116 Angel Number: Meaning & Symbolism

Sometimes you feel that a sequence of numbers is chasing you everywhere. If you also have this gnawing feeling that you’re seeing a sequence like 116 angel number then it’s a symbol that you’re receiving messages from a divine realm.

There are times when we have most past the sorrow of the past and leave behind the trauma. But yet the past can hurt because it has the potential to instill anger in your heart. 

All the thoughts that we bottle up the cane to time. But angel number 116 asks you to choose between the two options that are presented to you by the universe.

Either you can run from the pain or learn from it. The choice is yours but the angels will surely direct you towards the right path. It is valid to have the feeling of angst over something that you thought you have left behind. The experience was certainly unpleasant and it has left its mark behind.

To make peace with the past is one thing and to forgive is another. Not only do you have to forgive the person or situation but also forgive yourself from time to time to feel this way. The heart knows its way of healing and you simply cannot control it.

Let it take all the space and time in the universe to mend itself and then you can start afresh. Till then you should address your thoughts and deal with the way you are feeling. The angels have sent angel number 116 to remind you that you should not hold back the emotions you are feeling.

Address the pain, the anger, the vengeful attitude because that needs your attention. It is perfectly fine that someone has the right to make mistakes and be sorry about them. You are also entitled to not forgive them despite the apologies.

Take your time until you are completely at peace with what happened to you. Angel number 116 tells you that there is absolutely no rush and you can move at your own pace.

What Does Angel Number 116 Signify?

You do not owe an explanation to anybody

Angel number 116 teaches you to live your life on your terms. Be unapologetic for the decisions you make and every time you choose yourself first. Be the reason for your laughter and the support of the shoulder when you need to shed a tear.

Being true to yourself is the most authentic way of living and the universe is asking you to take pride in what you are and what you are about to become. There is no shame in expressing your emotions and feeling deeply for everything around you.

It only signifies that you have a big heart and you are braver than the rest of the world. You do not fear the idea of placing your heart on your sleeves and that itself is a very courageous act. Being able to experience every feeling in the universe is a blessing.

You should give yourself the chance to acknowledge the emotions and move past them. Do not let your feelings stop you from climbing the next step in life because growth is inevitable and you have to move ahead.

116 Angel Number: Meaning & Symbolism
116 Angel Number: Meaning & Symbolism

What is The Biblical Significance Of 116 Angel Number?

Many numerologists have researched to discover the link between the Bible and numbers.

Number 1 symbolizes primacy and the ultimate power of God. He is the creator of the universe and he holds the power to protect us from any harm. If we have diverted ourselves from the path of good deeds he comes to remind us of our purpose. God is merciful and kind and he forgives the humans for their misdeeds.

He had sent his firstborn, Jesus Christ on Earth to abolish the sins from society and purify the human race. Thus number one also signifies Jesus who gave up his life to save the world from the clutches of evilness. The number also talks about Adam who was also the firstborn of God but deviated from goodness by being disobedient.

He tasted the forbidden apple even after the Lord asked him not to and thus led to the evilness that runs in the human race.

Number 6 marks the penultimate day of the Holy Week of Creation. This was the time God created the world and conferred life on the planet. He almost completed the curation of the universe in six days which states that even the incomplete nature of the universe is still brilliant and beautiful.

The number 6 signifies the beauty that exists in imperfection and the flawed nature of God.

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Symbolism and Secret Meaning of Angel Number 116

Shed negative relationships

It is alright to be hurting and still want to heal from the pain that has charged you with the peace and harmony of your life. When you are certain that someone is not serving a purpose in your life, let go of them because you deserve only the best treatment. This might be painful and you will learn that not everything that you desire in life is going to be yours but that should not stop you from trying.

It is your responsibility towards your heart and soul to give your best shot to everything that you aim to achieve; however, do not get carried away by the illusion of the future. Certainly, it is good to dream but also focuses on the realistic aspect of the factor.

Maybe sometimes abandoning is the best option we have and that is the only way you can move on to the next thing in life.

Live your life

You must live your life to the fullest even if it seems scary and dangerous to put yourself out in front of the world. The angels are here to assure you that even if the world is stopping you from becoming the authentic self that you are then do not forget that you were created this way and the universe expects you to express yourself freely. The angels will take care of you and help you to become the best version of yourself.

Relation between Angel Number 116 and Love

Angel number 116 helps you to make the right judgments when you are in love. The number tells you that many times you will come across people who will leave you smitten by their presence. You will enjoy their company and love spending time with them.

Getting to know them better will be a great experience for you and the moment will truly be worth cherishing. However, you don’t need to also end up falling in love with them. Sometimes when two people get to know each other, both of them don’t need to fall for each other because attraction is never a synonym for love.

This is the time you must let them know what you think because love is the best thing in the world and you simply cannot feign affection. Everyone in this world deserves your whole heart and not just parts of it and if you can’t let them have all of it then you should let them know and that is the better option.

Do not lead them on and play with their feelings because you are not a bad person and the universe has not created you this way. Never for momentary comfort and well-being play with someone else’s heart and leave them in ruin. Stay alone if you have to because everyone needs time to discover themselves and in the meantime, you can learn about the true meaning of love and explore your options.

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Angel Number 116 and Your Twin Flame

Angel number 116 is there for you to grasp that it takes time for you to find your soul mate and there is no sure method to ensure that you will come across them at a certain point in time. It is also fated the way you will come across your soul companion who will accompany you on this journey.

Angel number 116 is here to remind you that you have to undergo the process of growth and heartbreak before you come across the right person in life. The number 116 is an indication that love is the only real thing in life and you will often make wrong judgments in matters of relationship. But the universe also tells you that it is fine to make the mistakes in life because we learn from them which helps us to prioritize our needs first.

Sometimes you will misjudge a person and assume them to be the right one for your soul. The moment they break your heart and leave you shattered you will comprehend that everything was always wrong in the relationship but you were disillusioned to perceive that because of the cloud of ignorance.

Sometimes you need to accept that certain people are just not meant to be a part of your journey and you have to learn the hard way that not everyone will fall in love with you even if you go to the end of the world with them. But the right person is one his way and soon you will have what you desire.

Numerological Significance of 116 Angel Number

Angel number 116 is studied by scholars and they suggest that number one talks about the perfection and growth in your life. We all must focus on ourselves first to become a better version of ourselves. The number 116 is here to remind you that you should not abandon your dreams and aspirations for monetary pleasure or to satisfy anyone. Remember that you are answerable to your future self and then you shall be regretting your foolish decision.

Your life should be about focusing on the goals and dreams which need your attention and hard work. You can’t achieve success in one day but that does not mean that you stop trying. It is up to you to choose to hustle even if the times are tough to overcome. This kind of attitude towards life can change the course of your journey. The perspective should be oriented towards hard work and perseverance to achieve your goals and manifest your objectives in life.

Number 6 tells you to go slow on your path and understand your purpose in life. The journey is not about finding the purpose but creating a unique one for you. The angels are asking you to discover your potential and become the person you always emulated and looked up to. Be an inspiration to yourself when you look into the mirror and be proud of your efforts every day.

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General Interpretations Behind Seeing 116 Angel Number Repeatedly

You must learn to let go of the pain and struggles

The past was certainly shady and traumatizing and many of the incidents have left you tainted and worried about the future. Sometimes the fear of getting hurt once again leaves us worried and scared.

We refuse to give ourselves another chance because of the struggle and the trauma but angel number 116 is here to remind you that it is inevitable that all of us will hurt and get hurt all the time but that should not stop us from reaching out to each other in the times of distress.

It is one of the greatest virtue to help out the people when they need your support and assistance. We must forgive the world for being unkind because the anger and frustration are going to cause you more pain and struggle.

Angel number 116 signifies growth which is enchanting and commendable because of the changes you will experience. Some of them will be brilliant and sometimes it will be tough to make peace with nevertheless all of it is necessary for teaching you the greatest life lessons.

Do not set unrealistic expectations for yourself

Angel number 116 is going to ask you to be present at the moment and do all that you require. There is no need to rush because the angels are here and they are asking you to take one moment at a time. The future is scary and sometimes none of the plans works out because tomorrow is uncertain and you might fail.

Too much planning for the future can lead to unrealistic expectations and if by chance the goals do not materialize then it causes heart wreck and pain. It’s is rather advisable to focus on the moment and cherish the gifts you have got for now.

If you do not let go of the past and stop looking ahead at the future then you will not be able to focus on your present. Cherish the moment now before it is a memory for you. When the number 116 is showing up in your life then remember that you are being asked to be present at the moment and cherish your gifts.

Celebrate the time with your loved ones and share your blessings with them because time is fleeting and it will be over before you discern it.

116 Angel Number: Meaning & Symbolism
Angel Number 116 Message

Where Can You Find Angel Number 116?

Angel number 116 is found in the places which you visit in your daily life. The number might show up unexpectedly and keep following you around as long as you do not register it in your surrounding. The number 116 is going to show up in your house while you perform the daily chores.

You might notice it in the morning newspaper as you enjoy your cup of tea or while flipping through the pages of the magazines or novels you read all the time.

What To Do When You Spot 116 Angel Number?

Angel number 116 shows up in your life when you are going through a time that is confusing and you need the guidance of the angels to carry you to a safe place. It is alright to have rebounds about the unfulfilled dreams from the past because the pain never goes away.

We just learn to live with it and one day you grasp that you are no longer affected by the injuries. Do not dwell on the bad moments for too long because it is going to leave you feeling more wretched and sad. Rather accept the fact that sadness is going to be a part of our lives forever especially the ones that are from your past trauma but do not let that harm you anymore because a prospective future awaits you.

Never let the past control your emotions because you are larger than your feelings and soon the universe will teach you how to overcome your bad ones. Every obstacle on your path is a great lesson that aims to teach you about the things that you need to learn.

There is no way you can change the mistake you have already made but you can surely rectify them with your good actions and intention to heal. You have been through a lot to care about the ones who caused you pain and sorrow. They do not deserve as much as your hatred because they are simply not meant to be a part of your beautiful journey.

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