88 Angel Number: Meaning & Symbolism

If you are feeling dejected and exhausted, do not worry because help is on its way. 88 angel number stands for assurance and guidance from the Supreme realms.

Often on our path to face the adversities of life, it becomes difficult to overcome the troubles one after the another. This is time you feel overwhelmed and burdened with so many packages on your shoulders. The burden of responsibility and expectation is heavy and it can’t be shed off until you have performed your assigned tasks.

In the middle of your journey, where success still seems far-fetched, you feel like you cannot carry on any further. This is the time angel number 88 shows up in your life. It symbolizes healing and concerns of the universe. Your bruises will be cured by the hands of God and he is the one who has curated your path.

The angels are messengers of the Almighty. They will protect you when you have fallen apart.

This is the time for you to let go of the expectations and unrealistic demands. You can trust the universe and it will guide you through the waters. Do not pressurize yourself to be productive if you feel crestfallen and heartbroken.

Angel number 88 is the number that asks you to look out for yourself in this massive world. This is because the aim is not to lose yourself in the crowd but to find your identity in this world. Your boundaries should be strong enough to keep away the negative influences in your surroundings.

What Does Angel Number 88 Signify?

Halt and pause on your way

You should be living your life and not the other way round. If there seems to be too much pressure on your mind, probably it is time for you to stop and reconsider your plans. Angel number 88 will ask you to deal with yourself first before you handle your responsibility.

Do not squeeze yourself to ooze productivity because such an attempt is futile and worthless. All you will get back is a rush of anxiety and exhaustion. Then why do something which doesn’t benefit you as an individual? The aim is to grow and not stretch yourself until the string snaps.

Life is not a race but a journey to be cherished. You cannot rush to the finishing line without spending time admiring your gifts. Angel number 88 tells you to stand and stare at the beauty of this world.

Life is a blessing of God. It is the noblest creation and you have got the opportunity to experience it to the fullest.

Begin Again

When angels send you the number 88, it is an indication to make changes in your schedule and lifestyle. You have to re-modulate your pattern of living and your approach to life.

Start with changing your thought process and proceed to your actions. So what if you failed twice or thrice, this is your time to accomplish your goals and restart from a new turn of the road.

88 Angel Number: Meaning & Symbolism
88 Angel Number: Meaning & Symbolism

What Is The Biblical Significance Of 88 Angel Number?

The number 88 has a repetition of two same digits. Hence, the significance and consequence of the digits are profound according to the Bible. The Holy Scriptures consider the number 8 as a number that signifies the continuation of life and wholesomeness.

The day comes right after the 7th day when God completed his work of designing the material realm as well as a living sphere in the universe. Hence the number is believed to symbolize perfection and the continuation of goodness.

Jesus was resurrected on the 17th day of Nisan. So if you sum up the digits 1 and 7 you will see that the total comes to 8 which is very important and related to Christ. The number stands for sacrifice and the victory of God over all that is evil in this world.

It is also stated that day 17 of Nisan was eight days from the time the decision of crucifying Jesus was taken. So the scholars think that angel number 8 denotes sacrifice. Since it comes right after 7, the number talks about the completeness of the universe and the process of life and death.

You are created from dust and to dust you shall return. God chose the eighth day to begin a week which signifies the fact that always a fresh start awaits you at the end of the road. Jesus used to call himself the Son of Man which is stated exactly 88 times in the Bible.

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Symbolism And Secret Meaning Of Angel Number 88

Angel number 88 talks about the strength within yourself. It tells you that no matter what you will always find help within your soul. This is because it is a part of the Soul of the Universe. You have the awareness to deal with adverse situations because your soul is wise.

Tune in to your heart and you will be able to hear it direct you in the right direction. Establish a bond with yourself first because you are indispensable to yourself. Even when the whole world has turned its back on you, the angels will hold your hands and carry you when you are tired of walking.

The universe is just and fair. It will never deprive you or rob you of the happiness you deserve. Maybe the sky is clouded now but when you see the first ray of sunshine pouring down, you will realize that we are all a part of a greater play. We have our purposes to fulfill and goals to achieve. If not today then tomorrow of the day after you have to return your debts to the Supremacy.

We have our share of joy and sorrow, nothing more and nothing less. Live through it all and wait for your turn to see the happy days. There is always a reason to wake up the next day. Look for the subtle hints and get started. Make small changes in your life every day to bring about a massive evolution.

Relation between Angel Number 88 And Love

Angel number 88 focuses on the kind of love which is wholesome and fulfilling. Love makes you learn new things in life. It teaches you to become the best version of yourself. Anything that despises your individuality is not loved.

The people you truly cherish your presence in their lives will go to any length to make you feel celebrated and loved. They will not judge you based on temporary situations and circumstances.

The trust they have in you is immense and boundless. Do not file with their faith.

You should make similar attempts to prove your loyalty towards all the people who value you. Arguments are unavoidable and you will have your fair share of fights and misunderstandings. But there is no good reason for you to withdraw from a beautiful bond like this.

Sort of the problems and encourage healthy discussion. You will notice that all the knots can be untied and a relationship can begin from a fresh end. You might be facing certain restraints in the case of love because time is challenging.

Angel number 88 tells you that you need to solve one crisis at a time. Be patient and begin with one and then systematically move on to the rest. That is the only way you can restore your connections and address the real situations at hand. If you cannot detect the main flaws in your relationship then you can’t mend the broken edges.

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Angel Number 88 And Your Twin Flame

The universe has given birth to a true companion for you. It is a fact that you have not met them yet but they reaching you as fast as they can. You will have the love you have always dreamt about.

Finally, there will be someone for you who will hold you and embrace you when you need support and care. You will instantly feel the connection with your soulmate as soon as they enter your life.

With them, it will be very easy to strike a conversation and share your thoughts even if you are an introverted person. This is because the heart will finally speak to its other half and pour out its deep-seated fears and anxieties. You will notice the difference between your twin flame and the other temporary connections you had established so far.

They will only choose you even if the times are tough. They are meant to stay against all odds stacked against the connection. And that is how the relationship will pass the test of love and emerge victoriously.

Such connections are magnificent and leave a mark on the lives of the people around you. They will appreciate your relationship and learn from the struggles you two endure to stay together. Because love means to hold on and let go but never give up. The world will admire your determination and reward you with a lifetime of togetherness and bliss.

Numerological Significance Of 88 Angel Number

Angel number 88 has the number 8 repeated twice in the sequence. This means that if you encounter angel number 88 in your life, it will have a profound impact on your future.

Number 8

Numerologists say that the number 8 stands for the cycle of life. It defines the term karma and the feedback of the universe depending on your actions. You are asked to remain honest and loyal. Do not divert from your path. Unfair practices and treachery will lead you nowhere.

Do not listen to people who influence you to make wrong choices. Some decisions impact your life forever. You have to contemplate your options before concluding. Take your time and listen to what your heart says. It will never fail to realize the instructions of the angels and the Divine Beings.

The heart is a reflection of what your mind thinks and vice versa. Your dreams lie where your heart finds solace and happiness. Follow your dreams and one day you will be able to materialize them into reality. Life is beautiful and you should cherish your gifts.

Number 8 stresses enhancing your skills and abilities. This will help you to conduct your actions and make you achieve success easily. You have all the essential qualities within you. When the time is right, you will be able to unravel them and they will be your support while you climb the mountains to reach the peak.

Your attributes and thoughts make you who you are. They can hold you back or liberate you. So be careful of the kind of thoughts you entertain in your head. Do leave space for nurturing negative ideas. Fill your mind with love and inspiration, positivity, and motivation.

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General Interpretations Behind Seeing 88 Angel Number Repeatedly

Angel number 88 is the number that is used by angels to convey the message of love and support. It heals and comforts your wounds. You can trust the universe with your secrets and fears. The traumas of your past will be cured when the universe sees the time for it has arrived.

Angel number 88 asks you to let go of your traumas. You can never undo the damage or the event that has occurred. All of us will remain tainted by our pains forever. But beauty can be found even in the hideous places of the earth. A flower blooms even on the hard and dry rocks.

Oasis is a symbol of life amidst the mortifying desert. Similarly, there is hope left for you. It is your choice whether you want to cling to the past that is gone or begin to see life from a different perspective.

What is gone, has left you forever, but what is yet to come will compensate for the grief if you are ready to see yourself heal. It is always an active decision you make for progress, growth, and development. Angels are telling you to open your palms and let the sands of the past slip through between your fingers. Prepare yourself for what is yet to come.

You should express your feelings openly and cry if that is needed. There is no harm in falling or toppling over the edge. Risky rides demand pain. And if you are tired it is only fair that you rest. You should wander around to find your purpose in life because this journey is not a constricted one. It talks about freedom of soul and liberty of mind. Lose yourself in the company of nature and there you shall find your true happiness.

It is important to communicate and stay in touch with your surroundings. The world is built of mysterious forces and you never know what can be helpful for your growth. Experiences will enrich you and provide you with crucial information to tread ahead on your path.

Discover yourself and you will find all the wisdom of the world within you. The search is oriented towards your soul and treachery takes you miles away from your goals and aspirations.

Where Can You Find Angel Number 88?

Angel number 88 can be found in all the places that you frequent. You can spot the number on cards, bills, and receipts. The car number right ahead of your vehicle in traffic may flash angel number 88.

It is found in the most random places and the appearance of angel number 88 is unexpected. You might be having a fine day until you realize the number 88 has surrounded you with its presence and that is when you know it is time for you to pick up the pieces and solve the puzzle.

What To Do When You Spot 88 Angel Number?

Angel number 88 shows up in your life when the angels are sending important messages your way. Entry of this number in your current state of being marks the beginning of the time of healing and addressing your wounds. You have long neglected the sorrows and pain. But distraction is not an effective way to approach such situations.

You can momentarily engage yourself in work and keep yourself busy. But that is not a fruitful solution because your fears and insecurities will continue to haunt you unless you push them away once and for all.

The only way to defeat fear is by conquering yours. Face fear in the eyes and smile because you have got reasons to rejoice even if the anguish and attacks have wounded you. Always remember that when you compare yourself with someone, you automatically bring down your worth to zero.

The world has created you to be unique and stand out. A person like you was never meant to be conventional and ordinary.

You can’t fit in when the universe tailored you to stand out. It is high time you acknowledge your strength and respects yourself as a worthy person. You have your shares of flaws but that is what makes you a human. The imperfections make you beautiful.

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