Angel Number 22 Meaning & Symbolism

Has this ever happened to you that whenever you switch on your computer or your mobile phone you notice that the time is always 22 minutes past a certain hour?

Do you ever feel the creeping sensation that maybe this is more than just a mere coincidence?

Our guardian spirits and angels have many different ways to communicate with us. Sometimes they send us a reassuring message with the help of a song or an animal. But there are many other instances where they share their message of hope to us via spiritually significant numbers.

Before you dismiss these recurring numbers as a weird coincidence, read our article on the spiritual significance of angel number 22.

What Does Angel Number 22 Signify?

Our spirit guides communicate with us very often. They show it to us on our clocks, when we check our watch, or on our mobile phones. But one other way in which our spirit guide communicates with us is via our dreams. Since the number 22 is a master number it has a very high frequency.

If you have a recurring dream about seeing the number 22, then that dream suggests that you are currently carrying powerful building and manifesting energy.

They are also a sign from your guardian angel to find a purpose in your life and to turn your dreams into reality. It is an indication from the universe that you possess the energy to make things happen for you right now.

Angel Number 22 Meaning & Symbolism
Angel Number 22 Meaning & Symbolism

Biblical Significance of 22

While many numbers are referred to in the Bible, 22 is not one of them. However, since 22 is 2 times 11, which symbolizes disorder, judgment, and the irresponsibility of breaking the law, it is believed that 22 represents the same but twice as much. During the six days of creation, God created twenty-two things.

The Levitical Old Testament consists of twenty-two books. Adam and Jacob have a gap of 22 years. The word of God was originally composed in Hebrew. The Hebrew alphabet is made from 22 letters.

The first king of Israel, Jeroboam I reigned for 22 years. It is also believed that just before Jesus died for the sins of all humankind, he quoted the first verse from Psalm 22.

Number 2 in Biblical literature

According to Biblical literature, the number 2 is a significant number. For example, Adam, the first man to have been created, sinned and brought nothing but death and destruction into this world. However, Jesus, who is considered the second or last Adam, brought with him the gift of resurrection and eternal life.

The number 2 symbolizes union or division. For example, a man and a woman, although two in number, become one in the eyes of God when they marry each other. It also symbolizes the union between the Church and Christ.

Revelation 21:8 suggests that the people who have refused to either repent for their sins or obey the word of God will be thrown into the lake of eternal fire. This act will eternally divide those who are righteous from those who practice evil deeds. This death will be known as the second death.

The number 2 is also a very significant number because it represents the testimony of God which is divided between the Old and the New Testament. The agreements God made with humankind are also divided into the Old and New Covenants.

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Symbolism and Secret Meaning of Angel Number 22

The number 22 is considered an angel number because of its powerful vibrations. If you see this number frequently in your dreams or in reality then that is your guardian angel’s way of telling you that they have your back, you are protected, and that you have chosen the right path in your life. It is also a way for your guardian angel to tell you that you’ll soon turn your dreams into a reality.

This angel number has very similar energy and vibrations to the number 2. Therefore, angel number 22 also symbolizes intuition, evolution, emotional balance, harmony, relationships, idealism, service, diplomacy, and adaptability. By invoking this number you are manifesting your highest desires and ambitions into reality.

Love, Family and Relationships

In numerology, the number 2 symbolizes love, harmony, balance, unification, relationships, and partnerships.

Since there are two 2s in twenty-two it is believed that the people who are in possession of this angel number are in love with the idea of love in itself. They are very supportive, nurturing, and caring of their romantic partners.

Whenever they enter a relationship, they are committed and faithful to their partners till the end. However, since love means everything to these people, they end a relationship when they feel the absence of love or believe that it doesn’t exist in their relationship anymore.

People who are in possession of this angel number do not entertain any dishonesty from their partners. And even tend to break things off with their partners when the relationship is causing them too much grief and sorrow and when they don’t receive the same amount of attention as they give to their partner.

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Is Your Twin Flame Reunion Possible?

Twin flame refers to feeling an intense soul connection with a person with the possibility that they can be that person’s better half. A twin flame soul is also known as a mirror soul and is based on the concept that a soul can split itself into two bodies. If you happen to see the number 22 on your twin flame journey then that is seen as a good omen.

According to the concept of twin flames, 22 which is a master number represents the alignment of two parallel events. It is believed that the number 22 is shown by the angels to give you hope and to indicate that you should restore old ties with your twin flame and reconcile with them.

In numerology, the number 2 is a symbol of harmony, balance, togetherness, partnership, and relationships. Angel number 22 is considered a powerful twin flame number because 2 appears twice in it. Showing angel number 22 to a person, again and again, is a way for the universe to indicate that you’ll soon meet your twin flame in an unexpected manner.

Impact on Career

Angel number 22 in numerology is known as the master builders. People whose career path number is 22 are known for being not just creative but very realistic and meaningful with their creativity.

They are very sensitive individuals and do very well in roles that require attention to detail, like analysts, researchers, and surgeons. They are also very good at diverting their energy and focus into work that serves a greater number of people and is not self-serving.

You have a very systematic and methodical approach to your work which means that you will not just be successful in your chosen field but will become an expert in it as well.

However, you are in danger of becoming conceited and vain if you become successful. Therefore, you should surround yourself with close friends and family members who can hold the mirror of reality in front of you.

You are also in danger of becoming frustrated and angry if you can’t become successful. Therefore, if your career path number is 22 then you should come to terms with the fact that you are just a human being, that you need help sometimes, and that you’ll make mistakes in life.

You should also tell yourself to loosen up a bit and learn from your mistakes rather than wallowing in self-pity when something goes wrong.

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Numerological Significance

In numerology, 11, 22, and 33 are known as master numbers. These three numbers represent the three phases of creation- envisioning, building, and sharing.

11, 22, and 33 form the ‘triangle of enlightenment’ in numerology. They are considered the most powerful numbers in numerology. Out of these three numbers, the number 22 is a master builder.

Since 22 is a very powerful number, it is associated with several extreme positives and negatives. A person whose life path number is 22 will be organized, nervous speakers, great achievers, aloof to other people’s emotions, inconsiderate, practical, dynamic leaders, aimless, fanatics, moody, hard workers, and master architects.

While it is true that most people exhibit several negative traits, however, if you are in possession of this master number, then you have the ability to affect another person in your life in a negative way.

For example, they will try to bring down the people around them and divert them from the right path. Therefore, if your child or friend is associated with this number then you should ensure that they are stimulated otherwise their negative traits can take over their positive attributes.

The universe has intrusted the soul of a person with life path 22 to increase conscious vibrations of those around them, bring peace, heal, and form a connection with their higher selves.

However, since they are very meticulous with how they approach their work and life, they sometimes struggle to ask people for their help. This means that you are unable to count on the support of your friends, family members, and colleagues because you fear that they won’t be able to reach your high standards.

2 in Numerology

The number 2 is associated with love, harmony, balance, and consideration. If you are constantly seeing the number 2 in your life, then that is your guardian angel’s way of telling you that it is time that you achieved balance in your life. It is also a way for your guardian angel to tell you that they are always there for you and protect you on your current path.

Other than balance, love, and consideration, angel number 2 also symbolizes adaptability, cooperation, compassion, faith, and good relationship. In numerology, the number 2 represents other attributes such as duality, polarity, togetherness, and partnerships.

People who are ruled by the number 2 are mediators, good listeners, empathetic, considerate, and are committed to their relationships. These people love working in a non-competitive environment. Their knack for mediation makes them perfect for professions like social work, healing, teaching, and hospitality.

Tarot Card Interpretation

In a deck of 78 Tarot cards, there are 21 cards that belong to the Major Arcana. The Major Arcana tarot cards are used in divination as well as gameplay and represent life lessons, karmic influences, and archetypal themes that influence your life on earth and your souls to journey on the path of enlightenment.

The ‘Fool’ is considered either the 22nd card or the unnumbered card. The Major Arcana tells The Fool’s journey through life, meeting people and learning new lessons along the way. He completes his journey in the World Card, which is the 21st Major Arcana card and symbolizes the end of the life cycle.

In the earliest versions of the Tarot cards, ‘The Fool’ is depicted as a vagabond or a beggar who is wearing raggedy clothes and is standing on the edge of a cliff with a duffle stick on his shoulders.

In the Rider-Waite version of the Tarot cards, ‘The Fool’ is depicted as a young man without a care in his world who is looking for a new adventure in life. He has a modest knapsack on his shoulders and is unaware of the dangers and challenges that lie in front of him on his journey.

The white dog that is following the young man on this card represents loyalty and protection. The mountain in the background symbolizes the hurdles and challenges ahead of the young man.

When the fool card is picked from the tarot deck upright, it suggests opportunity, potential, new beginnings, innocence, and spontaneity. However, the reverse of this card indicates unnecessary risk-taking, reckless behavior, and it also suggests that you are holding yourself back from moving forward.


We hope that with this article, you were able to find the answers to many of your unanswered questions. In this article, we tried to cover the significance of angel number 22 in Christianity and numerology, along with its spiritual significance.

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