Angel Number 72 Meaning & Symbolism

Our guardian angels have a special way of communicating with us. They like to send us messages through nature, animals, electronic devices, and other things in our surroundings.

Many times, they also show us numbers that are either significant to us or have some spiritual significance.

Let us see what messages are our guardian angels trying to pass onto us with the help of angel number 72.

Secret Meaning of Angel Number 72 Signify?

People who resonate with angel number 72 are team players, therefore, your guardian angel is showing you angel number 72 everywhere to tell you the importance of working well in a dream.

Just like you help other people, let other people help you sometimes as well because we all need a bit of assistance at some point in our lives.

Your guardian angel also shows you angel number 72 to tell you that you must acknowledge the people who have helped you and acknowledge their efforts.

Angel number 72 symbolizes – empathy, intuitiveness, humanitarian nature, tolerance, compassion, and mediation. By showing you angel number 72, the universe is expressing its gratitude and appreciation towards your selfless efforts to help other people.

Your guardian angel wants you to help people achieve the same level of balance and harmony that you have been able to achieve.

You might have become a little cynical over time. Therefore, your guardian angels show you angel number 72 to remind you of your inner wisdom and intuition which makes decisions that are helpful to people.

You will see angel number 72 everywhere when your guardian angels are urging you to have more balance and stability in your life.

Your guardian angel shows you angel number 72 in the hopes that you can strike a balance between having fun and being responsible for your actions and well-being. The essence of this angel number teaches you how to deal with losses and negativity with grace, dignity, and poise.

Angel Number 72 Meaning & Symbolism
Angel Number 72 Meaning & Symbolism

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What is the Biblical Significance of 72 Angel Number?

In Biblical scripture, angel number 72 has been mentioned multiple times. According to the Bible, Jesus was dead for three days (72 hours) before his resurrection.

Chapter 10 of Genesis states that Noah had 72 descendants. According to the Gospel of Luke, Jesus Christ sends 72 apostles in pairs on specific missions.

According to a story in the Old Testament, there was once an Israelite by the name of Jonah who had been called upon by God to become a prophet. Jonah refuses to become a prophet and instead goes on a sea voyage.

God raises a huge storm as a sign of his anger towards Jonah. Jonah was saved from drowning when he was swallowed by a whale.

Jonah lived inside the whale for 72 hours and was regurgitated out of the creature when they reached the land.

Angel number 7 in the Bible

Spiritually and physically, the number seven is a symbol of perfection and completeness. As we all know, several numbers are referred to in the Bible, however, the number seven is referred to hundreds of times. Many Christians consider the number seven as the foundation of God’s word.

The most significant mention of the number seven was made in a passage in the Book of Genesis. According to this passage, the cycle of work and rest which is adopted by Christian men around the world is based on the fact that God created the Earth and everything on it in six days, and on the seventh day he took rest.

The seven statements spoken by Jesus Christ from the cross during his crucifixion marked the completion of his earthly duties. Therefore, the number seven represents completion.

The original Bible was divided into 7 distinct parts:

1. The law,
2. The prophets,
3. the writings,
4. the Gospels and Acts,
5. the General Epistles,
6. the Epistles of Paul,
7. the book of Revelations.

In the book of John, Jesus used seven metaphors to describe himself as the path to salvation. Jesus Christ says that he is the bread of life, the gate to salvation, the resurrection of life, the vine, the light of the world, the good shepherd, and the way, the truth, and the life.

According to Psalm 12:6, King David describes the perfect nature of God’s flawless words as “like gold refined seven times.”

According to a passage in the Book of Revelations, there are seven churches, seven angels assigned to the seven churches, seven last plagues, seven thunders, seven seals, and seven trumpet plagues.

Angel number seven symbolizes the fulfillment of oaths and promises. This is represented in a passage in the Book of Genesis where God promises to never destroy the earth again with a flood. He memorializes his promise to the people with the formation of a rainbow which is also comprised of seven colors.

Angel number 2 in the Bible

In the Bible, the number 2 is a significant number that is used to symbolize either a union or a division. For example, the number two symbolizes the union between the Church and Christ. A man and a woman, become one in the eyes of God when they marry one another.

According to Biblical literature, Adam was the first man ever created. He sinned and brought nothing but death and destruction into this world. On the other hand, Jesus Christ, who is considered the second Adam, brought the gift of resurrection and eternal life into this world.

A passage in the book of Revelations introduces the concept of the second death. According to Revelations 21:8, people who refuse to repent for their sins and obey the word of God will be thrown into the lack of eternal fire. This death, also known as the second death, eternally divides those who are righteous from those who practice evil deeds.

Another way in which angel number 2 is significant is in the context of the division of Biblical text. The testimony of God is divided between the Old and the New Testament. All of the agreements that God made with humankind are also divided into the Old and the New Covenants.

Symbolism of Angel Number 72

If you resonate with angel number 72 then you are a highly intuitive, wise, and spiritual person. You dislike being in predicaments where you are surrounded by people who lie, gossip, and say bad things about other people.

You are also a spiritual person and a truth seeker. Angel number 72 is a number connected with opportunities and happiness.

Relation Between Angel Number 72 and Love

People who resonate with angel number 72 find it hard to find their perfect romantic partner because they are very choosy. They make their potential partners go through a lengthy vetting process before they are sure about them.

Not only this, but they can also be very domineering in their relationship and like to take control of every aspect. They are fearful of commitment but when they find a person who can stand up for themselves in their relationship, they’ll reciprocate this sense of belongingness with love, care, nurture, and devotion.

If you are seeing this number everywhere, then that indicates that you’ll soon be in a loving and affectionate relationship with your ideal partner.

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Angel Number 72 and Your Twin Flame

Angel number 72 is a powerful twin flame number that is essential when you seek your twin flame connection. It helps you on your journey to find your twin flame or soul mate.

If you see angel number 72 everywhere on your twin flame journey then that is a sign that the universe and your guardian angels are supporting you on this endeavor.

They want you to be confident and overcome any hurdles that are on your current path so that you can reconcile with your only true love.

Angel number 72 and Career

Angel number 72 contains the essence of angel number 9 which is a very spiritual number. Therefore, people who resonate with angel number 72 can become healers, doctors, teachers, or priests because of their talent to help people grow and develop in their own life.

Professionally you are interested in fields like alternative medicine, technology, travel, and astrology. Since you take your own time in completing work, you don’t like to work in professions that have strict deadlines and where the work is rushed because that leads to bad decision-making.

Numerological Significance of 72 Angel Number

In numerology, each number has a specific energy associated with it. Similarly, angel number 72 is considered a humanitarian number and is associated with intuition, idealism, compassion, tolerance, and philanthropy.

Since the sum of the digits of 72 equals 9, angel number 72 is also associated with the ideas of teamwork, philanthropy, justice, introspection, welfare, and global consciousness.

People associated with this number work well in a group because they are diplomatic, analytical, and intuitive. If your life path number is 72 then you are driven by the desire to bring a positive change to society by analyzing the challenges and hurdles that are set in place.

You are also not judgmental or discriminative towards people’s lifestyle, religious beliefs, political ideologies, and social expectations, unless and until they pose a threat to the well-being of human beings.

When the digits of this number are added, we get the number 9. Therefore, angel number 72 is a mix of the essence of numbers 7, 2, and 9 with them.

Angel number 7 in numerology

You resonate with angel number 7 if you are born on the 7th, 16th, or 25th of any month. Angel number 7 is ruled by the planet Ketu. If you associate with this number, then you are spiritually wise, sometimes introverted, knowledgeable, pragmatic, and healer.

Since angel number seven is a sum of numbers three and four, its essence is a combination of their primary characteristics- creativity and practicality.

The number seven is assertive, confident, and attention-seeking, therefore, it is considered a masculine number. It is also a powerful spiritual number that is associated with mysticism.

If you resonate with angel number seven, then you approach your work in an orderly, methodical, and logical manner. Professionally, you prefer working in a scientific or technical field. However, since you are an empath and are very intuitive, you will also be perfect for a career in either research, social work, or astrology.

If you were born on the 7th, 16th, or 25th of any month or simply resonate with angel number seven, then you are a spiritual person who is always on the lookout for the meaning of life. Every topic under the sun is fascinating to you. You are also very analytical and like to base your opinion on empirical data rather than just hearsay. However, you can also be very suspicious of other people, secretive, reclusive, opinionated, demanding, and critical.

Angel number 2 in numerology

People born on the 2nd and 11th of any month resonate with angel number 2. The essence of angel number 2 is built on love, balance, harmony, and consideration.

In numerology, this number also symbolizes adaptability, compassion, good relationship, cooperation, and faith. It also represents attributes like duality, togetherness, partnerships, and duality.

By showing you angel number 2 repeatedly, your guardian angel wants to tell you that they are always with you and are protecting and guiding you on your life path. They also show you this number as a means to reassure you and tell you that you have achieved balance in your life.

If you resonate with the number 2, then you are good at mediating fights and arguments, empathetic, considerate, committed to your relationship, and are very good listeners. You prefer working in a non-competitive environment and will thrive in professions like social work, healing, hospitality, and teaching.

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Number 72 and Tarot Card

There are exactly 72 cards in a tarot deck. However, there is no exact way to determine which card is the 72nd card, since, unlike the Major Arcana cards, the Minor Arcana cards are unnumbered.

In a tarot deck of 72 cards, there are 21 cards, the Major Arcana cards, which are numbered. These cards chronicle the journey and adventures of “the fool.”

The Minor Arcana cards on the other hand are divided into four suits which each represent a set of characteristics.

1) The suit of pentacles- finances, career, material possessions, and work.

2) The suit of cups- emotions, feelings, creativity, and intuition.

3) The suit of swords- the expression of your thoughts and ideas, the assertion of power, and your ability to make decisions.

4) The suit of wants -motivation, purpose in life, passion, and spirituality.

We can derive the essence of angel number 72 in tarot cards by studying tarot card numbers 7 and 2.

Angel Number 7

In a tarot deck, the seventh card is known as “the chariot.” Depending upon the type of deck, the young man sitting on the chariot is either wearing a helmet or a crown on his head and is holding either a sword or a wand in his hand. The chariot itself has either a mallet or a gavel painted on its coat of arms. This mallet or gavel is meant to represent self-control.

The canopy of stars on the chariot symbolizes celestial influences. When this card is pulled in the upright position, it represents triumph, vengeance, providence, presumption, war, and succor. And when this card is pulled in the reverse position, it represents defeat, riot, litigation, quarrel, and dispute.

Angel Number 2

The second card in a tarot deck is known as “the high priestess.” In the Rider-Waite tarot deck, “the high priestess,” is depicted in a blue robe with her hand on her lap. There is a crescent moon at her feet and she is wearing a crown, which is very similar to the crown worn by Egyptian goddess Hathor.

She is sitting on a throne in front of two black and white pillars- ‘J’ and ‘B,’ which stand for Jachin and Boaz, of the mystic Temple of Solomon. If this card is pulled in the upward direction, then it symbolizes mystery, secrets, the woman who interests the Querent, and the future as yet unrevealed.

If this card is pulled in the upward position by a man, then it represents the Querent herself. However, if the card is pulled by a female in the upward position, then it symbolizes wisdom, science, tenacity, mystery, and silence. This card in the reversed position symbolizes surface knowledge, moral or physical ardor, passion, and conceit.

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