Angel Number 6 Meaning & Symbolism

Do you think that you are being followed by angel number 6? Do you think that the number 6 is grabbing your attention more often than any other number? Does the number even appear to you in your dreams? Coincidentally, are you either waking up at 6:00 am, completely unprovoked, or have noticed that you receive important messages and news at 6:00?

If you are currently experiencing any of this, then you shouldn’t dismiss this phenomenon as a mere coincidence because this occurrence means that your guardian angels want to deliver you a message from the divine realm. Our ascended masters and guardian angels are always working towards making our lives better. It is their responsibility to direct us on the right path in life. Therefore, they are constantly bringing us messages from the divine realm that guide, assist, and reassure us on our life path.

Unlike our parents, our guardian angels can’t sit us down and talk to us. If they did so, then we would either become too overwhelmed and not understand the message or we would be too cynical and reject the message completely. Therefore, our guardian angels have developed several ingenious methods and means to deliver divine messages in a subtle yet effective manner. One of the means to deliver messages of spiritual significance is via angel numbers.

In numerology, the term angel numbers are given to numbers that are spiritually significant and have strong vibrations attached to them. You can calculate your angel number from either your birth date, month and year or from your name.

Sometimes, your guardian angels will even assign you a completely random number. In this article, we will take a look at the secret, biblical, and numerological meaning of angel number 6, along with its meaning in love, twin flames, tarot cards, money, career, and dreams.

Angel Number 6 Meaning

By showing you angel number 6 repeatedly, your guardian angels implore you to love and appreciate yourself. Your guardian angels want you to realize that everybody on this planet has flaws and imperfections and that you are one of these people. Learn to accept and appreciate yourself. Otherwise, if you don’t do that then you will not receive respect from other people.

Everybody on this planet makes mistakes and everybody has the option to either make amends for their mistakes or learn from them and move on. You cannot, however, live your entire life in regret that you ever made these mistakes.

Your guardian angels show you angel number 6 when they observe that you give too much and don’t ask for anything in return. Although this activity is selfless, it is also very harmful because you are not fulfilling your own needs and desires in order to help other people achieve theirs.

Sooner than later, you would have to realize that you cannot satisfy everybody and make everyone like you. You must start to prioritize your own needs before other people. 

Angel Number 6 Meaning & Symbolism
Angel Number 6 Meaning & Symbolism

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Biblical Significance of Angel Number 6

According to Biblical scripture, angel number 6 represents human weakness, the evils of Satan, and the manifestation of sin. Angel number 6 symbolizes creation because God created everything in the material universe by the sixth day of the week of creation. In the Bible, under six different circumstances, Jesus Christ was accused of being possessed by a demon.

When the number six is repeated 3 times, the resultant number is considered by many the mark of the end of the Beast because of pop culture. However, according to Biblical literature, this number represents the best system of governance created by mankind without the presence of God but under his constant influence.

Angel number 6 is associated with work because: according to Exodus 21, the Hebrew slaves had to serve a term of six years. By showing you angel number 6 repeatedly, your guardian angels are acknowledging the hard work and effort you have put into achieving your goals.

You should be proud of what you have been able to achieve because it isn’t an easy feat to get over many obstacles and still be in the place where you wanted to be in. Moving forward in life you should be able to distinguish between the people who will encourage you to be better and those who will make you doubt your talents.

Relation Between Angel Number 6 and Love

If you are seeing the number 6 repeatedly, then that is a sign that you wish to be in a relationship where you are loved by your partner. You want your relationship to be romantic and your partner to be passionate and affectionate towards you.

For people who are already in a relationship, angel number 6 has several glaring negative connotations. It signifies that you have become moody and overly emotional because of your partner’s controlling ways. It also sadly signifies that you no longer feel happy in your relationship and your relationship is devoid of all positivity. Most importantly, angel number 6 signifies that your current romantic partner will turn a blind eye toward you when you need them the most.

People who resonate with the energies of angel number 6 strive to strike balance and create harmony around them. Oftentimes this means that they will sacrifice their own needs and wants to satisfy another person. Your guardian angels remind you that you are your own person who is worthy of love, happiness, and success. You cannot and should not let other people control your life’s trajectory. You need to strike a balance between all of the different facets of life and not put people on a pedestal.  

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Angel Number 6 and Your Twin Flame

Seeing angel number 6 repeatedly is a sign that you will meet your twin flame soon. This number indicates that the love shared between you and your twin flame will be unlike anything you have ever experienced before. You should expel all of the negative emotions regarding breaking up and separating because angel number 6 suggests that you and your partner will always be together and will share a happy bond with one another.

You and your twin flame will meet unexpectedly. At first glance, you won’t recognize them but as your heart will start beating faster you’ll realize who you are standing next to. In numerology, angel number 6 is the number of care and nurture.

Therefore, you will be the most caring, loving, and devoted partner to your twin flame if you are seeing angel number 6. Your guardian angel will mean the world to you and you will be ready to sacrifice everything for them at the drop of a hat.

Angel number 6 and Career

By showing you angel number 6 repeatedly your guardian angels are notifying you that you will soon experience good luck and prosperity. You’ll be successful in your professional life if you are determined and put in a lot of effort in achieving your goals. For people who are currently hyper-focused on their careers, seeing angel number 6 is a reminder to stay positive and to work hard.

It signifies that you are focusing more on achieving your material goals and need to divert your focus towards your spiritual enlightenment. You must strike a balance between your spiritual and material pursuits. You mustn’t prioritize one over another. If you are currently at a job where you are not satisfied, then by showing you angel number 6, your guardian angels are encouraging you to take a stand for yourself and either ask for better work or look for a different job that suits your specifications.

People who resonate with the energies of angel number 6 are people-pleasers through and through. So much so that they will do anything in their power to make another person happy and content, even if it means sacrificing their own needs and wants. By showing you angel number 6 repeatedly, your guardian angels are reminding you of this tendency. You must not ignore your own ambitions and jeopardize your future to further your company’s growth.

People who resonate with the vibrations of angel number 6 are gifted with the ability to lead people. This is because you understand the weight of your responsibilities and are wise. Therefore, you will not only work towards achieving the company’s goals effectively but will also lead others to do the same.

Angel Number 6 impact on Money

It is believed that angel number 6 is directly linked to prosperity, acquisition of wealth, and abundance. If you see the number 6 is a longer sequence then that is a sign that you will soon be bequeathed with several gifts. It also signifies that you are in line to inherit mass wealth after the death of a relative. By showing you angel number 6, your guardian angels are telling you that you have nothing to worry about and should take advantage of the career opportunities opening soon.            

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Angel number 6 in dreams

If you have been seeing angel number 6 in your dreams repeatedly, then that has several positive and negative connotations. The meaning behind the appearance of the number 6 in your dreams depends upon how and where it is shown. For instance, a massive angel number 6 appearing in your dreams is a sign that you’ll soon achieve your dreams.

If the number 6 is glowing in your dreams then that signifies that you are ready to implement a creative idea. The glowing number 6 is shown to you by your guardian angels to tell you that you should stop procrastinating and commit to completing the new project. One of the most common ways in which the number six is shown to us by our guardian angels is on a clock. Seeing the number 6 on a clock in your dreams is a sign that you’ll soon receive an important gift.

If you are reading a book in your dream and you see angel number 6 appear prominently, then that is a sign from your guardian angels to look for new opportunities and interests. It is a sign that you are currently feeling stuck in your life and should look for ways to bring excitement and enjoyment into it. If in your dreams the number 6 is deliberately crossed out then that is a sign that you’ll soon have an encounter that will be an opportunity to avoid danger.

While these are some examples of positive meanings behind seeing angel number 6, now let us take a look at some of the negative meanings. If the number 6 appears to you in a bright red color then that indicates that the chronic illness that you or your loved one is suffering from will exacerbate. Seeing the number in black color represents sadness and depression.

If the number 6 appears three times then that signifies that you will commit a criminal act soon. Having a dream in which you repeatedly see the number 6 being erased indicates your insecurities regarding your appearance.

Numerological Significance of Angel Number 6

In numerology, the essence of angel number 6 is family, idealism, hope, harmony, and healing. People who resonate with the energy of angel number 6 are born on the 6th, 15th, or 24th of any month. The foundation of their being is their family and home. They are responsible idealistic people who like to think of ideas that uplift and support everybody around them.

They do well in social situations and are generally good-natured people who come across as personable and helpful. They’ll go to any lengths in order to maintain the peace and harmony of their surroundings.

However, their penchant to put the needs of other people in front of others can be rather harmful. They will put their own needs, happiness, and desires aside for other people if it stops people from fighting and causing disharmony in their surroundings.

Number 6 and Tarot Card

The sixth card in a tarot deck is known as ‘The Lovers.’ The lovers is a Major Arcana card that is used in gameplay and divination. This card is closely associated with the zodiac sign Gemini, which is represented by the symbol of the twins. Coincidentally, in traditional tarot decks, card number 6 used to be known as ‘the twins.’ Duality or polarity is the name of the game when it comes to Geminis because their energy tries to embody two opposing ends of a spectrum.

The most commonly used modern tarot deck by Rider-Waite depicts ‘the lovers’ as Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden with the Almighty God looking down upon them with wings in the foreground. Behind Adam and Eve, there is the Tree of Knowledge with a serpent wrapped around its trunk.

The serpent symbolizes our choices and indicates that we have to suffer the consequences of our bad decisions. People believe that in its entirety this card represents our relationships and choices. When this card is pulled in the upright position it symbolizes love, beauty, attraction, and overcoming of obstacles. And when this card is pulled in the reversed position it symbolizes frustration within the relationship, failure, and foolish decisions.

This card warns us of the implications of our decisions and suggests that we come to our conclusion only after careful deliberation. It also suggests that the choices we make should come from a place of personal growth, acceptance, and enlightenment. Contrary to popular beliefs, this card indicates your growing attraction not only towards another person but also towards a new hobby, job, or situation. 

Summary of the 6 Angel Number

Seeing angel number 6 repeatedly is a sign that you are a lightworker and your true purpose in life is to help other people on their path of spiritual enlightenment. This number indicates that we are worthy of love, happiness, and success and must save ourselves from toxic relationships.

It indicates that for a long time you suppressed your emotions but now you are ready to express them even if it hurts the people around you. Your guardian angels are telling you that you are losing your uniqueness and must focus on becoming more creative. You must have faith in your abilities and your guardian angels to lead you on the right path in life.

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