Angel Number 800 Meaning & Secret Symbolism Uncovered

Do you often wake up at exactly 8:00 in the morning without the help of an alarm? Do you notice the number 800 pop up in your dreams in a meaningful way? Are you even noticing the number in your surroundings all of the time?

Repeatedly seeing the same number everywhere around us is a sign that our guardian angels want to send us a message from the divine realm. With the help of numbers, known as angel numbers, guardian angels can send us messages of guidance, support, and reassurance.

An angel number can either be a number that is a random combination of numbers with specific spiritual vibrations attached to them or a sequence of numbers, such as birthdates and anniversaries, that is important to us. In this article, we will take a look at the secret, Biblical, and numerological meaning of angel number 800, along with its meaning in love, career, twin flames, and tarot cards.

Meaning of Angel Number 800

Your guardian angels show you angel number 800 in order to prepare you for your spiritual awakening. This number indicates that you tend to procrastinate and not pay attention to your responsibilities. Your guardian angels urge you to seek guidance and assistance from the divine realm in order to fulfill your commitments.

If you currently feel lost because you haven’t figured out your life’s true passion, then by showing you angel number 800, your guardian angels are asking you to meditate and to look within for answers. Develop confidence in your intuition because the angels will guide you on your life path through your intuition and inner thoughts.

Angel number 800 also urges you to never lose sight of who you really are, even when you have achieved all of your dreams and are successful. It reminds you that you shouldn’t compromise your beliefs, morals, principles, and integrity even if it means endless success and financial abundance.

Angel number 800 indicates that it is very important that you have a balance between your professional and private commitments. You shouldn’t prioritize your private or professional life above each other. And you shouldn’t listen to people who say otherwise.

Giving one thing more priority over the other will drain your energy and confuse your spirit. Your mind, body, and spirit require proper rest and that can only be achieved when you strike balance between all facets of your life.

Your overall well-being and health are very important when you are on your spiritual journey. Angel number 800 indicates that you are in good shape and on the right track. Your guardian angels approve the changes you have made to your lifestyle in order to become healthy.

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Angel Number 800 Meaning & Symbolism
Angel Number 800 Meaning & Symbolism

Biblical Significance of 800 Angel Number

Angel number 800 is not mentioned in the Bible. However, with the help of its foundational numbers, 0 and 8, we can still ascertain its Biblical meaning.

Number 0 in the Bible

Many Christians believe that the number zero represents God and His divine nature even though there are no references to the number zero in the Bible. The number zero symbolizes the omnipresence of God and infinity because of the shape of the number zero.

Number 8 in the Bible

In the Bible, angel number 8 represents a new beginning, a new creation, or a person who is presented with the gift of eternal life after they are resurrected from the dead. According to Romans 2:28-29 and Colossians 2:11-13, baby boys should be circumcised on the 8th day because the number 8 symbolizes receiving of the Holy Spirit.

Eight men – Matthew, Mark, James, Peter, Paul, Jude, Luke, John, and James wrote the New Testament. The common patriarch of Abrahamic religions- Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, Abraham had eight sons. In Ancient Israel, one of the methods of knowing the time was watchkeeping. According to the New Testament, the day was divided into eight watch periods.

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Relation Between Angel Number 800 and Love

When it comes to the topic of romantic, platonic, and familial love, angel number 800 has several positive messages attached to it. For people who are currently facing several hardships in their relationship, seeing angel number 800 signifies the end of this period and the beginning of a peaceful, joyful, and harmonious period. The energies of this number encourage and motivate you to overcome all of the challenges in your romantic life.

Angel number 800 indicates the end of the tumultuous period in your relationship. Your guardian angels ask you to take advantage of this stable period in your relationship. Mend your past mistakes and learn from them in order to create a stronger bond with your partner. You must ensure that you lay down the foundation for honest, open, and effective communication.

You must remember that your romantic partner is their own person. Therefore, you need to award them with the same respect that you think you deserve. Make them feel supported, protected, and loved at all times. Be someone your partner can rely on. It is important that you spend quality time with them and offer them guidance and affection whenever they need it.

Angel Number 800 Twin Flame Reunion

When it comes to twin flame relationships, the energy of angel number 800 is cautious. For people who are already in a relationship with their twin flame partners, seeing angel number 800 indicates that you are ignoring your partner and should give them the proper love and attention that they deserve.

Be honest and communicate your feelings effectively in order to avoid misunderstandings and separation. And for people who are searching for their twin flame partner, seeing angel number 800 is a sign that reconciliation is right around the corner.

Angel Number 800 and Career

When you are thinking about changing your career or starting a new venture, then seeing angel number 800 signifies that now is the perfect time to do those things. The powerful energies of this number usher in an era of new opportunities, beginnings, success, and abundance.

Angel number 800 has nothing but positive connotations attached to it, it is even considered a positive omen for people embarking on a new professional journey. It indicates that your guardian angels have opened several doors for you which will lead to many new opportunities.

800 angel number indicates material abundance and financial prosperity. Angel number 800 reminds you that you have put in a lot of work in achieving your dreams and they are rewarding this hard work and perseverance with prosperity.

Angel Number 800 Summary
Angel Number 800 Summary

Number 800 and Tarot Card

Although there are 72 cards in a tarot deck, we can still ascertain the meaning of angel number 800 in tarot cards with the help of its foundation numbers, 0 and 8.   

Card Number 0 –   Many people believe that there are only 21 cards in the Major Arcana. However, there is the 22nd card. The 22nd card is unnumbered and is known as ‘the fool.’ Some decks place this card in the 22nd or the 0th position. All of the cards in the Major Arcana chronicle the journey of the ‘Fool,’ from the start of the journey till the end of his life cycle.

In the Rider-Waite adaptation of the tarot cards, ‘The Fool’ is a young man with a knapsack over his shoulders, embarking on a new adventure into an unknown land. ‘The Fool’ is depicted as standing at the edge of a cliff with a giant mountain in the background and a white dog following him. The ‘Fool’ symbolizes naivety, purity, and innocence. The giant mountain behind him symbolizes the challenges he is going to face on his new journey.

And lastly, his trusty companion, the white dog represents loyalty and protection. The white dog accompanies the ‘fool’ on the entirety of his journey and he encourages the ‘fool’ to persevere on his journey and learn new lessons from his experiences. Upright, this card represents innocence, spontaneity, beginnings, and free spirit. Pulled in reverse, this card represents restlessness, risk-taking, and holding back feelings.

Card number 8 – ‘Strength’ is the 8th card in a tarot deck. Historically, this card used to be known as ‘Fortitude’ and in the Thoth tarot deck this card is known as ‘Lust.’ The historical representation of the ‘Strength’ card depicts a woman holding or breaking a stone pillar while standing next to a lion.

This card depicts a woman leaning over a lion and clasping at its jaws and there is an infinity symbol on top of the woman’s head. When this card is pulled in the upright position it symbolizes courage, complete success, action, power, energy, and honors. And in the reversed position it symbolizes discord, weakness, despotism, abuse of power, and sometimes even disgrace. 

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Numerological Significance of 800 Angel Number

Repeatedly seeing angel number 800 indicates that you will soon enter a very prosperous phase in your life. During this period, you’ll finally say goodbye to your financial woes. Your guardian angels urge you to make the most out of this prosperous period and use it to fulfill your spiritual purpose and divine life mission. By having confidence in your abilities you can bring positive changes in your life.

Angel number 800 indicates that your guardian angels are doing everything in their power to direct you towards a life where you can achieve your dreams and serve needy people. It reminds us that we must always stay true to our beliefs, morals, and principles. And that we must always have integrity. We should not compromise our principles under any circumstances.

Number 0 in numerology

The energies of angel number 0 help people achieve spiritual enlightenment. It urges people to follow the right path in life and develop spiritual aspects. It represents oneness, eternity, the beginning point, continuing cycles, and potential.

It is believed that the number 0 possesses the energy of God’s force and that signifies that you have the full backing of the Universe in your endeavors. Since the number zero looks like a circle, therefore, from a spiritual perspective it symbolizes evolution, infinity, and eternity.

With this number, your guardian angel is suggesting that you’ll soon embark on a new adventure where you’ll have plenty of new experiences. Your guardian angel wants you to know that you are constantly growing and improving as an individual.

By sending you the number zero, your guardian angel is also informing you about opportunities that will be beneficial to your personal and professional growth that will be presented to you soon.

Number 8 in numerology

Angel number 8 resonates with important traits such as inner wisdom, decisiveness, personal power, authority, patience, and self-confidence. It also signifies achievement, the manifestation of abundance, and material success. This angel number is ruled by the planet Saturn and is considered a building number. The essence of angel number 8 consists of these core characteristics- social status, ego, authority, self-confidence, inner strength, desire for peace, love for humanity, and inner wisdom.

People born on the 8th, 17th, or 26th of any month resonate with the energy of this angel number. They are very ambitious, show a lot of gratitude, and are ready to endure a lot to achieve their dreams and passions. However, on a bad day, they can also be very entitled, authoritative, and materialistic. If your life path number is 8, then you have what it takes to make a career in finance, accounting, management, and law.

Number 80 in numerology

Inclusiveness, business acumen, balance, wholeness, efficiency, and building are some of the core vibrations of angel number 80. If the number 80 is in the destiny position on your numerological chart then you are a productive person who is good with business and has a broad vision that will benefit society in the longer run. You strive to create a balance in all facets of your life and are a realistic and benevolent person.

Summary of Angel Number 800

The positive energies of angel number 800 make us optimistic and encouraged us to follow our dreams and make them come true. It indicates that if you pay close attention to what your guardian angels are trying to tell you and inculcate those changes in your life, then you become one step closer to abundance, prosperity, and success. But most importantly this number makes you realize that you are a worthy and capable human being who deserves happiness and contentment in your life.

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