Angel Number 1444 Meaning & Symbolism **Inspiring Message**

Do you often check your phone at exactly 14:44, without provocation? The number 1444 isn’t a very common number that appears around us organically. But if you are seeing this number more commonly than other numbers then that signifies that your guardian angels want to establish contact with you. Angel number 1444 isn’t just ordinary and random.

It is a very special number that has strong spiritual vibrations attached to them. Numbers such as 1444 are known as angel numbers and they are used by our guardian angels to send us messages of guidance, support, and reassurance.

In this article, we will take a look at the secret, biblical, and numerological meaning of angel number 1444, along with its meaning in love, career, money, twin flames, and tarot cards.

Symbolism and Secret Meaning of Angel Number 1444

Repeatedly seeing angel number 1444 everywhere signifies that your guardian angels want you to positively change your attitude to succeed in life and become a more enlightened person. You’ll be able to achieve your goals more effectively when you have a positive attitude and a can-do spirit.

There are many people around us that crush our spirit and push negativity onto us. This number wants you to push such people away from yourself because you are worthy of success, happiness, and love.

No one is going to come up to you and change your life with a flick of a wand. You are the only one that can enable positive change in your life. Angel number 1444 wants you to pursue your goals and aspirations in life without any reservations about your capability and potential.

You should learn to mind your own business and not get involved in other people’s business because that is the path that leads to destruction and self-sabotage.  

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Angel Number 1444 Meaning & Symbolism
Angel Number 1444 Meaning & Symbolism

What is the Biblical Significance of Angel Number 1444?

Although there is no direct mention of angel number 1444 in Biblical literature, we can still understand its Biblical meaning by examining the Biblical meaning of its foundation number- 1 and 4.

Number 1 in Bible

The number 1 is a significant and unique number in mathematics. It is the basis of all numbers and it is the only number that is divisible by itself. In Biblical literature, it represents the primacy and unity of God. Angel number 1 symbolizes the unity between God and His son Jesus along with God’s singular sacrifice of his son who died for our sins. The Scriptures record only a single sentence spoken by Jesus Christ between his birth and the beginning of his earthly ministries. Many Christians believe that a person can achieve salvation through Jesus Christ alone.

Number 4 in Bible

The number 4 is mentioned several times in the biblical scripture. And the earliest mention of the number was made in the Book of Genesis. During the week of creation, God created the sun, the moon, and the stars, on the fourth day. It is believed that the sun, the moon, and the stars were created to not only bring light into our world but to also mark different seasons and divide the days.

God finished the creation of the material universe on this day as well. During this week of creation, the four most important elements, land, air, fire, and water also came to be. The Book of Revelations notes that north, south, east, and west are the four major cardinal points on earth. The number four symbolizes the four annual seasons: spring, summer, winter, and autumn. The natural cycle created by the four annual seasons symbolizes completion and contentment.

Relation Between Angel Number 1444 and Love

For people who are already in a relationship, seeing angel number 1444 is a sign that you must spend quality time with your loved ones and become more passionate and affectionate towards them. Your guardian angels want you to be more emotionally invested in your current relationships. And they are also advising you to not prioritize material acquisitions and financial gains above love.

This number has one other great piece of advice for couples. Through angel number 1444, our guardian angels are telling us that we must resolve all of our issues and arguments with our partners before they get out of hand. Remember the key to a happy and long-lasting relationship is communication. You should make your partner comfortable enough to open up about their own feelings and emotions.

A happy fulfilled relationship will bring a lot of joy, peace, happiness, and harmony into your life. Angel number 1444 wants you to make your partner feel special with simple gestures. Make sure that they know that you love and appreciate them for who they are. If you are seeing this number when you are worried about the future of your relationship, then it is your guardian angel’s way of telling you that you must put in a lot of effort to strengthen your bond with your partner.

Even though romantic love is very important, your guardian angels remind you of familial and platonic love by showing you angel number 1444. This number signifies that when people are fixated on building their romantic relationships, they ignore almost all other relationships. This has several negative connotations because our family and friends are our first line of support. You must spend a lot of quality time with your friends and family in order to have a balanced amongst all other aspects of your life.

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Angel Number 1444 and Your Twin Flame

By showing you angel number 1444, your guardian angels are telling you that you’ll soon enter into a relationship with your twin flame. When you start this relationship, you need to focus on establishing stability and creating an organized way of life. This number tells you that you’ll be loyal and devoted to your partner. You’ll share a deep bond with your twin flame and that bond will motivate you to achieve greatness in your life because you’ll finally be able to overcome your fears and actualize your talents.  

Angel Number 1444, Career and Money

Angel number 1444 is considered a lucky number for professional and financial prosperity. It signifies major changes and transformations in your life which will usher in a phase of financial prosperity and stability. You will be financially rewarded for your hard work and determination. When things are bleak, your guardian angels will show you angel number 1444 to remind you that the divine realm is observing your every action and that you’ll soon be rewarded for your efforts.

While financial security is very important, by showing you angel number 1444 your guardian angels are reminding you that it isn’t the only source of happiness. Happiness, fulfillment, and contentment can be achieved by focusing on the things that truly matter in your life like family and friendships. Do not let your fear of financial security make you lose your peace of mind.

Numerological Significance of Angel Number 1444

Seeing angel number 1 more prominently in angel number 1444 is a reminder to always have an optimistic attitude toward your future. You’ll be empowered to take risks in your professional and personal life, only when your intentions are coming from a good place. On the other hand, seeing angel number 4 more prominently than angel number 1 is a reminder of your talents and abilities. This number reminds us that you are in charge of your destiny and cannot wait around for other people to guide you all the time.

Number 1 in numerology

Angel number 1 is ruled by the Sun and is indirectly associated with the zodiac sign Leo. You will resonate with the energy of angel number 1 if you are birthday is on the 1st, 10th, or 19th of any month. You are known for being a good leader, optimistic, determined, explorative, independent, self-determined, unique, self-sufficient, and aloof. While you don’t mind the company of other people, you prefer to be alone. Photography, public speaking, astrology, interior designing, and research are viable career options for you.

Number 4 in numerology

In numerology, the number four is said to provide a person or a situation with a lot of stability. It is a dependable no-nonsense number. People attached to this number are known for their efficient and conservative approach to life and work. If your life path number is 4 then you are a practical individual who believes in service and hard work. You think rest, love, and enjoyment are just as important as being dutiful.

If your birthday is on the 4th, 13th, 22nd, or 31st of any month, then you will resonate with the energy of angel number 4, which is ruled by the planet Uranus and is associated with the zodiac sign Aquarius. You are unable to adapt to any kind of change due to your stubbornness and are considered mean, cruel, and even rude by other people because you lack empathy. Your inability to adapt to changes causes you to lose out on opportunities. However, when you are tasked with a responsibility, you are very determined, demanding, and focused. You are a perfectionist, therefore, you’ll never be satisfied with the end result.

Number 14 in numerology

In numerology, angel number 14 as a life path number indicates that your childhood, youth, and actions decide several circumstances of your life, such as travel, exploration, and adventure. If the alphabets in your name add up to angel number 14, then that means you achieve the goals that you set for yourself and are constantly making new ones.

People who resonate with the energy of angel number 14 are curious about every topic under the sun which means that they get easily distracted from achieving their goals. However, they end up achieving their set goals one way or another. They are comfortable interacting with other people and often see themselves becoming an involuntary leader in social situations.

Number 44 in numerology

In numerology, the number 44 is the number for manifestation. Individuals born with the number 44 are healers, visionaries, and highly intuitive. If number 44 is one of your core numbers then you are driven and motivated individuals who have a clearly laid down plan for their future. These individuals are strategic, calculative, methodical, and meticulous in their approach to fulfilling their goals and ambitions.

When you add the digits of the number 44, you get 8. In numerology, the number 8 is considered an auspicious number and represents hope, opportunity, mastery, and discovery. People who are born with the number 8 are empowered and opportunistic individuals who are also very persistent and brave. Therefore, people born with the number 44 understand the importance of hard work and a strong foundation to achieve long-term success.

Number 144 in numerology

The core tenets of angel number 144 are compassion, self-reliance, tolerance, exploration, pragmatism, humanitarianism, and independence. When we reduce angel number 144, we get the number 9, which is strongly associated with human welfare and humanitarianism. People who associate with this number are tolerant, idealistic, pragmatic, methodical, and independent. They are always in the pursuit of knowledge and like to explore new ways of doing things.

Number 444 in numerology

Diligence, optimism, pragmatism, creative self-expression, inspiration, mindfulness, and charisma is the essence of angel number 444. In numerology, this number is associated with practical creativity and people who associate with this number are known for being tolerant, optimistic, highly creative, and very methodical.

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Number 1444 and Tarot Card

Although a tarot deck has only 72 cards, we can still ascertain the meaning of angel number 1444 by decoding the spiritual meaning of its foundation numbers- 1, 4, and 14.

Card number 1

‘The Magician’ is the first card in a tarot deck. This card is assigned the zodiac signs Gemini and Virgo in astrology and is also associated with the planet Mercury. In the upright position, this card represents resourcefulness, inspired action, manifestation, and power. And in the reversed position, this card represents untapped talents, manipulation, and poor planning.

Card number 4

The fourth card in a tarot deck is ‘The Emperor,’ which is a Major Arcana card used both in divination and gameplay. A young is depicted sitting on a throne in this card. The emperor symbolizes the male ego whereas his beard symbolizes wisdom. The globe in his left hand is a symbol of domination, and the barren mountain is a symbol of unyielding power. When pulled in the upright position this card symbolizes authority, will, aid, great personality, stability, power, protection, realization, and conviction. And in the reversed position it symbolizes obstruction, immaturity, benevolence, compassion, credit, and confusion to enemies.

Card number 14

The fourteenth card in a tarot deck is known as ‘Temperance.’ When this card is pulled in the upright position it symbolizes moderation, frugality, economy, accommodation, and management. And when this card is pulled in the reversed position it symbolizes religions, the priesthood, the church, priests who will marry Querent, disunion, competing interests, and unfortunate combinations.

Summary of Find Angel Number 1444

You shouldn’t feel threatened or afraid when you see angel number 1444 repeatedly because it is basically a blessing from your guardian angels. This number brings with it an important message from the divine realm and that is that you are supported and loved by your guardian angels. Assistance is only a prayer away. Do not let your past mistakes stop you from taking risks in life. By working hard and making amends you can completely transform your entire life.

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