Angel Number 987 Meaning & Symbolism

In numerology, angel numbers are specific numbers that have spiritual vibrations attached to them. These numbers can be either important dates or a random combination and sequence of numbers. Our guardian angels use angel numbers, along with bird feathers, totems, and spirit animals, to send us messages of support, guidance, reassurance, and acceptance. In this article, we will take a look at the numerological, secret, and Biblical meaning of angel number 987, along with its meaning in love, twin flames, tarot cards, and career.

Angel Number 987 Meaning

By repeatedly showing you angel number 987, your guardian angels want you to believe in yourself because you are capable of doing extraordinary deeds. You will feel much more energized and motivated to accomplish your dreams when you are investing your time in things that fascinate you and make you happy.

You mustn’t let your past mistakes and actions influence your future. Being regretful of your past mistakes, not learning from them, and not forgiving yourself for making those mistakes have made you complacent and lazy. Angel number 987 tells you that by letting go of these emotions, you allow positive energies to move through you and that helps you realize your full potential.   

Angel Number 987 Meaning & Symbolism
Angel Number 987 Meaning & Symbolism

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Biblical Significance of 987 Angel Number?

When your guardian angels show you angel number 987 repeatedly they are trying to tell you to stop blaming everybody for your shortcomings. Things are not working out in your life, not because of other people but because you are not working hard enough. In order to receive guidance from your guardian angels, you need to start taking responsibility for your actions. You need to follow the current rather than rush success in order to manifest your dreams.

Number 7 in the Bible

Angel number 7 is a near-perfect number that symbolizes completeness and perfection in the Bible. It is considered by many Christians as the number which symbolizes the foundation of God’s word. According to Deuteronomy, the number seven symbolizes healing and exoneration because it tells the Israelites that every seventh year, they must cancel all the debts they have made to each other and also free their slaves.

In the book of John, Jesus used seven metaphors to describe himself on the path to salvation. Jesus Christ says that he is the bread of life, the gate to salvation, the resurrection of life, the vine, the light of the world, the good shepherd, and the way, the truth, and the life. According to the book of Genesis, God created everything that is on this earth in six days, and on the seventh day, he finally took his rest.

Number 8 in the Bible

In the Bible, angel number 8 represents a new beginning, a new creation, or a person who is presented with the gift of eternal life after they are resurrected from the dead. According to Romans 2:28-29 and Colossians 2:11-13, baby boys should be circumcised on the 8th day because the number 8 symbolizes receiving of the Holy Spirit.

Eight men- Matthew, Mark, James, Peter, Paul, Jude, Luke, John, and James wrote the New Testament. The common patriarch of Abrahamic religions- Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, Abraham had eight sons. In Ancient Israel, one of the methods of knowing the time was watchkeeping. According to the New Testament, the day was divided into eight watch periods.

Number 9 in the Bible

The number 9 has a lot of Biblical significance. In the Scripture, the word ‘nine’ was used a total of forty-nine times. This number is used to convey the meaning of finality and represents the many fruits of the Holy Spirit. According to Galatians 5:22-23, the nine fruits of the Holy Spirit are- Self-control, gentleness, faithfulness, peace, joy, goodness, kindness, and long-suffering.

The Day of Atonement or Yom Kippur, one of the holiest Jewish holidays, is observed at sunset on the 9th day of the seventh Hebrew month. Before the kingdom of Israel fell into the hands of the Assyrians, Hoshea, the last king of Israel, rules over the land for nine years. According to the Old Testament, there are at least 9 groups or individuals who practiced sorcery and black magic.

Relation Between Angel Number 987 and Love

Angel number 987 has a bittersweet message for people who are in a relationship. The energies of this number are preparing you for ending the relationship. Your relationship has come to an end. You and your partner no longer care for your relationship. Even though you have endured a lot of heartbreak and loss in the relationship together, you and your partner, no longer feel at ease in the relationship.  

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Angel Number 987 and Your Twin Flame

The energies of angel number 987 not only signify that you’ll soon meet your twin flame partner but also indicates that you are a fortunate person and that your hopes and aspirations will soon be fulfilled.  Seeing the number repeatedly is a sign that you’ll be blessed with twin flame reunion, prosperity, and kindness for all the hard work that you have put into accomplishing your ambitions.

Angel Number 987 and Career

Seeing angel number 987 repeatedly indicates that you are a skilled and knowledgeable employee, however, you are prone to procrastinating and delaying the work. Procrastinating isn’t a good attribute and it shows your colleagues and even your superiors that you are not serious about your job. By showing you angel number 987, your guardian angels are asking you to mend your ways and stop wasting your time. Become more efficient, so that you can quickly achieve your goals in life.

Angel Number 987 and Money

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Numerological Significance of 987 Angel Number

The foundational numbers of an angel number play a very important role because they influence the energies of the angel number. In the case of angel number 987, angel number 7 represents divine support, good luck, and manifestation.

Angel number 8 represents balance, harmony, peace, infinity, and unlimited abundance. And angel number 9 represents soul mission, fulfillment, love, and commitment to a purpose.

Therefore, the core numerological message of angel number 987 is to never give up on your dreams and ideas. Pursue the ideas that you enjoy the most because you’ll be energized and motivated to see them through. You’ll achieve significant progress in your life when you are committed to achieving your projects fully.

Number 7 in numerology

You are represented by the number seven or resonate with its energy if you are born on the 7th, 16th, or 25th of any month. In numerology, the number seven is associated with the planet Ketu. You like to pursue your assignments and work in an orderly, methodical, and logical manner. You can also be very intuitive and empathetic, therefore, you would likely succeed in professions like research, technology, astrology, and social work.

The number seven is a spiritual number that is associated with mysticism. It has strong masculine energy as well because the number is assertive, confident, and attention-seeking. If you resonate with this number then you are pragmatic, sometimes introverted, spiritually wise, knowledgeable, and possess healing abilities. When it comes to romantic relationships, people associated with this number are devoted, faithful, and supportive of their partners through thick and thin. They also like the company of a partner who gives them their space and time.

Number 8 in numerology

You resonate with the energy of angel number 8 when your birthday is either on the 8th, 17th, or 26th of any month. In numerology, the number 8, which is ruled by the planet Saturn, is a building number and is considered a significant number in business and financial industries. Angel number 8 means building companies, procedures, roads, institutions, and other things of value to society.

Social status, desire for peace, love for humanity, inner strength, authority, ego, self-confidence, and inner wisdom is the essence of angel number 8. People who resonate with the energy of this angel number are very ambitious, show a lot of gratitude, and are ready to endure a lot to achieve their dreams and passions. However, on a bad day, they can also be very entitled, authoritative, and materialistic.

A career in management, accounting, law, and finance is most suitable for the people whose life path number is 8. On the other hand, a career in building infrastructure and inventing or creating things that are useful in society is ideal for those people whose destiny number is 8. People who associate with this angel number are organized, realistic, innovators, have good business acumen, work efficiently and know how to create a balance between the different aspects of their life.

Number 9 in numerology

In numerology, angel number 9 is a spiritually powerful number. The energies of angel number 9 offer people a chance to get a better understanding of life and to learn important life lessons from a higher sense of spiritual being. Seeing angel number 9 repeatedly is a sign from your guardian angels to stop yourself from worrying about negativity and bad karma.

You can move your life forward and find a solution to your problems if you rise above the adversities. Angel number 9 also signifies beginnings, endings, benevolence, altruism, conformity, light-work, expanding your viewpoint, higher perspective, sensitivity, and leading a life filled with positivity and determination.

People who are born on the 9th, 18th, or 27th of any month are ruled by the planet Mars and the number 9. They are known for being resilient, following rules and expecting others to follow them too, standing up and fighting for the right of others, possessing problem-solving abilities, nurturing, and compassion. They can also be self-centered, secretive, fearful of insubordination, and get intensely involved with certain situations. In numerology, the number 9 is perceived as a masculine number.

Numbers 87 and 98 in numerology

Organization, prosperity, family, introspection, efficiency, responsibility, harmony, and business are the core vibrations of angel number 87. They are very nurturing individuals and like to undertake activities that are beneficial for the people around them. People who resonate with this angel number are known for building or investing in infrastructure that can benefit the neighborhood.

On the other hand, the energies of angel number 98 urge you to never stop your pursuit of achieving success. Your guardian angels show you angel number 98 in order to make you feel proud about your achievements and the tremendous work you have put into manifesting your dreams.

Number 987 and Tarot Card

Although a deck of tarot cards has only 72 cards in it, we can still determine the spiritual meaning of angel number 987 in tarot cards by studying the meaning of its foundation numbers 7, 8, and 9.

Card number 7

The seventh card in a deck of tarot cards is known as ‘the chariot.’ In this card we see a young man sitting on a chariot that is pulled by either a couple of sphinxes or horses. The young man sitting on the chariot is depicted wearing either a helmet or crown on his head and holding either a sword or a wand. The chariot itself has either a mallet or a gavel painted on its coat of arms. This mallet or gavel is meant to represent self-control.

The chariot also has a canopy of stars which is intended to represent celestial influences. When this card is pulled in the upright position, it represents triumph, vengeance, providence, presumption, war, and succor. And when this card is pulled in the reverse position, it represents defeat, riot, litigation, quarrel, and dispute.

Card number 8

‘Strength’ is the 8th card in a tarot deck. Historically, this card used to be known as ‘Fortitude’ and in the Thoth tarot deck this card is known as ‘Lust.’ The historical representation of the ‘Strength’ card depicts a woman holding or breaking a stone pillar while standing next to a lion.

This card depicts a woman leaning over a lion and clasping at its jaws and there is an infinity symbol on top of the woman’s head. When this card is pulled in the upright position it symbolizes courage, complete success, action, power, energy, and honors. And in the reversed position it symbolizes discord, weakness, despotism, abuse of power, and sometimes even disgrace. 

Card number 9

The ninth card in a deck of tarot cards is called ‘The Hermit.’ The hermit is a Major Arcana card that depicts an old man, carrying a lantern in one hand and a staff in another, on a mountain peak. This card is associated with the zodiac sign Virgo. Tarot experts consider ‘The Hermit’ to be a wiser and more mature version of ‘The Magician’ card, which is the first Major Arcana card in the tarot deck.

This card suggests that one must withdraw from society to introspect the events that have taken place along with their relationships to gather vital information and grow as a person. When pulled in the upright position, this card symbolizes prudence, corruption, dissimulation, treason, and circumspection. When the reverse of this card is pulled it symbolizes unreasoned caution, concealment, policy fear, and disguise.

Summary of Angel Number 987

Currently, if you have been seeing angel number 987 everywhere, then you need to take a moment and realize what facet of your mind are you fixated on right now. Angel number 987 can have several different meanings. For instance, the energies of this number indicate that you need to invest in further learning and education for your personal growth and spiritual enlightenment. It also indicates that you are a skilled person who can dedicate yourself to a career in spirituality and health services.

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