123 Angel Number: Meaning & Symbolism

Have you ever observed a certain number following you around everywhere that you go? Well, that is an angel number that has a very significant message to convey to the viewers. The 123 angel number is one such number that is used by the divine realm to communicate with humans and protect them from the upcoming struggles of life.

The angels can foresee the danger that lies ahead on your path and thus they are using the means of angel number 123 to help you out of the crisis. The number talks about the strength that resides in all of us. We are the ultimate decision-makers in our lives and the guardian angels can only direct us towards the right path. You must choose between the goodness that resides in you or the demon that has the potential to ruin your future.

The choice is never between right and wrong but always between what is right and what is convenient to emulate. Most of the time we are misled by the idea of convenience and shortcuts in life. Angel number 123 has come to make us discern that there is no elevator to success and you must learn to climb the ladder. It is certainly not an easy process and you shall face trouble on your way. This is to make sure that the universe can teach you the importance of perseverance, determination, and effort.

The angel number 123 shares the combined effect of three digits and thus influences your life in different ways.

What Does Angel Number 123 Signify?

Angel number 123 asks for viewers to be patient and wait for the favorable outcome 

The universe decides victory or failure and we have nothing to do but to wait for the fortune to turn in our favor. The best you could ever do is give in your best and wait for a favorable outcome. The angels also teach us to not stay focused on the goals but to enjoy the ride.

It is your present that is real and you must not let it slip away from your hand while chasing the future. You should rather put in your hard work and dedication in everything that you do so that you never regret giving up too early.

It is alright to take breaks in between and wait for the universe to clear the obstacles on your path. There are times when we are jaded by the constant struggle and fears in our life.

As a result, the Supremacy will send his messengers to protect us from the life crisis. The number 123 talks about the importance of keeping faith in the plans of the universe and doing your best every day. It may not appear that changes are being made in your life but the angels are constantly at work and they are planning for your progress.

The presence of angel number 123 is a confirmation from the divine realm that when you will feel the weakest the angels will come to your rescue.

123 Angel Number: Meaning & Symbolism
123 Angel Number: Meaning & Symbolism

What Is The Biblical Significance Of 123 Angel Number?

Number 1

Number one stands for the primacy and ultimate power of the Lord. He is the protector of the universe and takes care of the needs of everyone. God holds the power to restore peace in the universe and grant mercy to the ones who seek forgiveness from him.

The number one talks about the birth of Jesus who was sent to earth by the Lord to protect the human race from the clutches of evil thus leading to its destruction. Jesus had sacrificed his life to establish the purpose he had been born for and save mankind from evilness.

Adam was also the firstborn of God but he had a contrasting nature. He was disobedient and tasted the forbidden apple even when God asked him not to. Thus he was the reason behind the creation of evilness and the negative side of humans.

Number 2

Number two describes the chaste relationship that is established through the holy process of marriage. The number talks about the connection established between two people and their desire to live together for eternity.

Number two also celebrates the bond between the soulmates and cherishes the love that they harbor for each other. The Bible uses number two to denote the connection between companions who desire to be a part of each other’s journey.

Number two is also symbolic of the contrasting nature of objects in the universe and how the Lord created all things in pairs. For example, darkness and light, shadow and brightness, men and women, goodness and evil.

Number 3

Number three is used to denote devotion and the faith of the followers of Christianity. The number usually epitomizes the Holy Trinity or the three patriarchs before and after the end of the great flood. They were Abel, Enoch, Noah before the flood, and Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

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Symbolism and Secret Meaning of Angel Number 123

Angel number 123 is here to remind you of your worth and constantly inspire you to make the most in life. The number has the potential to change the course of your future if you are carefully following all the instructions it has set down before you. The number is highly significant when it comes to growth and development in one’s life.

This is the right moment for you to try and make a difference in your journey. So far it has been a constant ride without challenges and obstacles. The future will put forth some situations which need to be tactfully handled and thus the number has been sent your way to remind you about your strength and capabilities.

You must understand that a journey that does not offer many difficulties does not contribute much towards one’s progress and growth. If you do not learn to overcome the hurdles then you are enhancing your potential or sharpening your skills. Do not feel threatened by the hurdles but learn to overcome them with guidance from the guardian angels.

Relation between Angel Number 123 and Love

Love knocks at your door and creeps into your heart in the most unexpected of times. The sense of love is something that if you give it away, you end up having it more. The magical essence of love is something that doubles itself when you learn to share it with everyone around you.

The angels are here to tell you that your sole purpose in life should be to brighten the corners and dark ends with your goodness and love. It is to be noted that love is synonymous with life because what is life without the presence of love if not an empty vessel.

The Lord is asking you to be gentle with the ones living without love because they are the most unfortunate ones in life. It is sad to spend one’s life devoid of love because that helps you to brighten yourself and let go of the negative qualities.

Sometimes you simply do not have to find love but find yourself and in the process, you come across a friend and you fall in love with them. Love should not feel like the most unachievable and far-fetched dream in our lives but a calming and comforting feeling in the whole world.

The search should not be for a person who will come and heal your heart and protect it from danger. Rather love should be all about gathering your courage and healing yourself from the past traumas. It may take some time but you give yourself the attention and care your heart needs to have. Love will wake into your life and teach you to grow together in the presence of your soulmate.

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Angel Number 123 and Your Twin Flame

The number 123 talks about finding the right person in life and that is when all the things fall into their place. Your soulmate will be someone in whose company you will feel protected and cherished. They will not play with your heart or treat you like trash like the rest of the world did.

You will learn to value the feeling of love and companionship with your twin flame who shall guide you towards safety when the times are rough. It takes time to believe in the concept of soulmates when your heart has been broken several times and left to suffer alone. But you have to acknowledge the fact that the failures and unrequited love teach us to value ourselves and see ourselves in a greater light.

It is there to teach us that sometimes in life you will come across someone who will not value your heart but you have to prevent your heart from hurting. And when it breaks, you have to pick up the pieces and redesign them with beauty and grace. There is perfection in flaws and you will learn to exercise self-love and care.

This is the moment when your soulmate will walk into your life because you are fully prepared to start your journey with your soul companion in this lifetime.

Angel Number 123 Significance
Angel Number 123 Significance

Numerological Significance of 123 Angel Number

Numerology of number 123

The number 123 is a combination of three digits and they combinedly affect the life of an individual. The number is studied by scholars who believe that each digit aims to impact different aspects of one’s life. The objective of the number is to help the viewers by changing certain practices in life and advising them against certain factors in life.

Number 1

Number one symbolizes the perfection that one needs to aim for in their career. You need to learn to continue to hustle even when the times are tough to overcome. The number will teach one to take care of one’s dream and strive for achieving success in life.

The number has come into your life to remind you that your career requires your attention and care. This is the appropriate time for you to focus on your goals and start making efforts in your career path. The time is certainly favorable for you as you will be able to achieve promotions at work and your seniors will notice your capabilities.

Number 2

angel number two is associated with gentleness and grace. The number is significant when it comes to dealing with the harsh and rude World. You should not change your character for the ones who are ignorant of sincerity and kindness. Be your authentic self in front of everyone and that will earn you praises from the universe.

Number 3

the number focuses on maintaining balance in one’s life and taking care of both the personal sectors and work commitments. None of your dreams or your loved ones should feel deprived of your presence. It is important to equally share your time among your loved ones and work for your betterment of the future. When your relationships, as well as a career, is in order, your life will automatically feel at peace.

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General Interpretations Behind Seeing 123 Angel Number Repeatedly

Things to remember about angel number 123

  • Always remember that presence of angel number 123 in your life confers a sense of positivity and grace.
  • The number is here to make positive changes in your life and the nature of the number is affirmative.
  • The appearance of angel number 123 is an indication that certain things in your require res your attention and care.
  • Try to maintain equilibrium in your life by focusing on all the major aspects.
  • You should trust the angels with your future because they are like your guardians who will protect you during tough times and bring you out of the rough ocean of distress.
  • The angels are rejoicing for how far you have managed to come and are proud of your progress.

Tarot cards and Angel numbers

Tarot card 1 represents Magician. It signifies the ability to manifest your goals as well as the ability to turn failure into success. The opposite represents untapped potential, latent skill, questionable intentions, and a desire to boost one’s self-esteem and confidence.

Tarot card 2 usually symbolizes ‘HIGH PRIESTESS’. It epitomizes partnership and how it is important to maintain a healthy relationship with your loved one. They are a constant source of support and guidance when you are going through tough times in life. You must learn to hold on to your connection and cherish it with love and respect.

In the tarot, the number 3 symbolizes the ‘THE EMPRESS’ card. The Empress is a stunning brunette with long, flowing hair who exudes a serene presence. She has a crown of twelve stars on her head, signifying her link to the mystical realm and the natural world’s cycles (the twelve months of the year and the twelve planets). 

Tarot card 3 symbolizes the desire to grow and evolve as you move ahead in your journey. The future will present you with opportunities to make a difference in your life and start afresh with hopes and aspirations. Life is inevitable and so is growth. Whether the episode is fulfilling or heartbreaking is subjective but the process of growth will occur nevertheless.

Where Can You Find Angel Number 123?

Angel number 123 is spotted in strange places like on the road while you are traveling to a certain place. The number will show up at all places that you frequent because the angel number 123 is carrying special messages and it wants you to see the number in your vicinity and learn the lessons behind the appearance of this number.

You might also come across this number in your home while you are busy flipping through the pages of the magazine or while reading the headlines in the newspaper. You might be watching television when the number will suddenly show up on the screen while you are tuning between channels.

What To Do When You Spot 123 Angel Number?

Tips for the viewers of angel number 123

  • As you come across angel number 123, be prepared to encounter some major changes in your life. The angels have come forth to prepare you for dealing with the life changes and teach you about the ways to deal with the hurdles.
  • Do not neglect the presence of angel number 123 when it shows up in your life because the number holds information about your future and if you neglect its presence then you will be in trouble.
  • The angels will always come to your rescue when the times will be tough and you will require assistance from the universe.

Sometimes in life, we find ourselves going astray and not being able to make the right decisions in life. The number 123 talks about the things that you need to take care of when it comes to opening up for the better prospects of the future.

The number 123 teaches us that often in life it is our past trauma that holds us back from moving ahead in life. Do not let your past dominate the happiness of your future because what is gone is done forever but if you do not learn to open your arms for the goodness and prosperity of the future then you will miss out on your claims and rewards that you rightly deserve.

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