Santo resin during meditation uplifts our mood and enhances our creativity.


It helps protect our homes from negativity and brings a positive financial influence.

How to Cleanse Crystals with Incense?
Types of Incense

Herb incenses that are good for cleansing

White sage

When burnt, it removes negative vibration from crystals, space, and our body. It also is an all-purpose crystal cleanser.

Blue sage

Known as the “Desert sage”, this plant can help in the purification of our space.


It helps attract positive energy into our space.


Dried lavender can drive anxiety away and ease insomnia.


It emits protective energy and protects our space from negativity.

Bay leaves

Bay leaves contain a chemical compound called “linalool” which helps in reducing anxiety. Burning dried bay leaves can ease the mind and cleanse energy when a person is stressed.


It enhances creativity and removes stagnant energy.


It is a purifying plant used to cleanse and bless a home before a new family moves in.

Stick incenses that are good for cleansing


Lavender works best for those who worry too much. It tones down frantic energy and makes the space comfortable.


It neutralizes the feeling of excessive tension and drives away the feeling of insecurity and helplessness.


It boosts one’s confidence and self-esteem.

Nag Champa

It contains a purifying vibration that can boost the overall vibration of the space.


The fragrance from burning lotus incense enhances meditation and fills the space with calm and peaceful energy.


It balances the energy of our room, stabilizing our mood and quieting our scattered minds.

Is Smoke Cleansing Effective on Crystals?

Yes, smoke cleansing is an effective way of cleaning crystals energetically and it is preferred by many people. Smoke from incense not only helps in purifying crystals, but also purifies our mind, soul, and our surroundings. It changes the frequency of vibration within and around us, filling the atmosphere with positivity and liveliness.

Smoke cleansing is effective but the question is how effective is this method in comparison to others?

The fragrance emerging from the burning incense has healing abilities. It can refresh our minds, revitalize our bodies and boost positivity and serenity. Therefore, the use of incense not only helps in purifying your crystals energetically but also cleans the space around them. This is also why incenses are being widely used in religious events and crystal cleansing rituals.

Burning incense sticks and herbs at home can cleanse the object and the space surrounding it. The crystals should be run through the smoke for about 20 to 30 sec which will ensure that the crystals have been cleansed. The smoke will restore the crystals to their original vibration, resetting their energy and filling the surrounding with a refreshing aroma.

Smoke cleansing is not a very effective technique when compared to other methods of crystal cleansing. It has been found that incense can boost your crystals only in the presence of smoke. Once the smoke disappears, the crystal will go back to its original state. Smoke cleansing can energetically boost your crystals only for a temporary amount of time.

However, the benefits of smoke cleansing are too great to ignore. Smoke from incense purifies the air and the surrounding, as well as has a positive impact on the mind and body, boosting the energy inside our body and providing us emotional strength. The aromatic fragrance spreads positivity in the atmosphere and is considered great for healing. Smoke cleansing is still a decent method and should be used if you want to clean or purify the surroundings as well as yourself along with your crystals.

How are smudging and smoke cleansing different?

People often get confused between the two terms. Following is a brief comparison that explains how smudging and smoke cleansing are different.

1) Smudging is a traditional method of purifying an object or our soul from negative energy commonly practiced by indigenous communities residing in North America. Smoke cleansing on the other hand is a much more interpretive practice that anyone can perform.

2) Smudging requires the involvement of all 4 natural elements; fire, air, earth, and water. Smoke cleansing does not require the involvement of all 4 elements. However, the person practicing it can always choose to use these elements if they want. 

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